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The Best Sex-Proof Makeup, According to Makeup Artists

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

Valentine’s Day may lead to an intimate moment or two, like an at-home couples massage, and you may want to put your best face forward for the occasion. To find the best long-wear makeup that can withstand rigorous amorous activity, we spoke to makeup artists Angie Peek, Tobi Henney, and Ash K Holm about their favorite products for keeping it all on while getting it on.

Best products for prepping and priming

A romantic night with your partner will mean a lot of skin-to-skin contact and moisture, which also means that your makeup has to work extra hard to stay on. The best way to make sure that makeup “grips” the skin is to start with a fresh, clean palette. “It is always important to prep the skin to ensure that your makeup is going to last all night,” says Henney. “I love to cleanse with micellar water. This ensures that all oils and impurities from the skin are removed for the most amazing makeup base.” Henney’s go-tos are Nivea micellar water and La Mer’s micellar water. Peek, who also starts with micellar water, uses Bioderma.

Once the face is squeaky clean, you want to hydrate it with moisturizer to optimize smoothness and easy makeup application. “I like a lot Murad’s products for the skin,” says Peek, “but it depends on the person. Right now, everybody’s so dry, so I’ve been using their Hydro-Dynamic line.”

Henney loves this new cream developed by stem cell and biomedical scientist Augustinus Bader for ultimate hydration.

Holm agrees that proper skin care is key for long-lasting makeup and recommends using a primer to ensure that makeup stays on the skin. “I recommend prepping the skin with Cover FX Mattifying Primer,” she says. “This will help the foundation to really grip onto the skin. It’s best to power-group a primer with a long-wearing foundation to prevent sweating and foundation separation.”

After Henney moisturizes, she primes the face with Becca Cosmetics Backlight Priming Filter. “This way, makeup will sink into the skin and not look cakey,” she says.

Once the face is cleaned, moisturized, and primed, foundation is next. Peek, who has done makeup in the adult industry since 2006, uses Face Atelier foundations on her clients: “It’s a silicone-based foundation so it looks like skin and wears really well. It’s longwear, and the longer it sits on the face, the better it looks. It’s got this really dewy glow to it. It’s really beautiful.”

Henney’s go-to foundation is from Giorgio Armani. “This foundation is great because it can be worn super sheer, or it can be layered to create a more full-coverage base,” she says. “It photographs beautifully, my clients all love it, and I also wear it personally anytime I want beautiful skin for a night makeup look.”

For 24-hour wear, Holm recommends Beautyblender’s foundation, which comes in a wide range of shades.

Once it’s time to start applying makeup, Peek likes to start with the eyes. But first, she primes them to make sure the pigment stays put: “I use an eyeshadow primer. I like the one from Urban Decay. Think of it as a glue for your eyeshadow. It keeps everything looking freshly applied.

Peek also uses Smashbox’s eyeshadow primer: “This one has a slightly creamier texture than the Urban Decay one. I use it a lot for more mature skin.”

Best long-wear makeup

Once the skin has been prepped and primed, Peek starts with eyeliner. “Out of all of the eyeliners I’ve tried, the one that I really love is the Inglot gel liners,” says Peek. “They don’t budge. You could just wear them forever; they just stay, which is great.” The primer also helps in keeping it in place.

Henney turns to Stila’s liquid liner for its staying power. “This liner is waterproof and won’t budge once applied,” she says. “I love the range of colors this product comes in, and it can be used to create a super-sharp winged liner look in seconds.”