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What’s the Best Silverware?

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Finding the right silverware is all about striking a balance: You want the stuff that’s nice enough to serve your guests, but isn’t too precious for eating your Raisin Bran. To find the best silverware that fulfills both duties, we talked to 11 interior designers and experts (like we did with the best drinking glasses) about the stuff they buy for their clients and use for themselves at home.

“This is the cutlery I use at home on a daily base. It has that Jasper Morrison minimal approach and reduces the design to it barest function. Simple and beautiful.” — Emmanuel Plat, director of merchandising, Museum of Modern Art

“I sometimes find myself in a pinch on an installation when everything has come into place, but I realize the clients have nothing to eat with! Sabre and Juliska are my go-to brands. Sabre offers a variety of more formal, elegant designs, while Juliska’s designs are classic and timeless, and of very high quality. The Berry & Thread collection is something that you can use every day. Plus it will last a very long time.” — Marshall Watson, designer

“I love this flatware because of the charming lines and elegant proportions. The silver finish is classic, but the elongated stems make it feel interesting and fresh, and the weight of the pieces is high-end, but very comfortable. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe.” — Emma Lesser, designer, Homepolish

“I love this set because it balances that fine line between casual and dressy, and looks just as at ease for a quick lunch as it does in an elaborate dinner setting. The set comes in various finishes, but my personal favorite is the matte gold for the warmth it adds to any meal.” — Michelle Zacks, designer

“For summer, it’s always nice to have a set of flatware that complements evening meals taken al fresco, and bamboo-patterned flatware never goes out of style. These are great because you get the look of bamboo, but unlike natural wood, they’re made of dishwasher-friendly stainless steel.” — Andrew Galuppi, designer

Note: Unfortunately this set is sold out, but here is another stainless steel option with an interesting texture.

“I love Juliska’s bamboo flatware because of its versatility. Of course, it’s a natural fit for outdoor entertaining, but it also looks beautiful paired with formal china and crystal in a dining-room setting.” — Shelley Johnstone, designer

“Match is one of my favorite go-to vendors for flatware, as everything is pure quality — it’s handmade in Italy and comes in stainless-steel and pewter finishes that are classic-looking and last forever. Worth the investment. If you really want to go all out, too, the Christofle Mood Pod is one of the chicest flatware sets around. If money is no object and you want to impress some fancy friends, it’s a mirror-polished, copper-colored set that comes encased in an egg-shaped pod.” — Jordan Carlyle, designer

“I like two different sets. One is the Calvin Klein collection by John Pawson, which is so thoughtfully designed. The scale and proportions are elegant, yet utilitarian. I also like this sophisticated set by Artik, which is at a great price point. The clean lines and form make it very functional, while still special.” — Sara Story, designer

“If you like something with iridescence and surfaces that appear to gradually change color, I very much recommend the rainbow flatware at MoMA. If you like a strong matte effect and don’t want the typical luxury-silverware look, the matte-finish flatware from West Elm gives you an affordable option, too.” — Eleni Petaloti, LOT Architecture

“Alain Saint-Joanis from France makes flatware with the most refined proportions and weights. I love the classic bamboo shape, made contemporary with its dark, rich finish.” — David Stark, designer

“It has a nice weight to it, which is important with flatware, and it’s funky because it’s two-tone, but timeless as well. I also love that the handles are matte, so the fingerprints don’t drive me insane.” — Tali Roth, designer, Homepolish

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What’s the Best Silverware?