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What Are the Best White Jeans for Women?

There are so many “rules” and misconceptions around white denim: Only between Memorial Day and Labor Day, or unwearable for anyone who commutes on the subway. But some of the most stylish people wear white jeans all year round (Vogue fashion director and Strat contributor Tonne Goodman, for instance), and you certainly don’t have to be precious about them. We talked to 15 stylish women of all shapes and sizes who are highly opinionated about their white jeans. For traditional blue-jeans coverage, head over here.

“I always focus on fabric first. Skip anything that’s too stretchy or tight. These slim, high-waisted AG jeans are cool and comfortable, and the slightly flared ankle crop is the perfect canvas for showing off a fresh pair of sneakers.” —Elshane, stylist

“I live in jeans, know all the best brands, and will spend whatever because I’ll wear great jeans for like 15 years straight. So I was really surprised to fall in love with American Eagle Next Level High-Waisted Jeggings because they’re not expensive or pretentious at all. They suck everything in and hit right in the smallest part of your waist. I plan to wear them every single day this spring with a tucked-in T-shirt and shiny black penny loafers.” —Alyssa Shelasky, writer

“I’m spending as little as possible on a maternity wardrobe while pregnant, but these were a worth-it splurge. The material is stretchy, and the panels comfortably stretch around my hips without falling down. I can see myself wearing these after I have a baby — the panels don’t scream ‘maternity,’ and they’ll prevent any post-pregnancy muffin-top action.” —Caitlin Moscatello, writer

“Amo Denim’s white jeans feel like real denim, which oddly enough can be hard to find with white jeans — usually the material is too thin. I like the classic, vintage feel of these, down to the cast buttons. They are stylish and comfortable, and the frayed crop bottoms are a bonus. They’re the perfect summer jeans, and they last longer than one season, even if you wear them nonstop.” —Anne-Cecile Blanchot, publicist