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What Snowboarder Shaun White Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: KRAVE

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked Shaun White — a three-time Olympic Gold medalist for snowboarding who is the global brand ambassador for Krave Jerky — about the lip balm, speaker, and blender he can’t live without.

I’m in the mountains all the time. The weather there is always pretty harsh, and your skin and lips can get so dry. You don’t want your lips to crack — it’s hard to get them back to normal once they do. I’ve been using this lip balm for a year, maybe two. I used to be a Blistex fan because it was reliable. But I’m a little more posh these days. This is kind of addicting — there’s something about it that’s just so nice. I use the non-tinted one. I’ve made that mistake before, though — accidentally using the tinted one. My girlfriend, Nina Dobrev, has both, and I picked up the wrong one. It’s a nice color, just not for me.

TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick

I started using this when I cut my hair short. I think my hair is wavy, but a lot of people call it curly. I’m self-conscious about it because when I take my helmet off after snowboarding all day, my hair is flattened into place. If I put this in before I ride, I can take my helmet off and style my hair back into place so it actually looks good for those side-slope interviews. After you finish a ride, your nose is red, your lips are cold, and it’s below freezing out, but you have these reporters immediately saying, “So tell us about your childhood.” Those pictures and interviews last forever, especially if you win a medal, so they are moments when you want to actually look kind of good, right? At the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, as I was walking to the halfpipe, I handed my publicist this product and a comb and said, “Just in case I win.” And I did.

Something about a wallet makes you gather clutter. Maybe I’m just a simplistic person, but I don’t need 20 receipts and all that stuff just collecting in my wallet. This clip holds just enough for me: It has my ID, two credit cards, and some cash, which is all I need. At one point in my life, I started to wear tighter pants, and this is perfect for fitting into the pockets of those. I don’t remember how I found it, but other money clips I’ve used started to feel less secure not long after I got them. This one has been great. I’ve bought it for five or six friends, too. If I see a friend struggling with a cluttered wallet or if they’ve complained about having a bulky one, I’ll get this for them — or at least recommend it.

I bring this with me almost everywhere. It sounds really great and is incredibly durable. I’ve accidentally knocked it into a bathtub, drowned it in a Jacuzzi, and dropped it down some stairs, and it still works just fine. The speaker really stands up to everything. Its shape is also very cool. I actually slide it into my snowboard boot when I travel — I only have so much space when I’m packing for a trip, so any little space-saving hack helps.

I drink this once a day, usually after a workout. It’s the only plant-based, protein-shake-type thing that doesn’t make me super-gassy. I’ve tried a bunch — with all the others, I always feel like something is not right after I drink them. I feel good after drinking this one, which is how you should feel. If I’m in a pinch, I just stir it in some water. But typically I use oat milk or almond milk, add in a banana or a little avocado, then blend it together.

This makes single servings, and the container you blend your smoothie in is your cup, too. It’s just so easy. I have a couple of the containers so I can make all my smoothies for the week in one day and just put them in the fridge. The blender isn’t a nightmare to clean, either. I’m very skeptical when buying things — like, I don’t necessarily trust the “Amazon Choice” label or some people’s reviews because it feels like they’re pitching it in a shady way. So I did a lot of research before I chose a blender. I also asked a couple of friends what they use. A lot of people say this is the best one.

I keep this in the trunk of my car, especially if I’m going on a road trip up to the mountains, so I always have cold drinks on hand. I’ve used other coolers here and there, but this is the only one I come back to, because it keeps things cold for a long, long time. My sister had a Yeti cooler first — I was so shocked at how well it worked that I immediately went out and got my own. This larger size can store a lot in it. I also have a little one that almost looks like a handbag. I keep that in the front seat of my car for easy access when I can’t quite pull something out of the trunk.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a huge fan of beef jerky. I would always eat it on road trips with my family. It is the perfect chairlift snack: There are only so many that I can bring on a mountain that don’t fall apart when I’m riding. And you can only eat so many bars. I keep some in my backpack when I skateboard, too. Krave is doing great things with its products: The company uses grass-fed beef and has plant-based options. I like the chile-lime or the chipotle flavors the best. But its whole array is more unique than the average jerky.

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What Snowboarder Shaun White Can’t Live Without