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What Actress Ashley Greene Khoury Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We talked to Twilight actress Ashley Greene Khoury, who together with her sister-in-law earlier this year launched Hummingway, a hormonal-and-reproductive-health brand, about the sugar-free chocolate she eats once a day, the facial cleanser that’s gentle enough for her finicky skin, and the air purifier that alerted her to a gas leak in her fireplace. 

So you’re gonna see a theme with all the things that I love. Basically, I try to find things that are going to be clean and aren’t going to include anything that doesn’t need to be in there, and I love Beauty Counter for that reason. Each one of these oils serves a different purpose. There’s one for plumping, which, hello, mid-30s, and then one is for balancing and the other is for brightening. Every time I use them, people are like, Your skin looks great. My skin is more prone to acne and breakouts, so I had to find really specific things for it. Oils do really well with me versus a thicker moisturizer — I tend to get breakouts from that. The oils still give you a really impactful moisturizing barrier, but then I can put on, if I need it, a thin moisturizer.

I feel like in the clean-beauty space there are some clear front-runners, and I think Osea is one of them. I was really happy to find this cleanser because my skin is really finicky, and to find something that stripped the impurities out, but didn’t strip my skin of the moisture that it needed, was important. Every time I use this, it effectively gets everything off that it needs to, but my skin also feels nourished after washing it, and a lot of face washes don’t necessarily do that. It’s like, if it strips impurities, it takes everything else out. So yeah, I love this stuff.

I literally have everything Lily’s. It just came out with a gummy that is really incredible, but predominantly I like its chocolate products. I try to avoid sugar as much as possible, and with Lily’s, there’s no sugar in it — it’s stevia-sweetened, which is great. Most of its stuff is pretty high in fiber too, which is cool. Even if I ate sugar, I would still love Lily’s. My husband’s a big sugar freak, and I got him to come over to the right side. It’s just so good. The decadent snack from it I enjoy the most is its dark-chocolate peanut-butter cup. It’s fantastic. It curbs any kind of craving. I probably have one a day. I try to limit it, but honestly, if I’m on my period, all bets are off.

If I’m a fan of something, that’s all I have in my house. It’s straight up Osea, Beauty Counter, and Siete everywhere in my house. Trying to find something that was both grain-free and a really delicious chip was pretty difficult and then Siete came out. It has this wide variety of gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free products and the taste is uncompromised. It has a nacho flavor that’s really good, so we love those. We do the lime ones as well, but the nacho ones, I think, are my favorite.

All of the makeup artists carry this hand sanitizer, so that’s how I was introduced to it. It smells really good. It’s like aromatherapy meets hand sanitizer. It also doesn’t leave your hands super-dry. I’m all about, like, if you can do the job and also give me nice, pretty hands, great. I have the large pump bottles and then the spray bottles, which I carry in my bags and carry-ons.

My friend Arielle works with Dyson. She ended up giving this to me as a gift, and I use the heck out of it. You can tell when it’s doing its job just by walking into a room and being like, Oh this room feels fresh. You can actually see, like, Oh, shit, something is not right in our house; our air quality just spiked. We had a gas leak in our fireplace, and instantly everything turned red on it. We had someone come over recently who tested all of our machines to see what worked and what didn’t, and the Dyson was the most effective, so if I didn’t feel good about it before, I feel really good about it now.

Editor’s note: Dyson has unfortunately stopped producing the PH03 since this interview was first published, but a very similar model — the PH01 — is available for the same price at Nordstrom.

How do you explain the love of a water bottle? There are some that just seem so much easier to drink out of, and I find myself drinking a lot more water out of these bottles specifically. For whatever reason, when I drink water, I chug it — I will drink an entire 16-ounce bottle in one sitting — and I feel like it’s way easier to knock it back from a wide mouth. For a while, I had plastic water bottles, which don’t really make a lot of sense and aren’t that great for you, so I like the fact that it’s glass and then you have silicone around it, which makes it cute.

I’m on Zoom, like, four times a day. With launching a company, it’s pretty much the only way we can meet most of the time. Before I got the Lume Cube, I had a whole big lighting production, and this is just way easier and way better. My husband does photography, and he was like, Why are you messing around? Just get this. It gives you the right amount of light without having the rings in your eyes and being completely blown out. I can also travel with it, so that was really important to me. It sticks to the back of the computer, and it’s really small and super-compact, so when I travel, I just take my laptop with me. You can also unscrew it and then screw it into an actual tripod, so I use it for self-tapes, too.

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I am obsessed with pretty much anything Anine Bing, but this coat is a really beautifully structured and well-thought-out coat. If I’m at the airport I can wear it over sweats; if I want to dress up an outfit, I can wear it over a dress. It’s kind of this perfect one-size-fits-all jacket for me. I might buy an extra one just to have it because God forbid this one goes out on me after a couple of years. I love it so much that I want to have it as a staple in my life forever.

I’ve been a Nike fan forever. Their shoes fit me really well and always give me the right amount of support, but the pair that I have I love because they’re all black so I can travel with them. I feel like you can wear them through the airport, you can wear them obviously to work out, but I can also wear them on a casual day out. I love doing HIIT workouts, so having something that l can move in and be agile was important.

Initially, I got this because it’s really pretty and I like the message on it, but it ended up being a phenomenal travel blanket. It’s the perfect size: I take it on the plane and then, if I travel for work, I like putting it at the end of the bed because it makes me feel like I have a piece of home. It’s kind of a nesting element. Whatever material it’s made from stretches around you and is super-soft. It’s my little piece of home that I travel with.

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Being able to find something that could combat my cramps and help soothe them naturally was a huge win for me. I’m always on the go, and so finding something that can integrate so easily into my life and lifestyle was really helpful. We made sure the ingredients were really specific and worked well together. Ginger, menthol, lemongrass, black pepper, vitamin E, and CBD are the six ingredients in this. The other five are kind of helping the star ingredient, CBD, get through your dermis layer as quickly as possible. I’m pretty good about mapping out when I’m going to start my period, but just in case it sneaks up on me, I always have one in my car, in my carry-on, and in my bag. I put it on right away, and it just helps significantly. It has been a game changer for me. This was not the intention, but it helps significantly with my bloating. So it’s a two-in-one.

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What Actress Ashley Greene Khoury Can’t Live Without