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An Advent Calendar for Every Type of Person

Photo: The Strategist; Photos: Courtesy

In recent years, the overwhelming (and only growing) popularity of luxurious beauty advent calendars has spawned a transformation of the advent-calendar industry overall. Once characterized by numbered doors hiding chocolates, or numbered pockets containing the pieces to assemble a Christmas or nativity scene, advent calendars now present you with everything from wine to pet toys as you count your way down to December 25. After exhaustively covering the best beauty advent calendars to buy, we decided to turn our attention to the many other advent calendars out there, gathering our 19 favorites for most every type of person below. While tradition dictates that you start using a calendar on the first day of December and return to it each day until December 25, the options below (and their goodies within) would be just as delightful to receive and open all at once. (The ones that only include a dozen or so treats obviously adhere less to custom.)

For the person who loves Hallmark Christmas movies

Twenty-four one-cup bags of popcorn in both savory and sweet flavors from Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn to snack on during movie night.

For the person with kids (or is a kid at heart)

Slime is a never-fail favorite among kids under ten (or kids at heart). This calendar has 24 kinds of ooey-gooeyness to keep their hands busy until they can unwrap whatever’s beneath the tree.

For the person who sticks to the classics

As we noted, it doesn’t get more classic than a chocolate advent calendar. This one features single-origin bars from chocolatier COCO.

[Editor’s note: This calendar is currently sold out, but you can sign up for alerts on the product page to get notified when it’s back in stock.]

For the person who (mostly) sticks to the classics

Sugarfina’s advent calendar includes not only chocolate but lots of other types of candies among its 24 treats. Inside the box are favorites like birthday-cake caramels, clementine bears, and heavenly sours.

For the person who’s seen the The French Dispatch twice

This calendar is filled with French treats like chocolate-coated nuts, heart-shaped gummies, and caramels.

For the person who always has Werther’s Originals in their purse

Some caramels in a beautifully illustrated box will do nicely.

For the person with cottagecore dreams

Food52 created this advent calendar in collaboration with family-owned Stone Hollow Farmstead, and it features all sorts of surprises, like jams, jellies, pickles, and even botanical drinking vinegars. The stunning wooden box also features botanical illustrations and can be reused next year.

For the person who’s a Dane at heart

A sophisticated calendar chock full of licorice — 48 pieces, to be exact, so you get two treats per December day.

For the person with a thriving sourdough starter

This jam-packed advent calendar from compote king Bonne Maman has 24 flavors to explore each day with one’s morning toast.

[Editor’s note: This calendar is currently sold out, but you can sign up for alerts on the product page to get notified when it’s back in stock.]

For the person who needs to be convinced to decorate

This option, from New York–based bakery Lady M, doubles as a wreath. And it includes gourmet treats like rose jelly, Earl Grey crunch balls, and almonds in crème brûlée white chocolate.

For the person who gets stressed out around the holidays