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What Gallerist Hannah Traore Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Getty Images

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked gallerist Hannah Traore about the glow drops she recommends to absolutely everyone, the flowers she gets every week, and the table she’s purchased twice.

I’m obsessed with these glow drops. When I go to Detox Market they actually joke that I work for Pai. If I hear someone say they’re looking for a product or a gift, I’m always like, “I have a product for you.” I wear them every single day. If I’m not wearing any makeup, I’ll just do that. I don’t wear foundation so it just evens out my skin tone. It’s the perfect no-makeup makeup. I wear the original one, which is a bronze color. When I’m not as tan, like in the dead of winter, I mix it with the gold one.

I live in Williamsburg near Brooklyn Winery. They had a wedding there and the flower people were taking stuff away. I was like, “Can I have one?” because they’re so beautiful. They said no, but told me they’re Molly Oliver flowers. So I looked it up, and they had a subscription. They send flowers from March to November, and every week you get a bouquet. Some weeks it’s all one flower and others it’s a mix. They work with different flower farmers so they’re always so beautiful and different. Now Wednesday’s my favorite day.

When I moved to Williamsburg, I wanted an interesting table but I couldn’t find anything I liked. Then a friend posted that one of her friends was starting a new brand called Wiggle Room, and she posted the table. It was my dream table, but at that point the website hadn’t even launched yet. So I waited and when it was available I bought the green one. When I moved to a bigger apartment, I needed a bigger table so I just bought a bigger one — this time in Birch. It’s unique and adds a lot to the space without being too crazy. It’s just really beautifully made, and I love that it’s handmade in Brooklyn.

Being in New York, I gotta rep Toronto, and this is a good way to do it. I don’t even really care about sports. I like this Raptors logo specifically because it’s such an iconic era. The logo has changed twice since then, and it’s just not as good. In my opinion, it’s the best sports logo I’ve ever seen.

These are the only kitten heels I’ve worn that actually look good. They go with every dress I put on and are so comfortable. I actually took a 20-minute walk in them, and they’re so comfortable I can stand in them all day. I bought the brown ones first and was so obsessed with them that I bought them in red. I loved those so much that I’m on the waiting list for black.

Mara Hoffman is one of my favorite brands of all time, and as a person, Mara Hoffman is one of my favorite business owners of all time. She’s so creative and beautiful, but she also has so much integrity. She does amazing shoulders. I have a couple of dresses that have them and then I got this coat. I used to switch up the coat I wore every day, but now I just wear this. It’s a beautiful shape, and I get so many compliments on it.

I wear gold exclusively, and I especially love a thick gold hoop. These are from Oma the Label, a Black-owned brand. These have clean lines and come in a few different sizes. I have all three.

I’m a child of an immigrant and could not be prouder of that. My little brother found this brand a couple of years ago, sent it to me and my siblings, and said, “I’m getting us all stuff, what do you want?” Immigrants are important in our society for so many reasons, and maybe I’m radical, but borders are so stupid and arbitrary anyway.

I love looking dewy and glowy so I like thick, oily shit on my face. I met the owner, and her skin was just beautiful. It was because she was wearing this so I bought it right away. I use the one for combination skin, and it’s really been amazing.

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What Gallerist Hannah Traore Can’t Live Without