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What Natalie Imbruglia Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist. Photo: Courtesy of BMG

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked singer-songwriter Natalie Imbruglia — whose new album Firebird is out today — about the coffee, cheese snack, and perfume she can’t live without.

I actually once worked with Oribe Canales on a L’Oréal shoot and he was absolutely fantastic. I’ve got all of his products, but the texturizing spray is my favorite. It’s just incredible for when you want to get a few more days out of your hair — I hate overwashing my hair (1) because I’m lazy and (2) because it’s not good to wash it too much. It’s just amazing for putting volume and space in your curls if you have wavy hair like me. It works like a dry shampoo but even better, and doesn’t have that white cast you get with dry shampoo sometimes. It makes your hair look voluminous, thicker, and fantastic. It works just as well on newly washed hair when you want it to look like next-day hair.

I’m actually sipping one right now. My favorite would be the Lungo Medium. It’s nuts, chocolate, with a hint of spice, and it’s a blend of South American and South East Asian coffee. It’s for a long pour. And the capsules are biodegradable. They’re made out of wasted sugarcane so they’re fully compostable pods, which makes you feel a lot better about using the coffee machine. And they’ve just sourced the best coffee in the world. Their coffees don’t have that acidic bitterness to it, and the packaging is just really chic.

​​Editor’s note: Halo Coffee lists all prices in pounds, so the price shown is an approximate conversion in U.S. dollars.

You have to Google [the Twisties commercial I was in as a teenager] because it’s really funny to watch. It might’ve been my first-ever TV commercial or second. I was very tanned — and had this really cheesy perm, which was very en vogue at the time. But I genuinely love Twisties. I know they’re not good for your health, but still, it’s one of my favorite guilty pleasures. When I was younger it used to be in the care package my mum would send me to the U.K. But now I order it from sanza.co.uk because they have all the Aussie essentials.


Oh my gosh, anyone that borrows this is obsessed with it. When I was prepping for this, my assistant was like, “I’ve got a confession. I had to go get one after I used yours.” It’s phenomenal for travel. You know when you’re in hotel rooms and you have to iron things or whatnot? I just find that this is fastest and yields better results. There are very few things you can’t steam with it. I have a proper, big industrial steamer at home and I think this one works just as well.

Editor’s note: The steamer that Imbruglia uses is currently sold out, but here’s a similar one that’s in stock.

A couple of people told me about this. I remember the first time I listened to it, there was just a paradigm shift in my brain. If I was in a reactive or negative headspace about whatever, or in a victim mode about a situation in my life, I would relisten to it. I’d do it when I was driving in the car into London and it would change the flow of my day because I would have that understanding of the benefit of not being reactive. If you’re a perfectionist or detail-oriented or a little bit OCD like me, you can have a real problem with anything changing or not being how it was meant to be in the plan. That can be really annoying for everybody around you, but also for yourself because you’re just frustrated the whole time. This book is really a useful tool to remind myself that if you just go with things, you don’t know what’s on the other side of it. Michael Singer took it to the nth degree with the surrender experiment in his life. You know when you read an extreme example of something and you can have a little takeaway for your own life? It’s just really, really good for that. I tried to listen to it the other day in the sauna and I couldn’t get it to work, but I’m in desperate need of listening to it. I’m in the middle of an album campaign and I’m very reactive.

Peloton Bike
From $1,445
From $1,445

This has been a godsend. I’ve got a few lovely trainers locally in Oxfordshire and London that I work with, but it was good to do some classes during lockdown when I couldn’t work out with people. I would say for a good six months, it was just an ornament in my house. I mean, you actually have to get on the thing. I’ve always worked better with teachers; I’m not very good at training on my own. But the next best thing to having someone in the room is doing the Peloton with my favorite trainer Ally Love. She’s wonderful. She’s just got such a positive way without being cheesy or seeming insincere. She’s good vibes.

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My friend Yasmin Sewell launched a line of fragrances and she’s just got incredible taste. She’s got sustainability at the forefront, which I’m big on. It’s 80 percent organic and I like that the bottle is reusable. The Free 00 is just next level. It makes you feel alive and uninhibited. It’s got Sicilian lemon — I’m 46 percent Sicilian so I liked that — mandarin and orange flower, which is calming, vanilla, jasmine to inspire sensuality, and water lily for liberation. I just bought four of them as gifts for friends. I love the idea of mood-enhancing fragrances. I’ve got these mood-enhancing sunglasses I’ve been wearing, so between that and the perfume, I’m walking around blissed out.

I love giving gifts — there seems to be a hundred birthdays every month. Some people don’t mind just giving a candle, but for me, it has to mean the right thing for the right person. Debonnaire is one of those amazing one-stop shops where you can find those quirky, different, or personalized presents. Everything’s just curated so well and they never disappoint. They have beautiful hand-embroidered cotton dresses, which I often indulge in for myself, but for presents, I love to give their personalized leather travel tags. You can emboss them with people’s initials in gold or silver and bright fun colors. My other favorite is the mini leather jewelry case. Mine says “rocks” on it because it’s got bling, but you can get your friend’s initials and give it as a gift. It’s a really, really cute shop, and you can get things as small as a sweet pair of earrings that doesn’t break the bank or Murano glasses hand-engraved by masters. There’s something there for everyone.

​​Editor’s note: Debonnaire lists all prices in pounds, so the price shown is an approximate conversion in U.S. dollars.

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What Natalie Imbruglia Can’t Live Without