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The Best Volleyball Nets on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of sporting equipment before — including soccer nets, inflatable kayaks, and soccer cleats — here, we’ve rounded up the best volleyball nets, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated volleyball net

One third of all five-star reviewers call this volleyball net easy to use and set up. One reviewer bought this set a few years ago but mistakenly lent it to a friend who somehow “lost” it. So she bought another, saying, “We can’t live without it … It is so worth it! It is so durable and also, so easy to set up, take down and store.” Many more reviewers describe this net as durable. “The net and supporting ground tackle are of industrial strength and won’t wear out after a few uses. The design and construction of the bag that comes with the set is also awesome.” Another reviewer says this even withstood his 50-person family gathering: “The setup was simple and straightforward,” he writes, noting that every game he’s played on this net was “rousing.”

Best-rated (less expensive) volleyball net

Mikasa VBN-2 Competition Volleyball Net

Customers who only play volleyball recreationally tended to pick this net because of the low price. One reviewer just wanted an inexpensive net to take on family vacations because they “love beach volleyball but hate trying to find an available net.” He writes, “It performed very well! We thoroughly enjoyed the net and played to our heart’s content.” Another says it’s “worth its money,” explaining, “First, it has a strong cable that runs through the top and connects to the pole on each end. This keeps the top tight. Additionally, are the top and bottom strings that can be used to tighten the net overall.” He used a “community pole system” and takes the net down after every use. After a few uses, he reports, “Works great and net seems to be well built and durable.” Another says it’s “backyard quality” and will work well for a small family game. He notes, “The net is made of polypropylene string which is not the most aesthetic stuff, but realistically, who cares? If I wanted to pay for the top notch stuff, I would have sprung for a more expensive net. Overall, if you have a volleyball and a backyard, this is a great use of that $40 burning a hole in your pocket.”

And now for some micro-picks for every type of volleyball net you might be looking for.

Best volleyball net set

Baden Champions Series Volleyball Set

Reviewers bought this set because it includes everything you need for a game of volleyball: a net, a ball, a pump with the needle, adjustable steel poles, weather-resistant boundary lines, and a bag for all the equipment. “This set is the best investment,” one reviewer writes, noting, “The travel case is perfect for storage and portability.” He admits that “the perimeter line can be tricky to store,” but advises others to “make sure that the perimeter tape is rolled carefully from short corner to short corner and held together with rubber bands. A bit tedious, I know, but trust me, worthwhile.” Another agrees that this set has “everything you need to play some serious volleyball in a box.” He particularly likes the “handy carrying case so you can keep everything together and it’s easy to take anywhere.” He warns that “it’s heavy,” but you don’t have to buy anything extra, so overall he’s “super happy.”

Best portable volleyball net

“I saw this system at the beach one day and knew I had to have one,” writes one reviewer of this portable volleyball net. “This net system may not meet the needs of high end players because it is what it is: a portable net system, for recreational use at the beach or park.” But for his uses, it’s great. “You can be ready to play in less than 10 minutes, including setting up the boundary lines. With a little care, this system should last several seasons.” Another reviewer likes this portable option means he doesn’t have to keep a volleyball net permanently set up in his backyard. “It sets up fast and it great for tournaments or just playing. Very light and portable and nice to play with on grass. It is regulation size so you need a big area,” he explains. And one more says, “If you play real volleyball, this is the best net you can get under $600.” He describes it as “VERY, VERY lightweight compared to the professional setups that require two people to carry it. I have 10 of these for our volleyball club, and we use them for our tournaments with AA, club level play and they hold up year after year.”

Best Olympic-sized volleyball net


Serious volleyball players chose this net because it fits tournament and Olympic regulations instead of the modified options recreational players typically choose. That’s probably why lots of reviewers even describe it as “real.” One reviewer who calls this the “best net” bought his a few years ago and says it has “been hanging through two summers and a winter and still going like a champ.” Another reviewer says, “This net is the real deal,” describing it as “top quality and worth the money.” A third reviewer, who has been playing volleyball since “1985 and had played for 18 of those years,” wanted to pass down his love for the sport to his granddaughters, so he bought this net, writing, “This net is as good as any net I have played or coached on so I would most definitely suggest and purchase again. You can’t go wrong with this net.”

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The Best Volleyball Nets on Amazon, According to Reviewers