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What Lance Bass Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Retailer

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. Former NSYNC member Lance Bass recently partnered with Starbucks for the launch of its holiday coffee blend. Here, he chats with us about the hair product he has been using since he was 16, the “gooiest” pizza he gives as a gift, and the only training tool that has worked for his two (very naughty) dogs.

TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick

I’m very minimal with hair care. I wake up in the morning, put a little bit of TIGI Bed Head in my hair, run my fingers through it, and then I get this little spike. I started using this when I was about 16, right at the beginning of NSYNC. I’ve had this same style and color since, so it just knows how to act. Why change something that works so well for me, you know? It’s always been a great product.

This is the easiest, smoothest blender I’ve ever used. It takes literal seconds to grind everything up, and I like that I can make something in a to-go cup. During the weekdays, I try to eat super-healthy, especially in the morning. I make a green juice with greens, amino acids, and bone broth, which apparently are the best things you can put in your body in the morning. And I know that if I don’t get to eat too many vegetables later in the day, I’ve at least gotten some in already.

I had a friend whose mother died of COVID, and I didn’t want to send flowers. It felt too clichéd. Growing up in the South, food was always comforting. It’s the proper way to show condolences, gratitude, celebration — for every occasion, really. I found these pizzas on Goldbelly maybe two years ago, and I didn’t even know what Detroit-style pizza was. But it quickly became my favorite because it’s cut into these huge, deep squares with sauce and the gooiest yet crispiest cheese on the outside. And I was like, This would be the perfect gift. I sent it to her, and it was the first thing to bring a smile to her face during such a horrible time. I’ve gifted it to a bunch of other people, too, and every single person has called me up and raved about it. Food can make you smile.

This makes it easy to remember to drink water throughout the day. It’s very true that straws inspire you to drink more. I try to drink at least half a bottle every hour, and I just keep filling it up. But it also keeps the temperature of drinks for a really long time. I can go to sleep and wake up in the morning with my drink still at the perfect temperature. My lovely assistant, Lisa Delcampo, who is also the star of The Circle on Netflix, has had this water bottle forever. I always really liked it, and she decided to give me one of my own. It really did change my life.

I had never heard of the brand, but this was in my VMAs gift basket, which has all these great products every year, so I decided to give it a try. You put this on dry skin and massage it in. It is the softest thing ever. Like it turns into this milky liquid that feels so good. You can feel it working. And it’s all-natural. I use this, then Biossance’s squalane oil, and call it a day.

My two dogs are very naughty. They went to two trainers and tried lots of other things, but nothing worked. This is the only thing that stops them in their tracks when they’re about to do something bad or are barking. They have really high-pitched, loud barks, and my neighbors would kill me if I didn’t stop them. The pet corrector makes this kind of unpleasant air noise that distracts them. But now, it’s to the point where all I have to do is hold it up, and once they see it, they stop. It’s bright red, too, so I think they recognize that. I use it on walks, around the house, wherever I need to.

Otterbox is such a dad thing. The first time I heard about it was actually from my dad. He has the huge one, though, and I prefer the slim one. I don’t carry a bag too often, so I have to shove everything into my pockets. But here’s the thing: I used to lose my wallet, jewelry, random things, all the time when I would just keep them in my pocket, but I’ve never lost my phone. So I turned my phone into my wallet and haven’t lost it. I also like that the case keeps my phone really secure.

I drink coffee every morning. My husband and I have our routine: I’ll get either an iced green tea or a brown-sugar oat-milk latte, and he gets a flat white with 2 percent milk every time. But as soon as it’s holiday time, or even close to holiday time, this blend comes out, and I switch over to just drinking this. For me, it’s the kickoff to the holidays. It’s a little sweet, for sure, but it tastes amazing without adding anything to it. And with twins, I’m not always able to grab coffee to go, so I’m grateful to have this blend at home.

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What Lance Bass Can’t Live Without