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I Can’t Visit My Local Café, But I Can Make Professional-Quality Matcha With This Little Machine

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At this point, I couldn’t tell you how much time has passed since I started quarantining. What I do know is that it’s been exactly 55 days since I was last served a hot matcha latte to-go. While I’ve been forced to abandon my daily 4 p.m. run to the neighborhood coffee shop (I’ll be back for you someday, Black Fox Coffee), because of my handy Sharp tea maker, I haven’t had to give up my café-quality afternoon matcha.

I’ve always been an avid tea drinker, but wasn’t introduced to matcha until around 2016. As my obsession for the ceremonial tea blossomed, so did my desire to learn how to make it myself. I got my hands on books, starter kits, and different types of whisks, but I didn’t seem to have the right flick of the wrist to do it properly. Then one morning while mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, I came across Hannah Bronfman promoting a gadget that promised perfect matcha. I had to have it.

For the past three years, I’ve churned out hundreds of café-worthy drinks and I’m constantly refining my perfect blend. I love that this little machine gives me the option of grinding green tea leaves, though I usually prefer brewing the powdered form of matcha mixed with water, cashew milk, and oat milk. Lately, my recipe also calls for a dash of supplement powders or tinctures (good for stress!) and a few delicate drops of agave to enhance the quality and taste. Plus, this thing allows me to make up to four servings in just one and a half minutes.

The best part about this multi-purpose device is that you can use it to make any type of latte; I also use it for turmeric, beet, and reishi. Even though my concoctions will never compare to what I’ve grown accustomed to paying for, I do feel satisfied with the results of my labor. Of all the single-use appliances in my kitchen, this is the best investment I’ve made – and while it’s on the pricier side, I like to think all the money I’ve saved from not buying daily lattes makes up for it.

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I Make Professional-Quality Matcha With This Little Machine