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This $9 Mini-Razor Keeps Me From Ever Having to Pluck My Brows Again

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Until about two weeks ago, I hadn’t touched my brows since the very end of February. Just before we entered quarantine, I begrudgingly tweezed them — just like I did every month — and hated every minute of it. Grooming my brows has always been very painful for me, with the freshly tweezed area staying red and sore for hours, sometimes even a full day afterward. I’ve tried lots of lotions and different techniques in hopes of easing the swelling, to no avail. Because of this eyebrow hypersensitivity, I always assumed seeing a professional to wax or thread them would hurt even more. My dermatologist suggested that perhaps I should stop plucking them altogether. And then once the pandemic hit, I followed his advice and retired my tweezers.

For months, I hid behind my oversize glasses to cover up my increasingly unruly eyebrows and hoped that no one on Zoom would notice. But last weekend, my sister and her now wife had their intimate, socially distant wedding in our grandparents’ backyard — and if I didn’t want my bushy brows forever immortalized in their wedding photos, I had to do something about them. While trying to gather courage to take tweezers to them once again, I recalled someone once recommending a brow razor — which certainly sounds painful, but it couldn’t possibly be worse than plucking them. And for less than ten bucks, I figured it was worth a shot.

The writer at her sister’s wedding with freshly groomed brows. Photo: Courtesy the writer

Although this little gadget is designed for quick touch-ups and hard-to-reach areas, after about 25 or 30 minutes (let me remind you, my brows were really bad), I had successfully groomed my unkempt brows back to their manicured state — no tweezers necessary. The razor is delicate and precise, so much so that I’d call it foolproof. It’s extremely easy to maneuver, and even though it’s extremely sharp, as one would expect a razor to be, you won’t accidentally take off half of your eyebrow. To shave, you move the tiny blade with a little bit of pressure in small, downward, sweeping motions. You feel the slight scrape of the razor, but the process is completely painless. I find the brush at the end of the razor meant to sweep the hairs off your skin a bit stiff and harsh, so I remove the excess hairs with just my finger or even a washcloth instead.

Now, I shave my brows every few days after a shower instead of going months without touching them. My skin doesn’t get nearly as red or swollen as it did with the tweezers, and I find it much easier to follow the natural curve of my brow to give me my desired shape. And best of all, my eyebrows look great and I no longer have to hide behind my glasses.

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This Razor Keeps Me From Ever Having to Pluck My Brows Again