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7 of the Very Best Tweezers for Hair Removal

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Whether you want to do some upkeep between eyebrow-threading sessions or you prefer to do all of the brow maintenance yourself, having a reliable set of tweezers in your medicine cabinet comes in handy. The right pair of tweezers can make plucking less painful and more precise — not to mention help you banish an errant face hair, ingrown hair on your bikini line, and any number of other fine hairs that might bug you.

And while you might have an old faithful pair of tweezers you picked up at the drugstore, it may be worth investing a little more in one that’s guaranteed to last longer. Ideally, tweezers should “last a lifetime, like a timeless Japanese knife,” says Chanel eyebrow artist Jimena Garcia. Below, you’ll find six tweezers (plus one coil hair remover) recommended by our panel of experts for eyebrow shaping and maintenance, facial hair, and ingrown hairs. Or you can jump to whatever type of tweezers you’re looking for below.

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What we’re looking for

Tip: Tweezers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s worth noting that all of the listed tweezers are the standard size (4.25 to 5.5 inches) because mini ones don’t actually make plucking any easier or more efficient. As far as shape goes, the tips of tweezers tend to vary. The most common one you’ve probably seen are slant tweezers, but there are also point, flat, and round tweezers, as well. With the exception of round tweezers, it’s important that the edges of your tweezers are as sharp as possible. This ensures that the tool can easily grab and hold hairs well enough to pluck without any breakage or slippage. The worst thing is when you have to pull an eyebrow hair over and over again just for it to break in half. Other things to look for are properly aligned tips and a bit of scuffing on the inside, both of which affect how the tweezers grip hair.

Material: Tweezers should be made with material that’s hypoallergenic, rust resistant, and easy to maintain. Stainless steel is your best bet, but you can also go for titanium tweezers. Some tweezers are brushed or coated in paint, mainly to add to its appearance, but just be sure that the tip itself is stainless steel or titanium to avoid skin irritation and ensure longevity.

Sharpening Policy or Warranty: Even the best of tweezers dull over time making it much harder to grab hair quickly and precisely. Tina Lowitt, esthetician and owner of The Wild Kind Beauty, recommends following the grain of your tweezers with an emery board five to ten times to sharpen your tweezers at home. We also found that Tweezerman offers a lifetime sharpening service for most of their tweezers. Just fill out their online form, package up and send out your tweezers, and you should receive your freshly sharpened tweezers in about three to four months. Other companies may offer some sort of money-back warranty, which we’ve also noted.

Best overall tweezers

Slant | Stainless Steel | Sharpening Service

Tweezerman is something of a cult brand in the beauty world, and with good reason. If you’re looking for a tweezer that can perform almost any hair plucking job, look no further than their classic slant tweezer. “When it comes to finding the perfect tweezers, Tweezerman slant tweezers have never let me down,” says Tammy Fisher, founder and CEO of Browtiste. The slanted tip is ideal for lifting hair from the skin before you pull out the strand, which Fisher says is “extremely important for precision” and lets you get closer to the base, which means the hair will be less likely to break when you pull. Rebecca Hoffman, owner of Bespoke Brows NYC, praised the tweezers, too, because the slanted edge makes it less likely that you’ll pinch yourself while tweezing. “You can also angle it to just use the pointy edge of the tool for really stubborn hairs,” she says.

While Tweezerman may be pricey for a drugstore tweezer, it’s actually much more affordable than other professional-grade tweezers. Rubis, another brand with a cult-following, has a more-expensive slant tweezer that was touted by our experts, but Tweezerman’s beats it out because of the lower price and lifetime of free sharpening.

Best tweezers for eyebrows

Slant | Stainless Steel Titanium Gold Coated | No Sharpening

If your main concern is shaping pristine eyebrows, opt for these slightly more expensive Tweezerman tweezers. Both Elizabeth Taylor and Alix Shapiro, hosts of the True Beauty Brooklyn Podcast, use them at True Beauty Brooklyn, which Taylor is the owner of and Shapiro is an esthetician at. Shapiro notes that they’re “a little sharper [than the Slant Tweezers], thus grabbing hair better and faster.” Lara Kaiser, an esthetician at Shen Beauty, also prefers them because they “easily grab all the little fine hairs and are just perfection,” she says. When I tested them against the Slant Tweezers, I noticed that they grabbed those super fine vellus hairs better, and I rarely had to go over the same hairs twice.

Rather than being made out of plain stainless steel, these are coated in titanium gold. This not only makes them look a bit more luxurious, but this is supposed to make them last longer, too. The downside with the tweezers being coated is that it means Tweezerman’s sharpening service doesn’t apply, which is also why these didn’t come out as the best overall pick. Instead, the company will provide a 50 percent off coupon for your next purchase in lieu of the service.

Best tweezers for ingrown hairs

Point | Stainless Steel | 14 Day Warranty

Before you tackle an ingrown hair, it’s important to treat the area first. That means cleansing, exfoliating (chemically or physically), and hydrating the skin before even reaching for a tweezer. Once you’ve done that, a point tweezer is going to be the most effective at grabbing an ingrown without causing as much damage as a slant or flat tip tweezer. These particular tweezers from the Swiss brand Rubis are recommended by Ania Siemieniaka, the manager and owner of the spa Freckle. “If we’re talking about the hair that is partially hiding beneath the skin, this is the tool to get it out,” she says. These stainless steel ones are, in her opinion, “probably the sharpest and narrowest pointed-tip tweezers out there, so be careful and maybe don’t use it for your facial hair.”

While Rubis’s tweezers are the most expensive of the bunch, some experts are enthusiastic about the quality. Jimena, who’s tried both Tweezerman and Rubis, appreciates “the history and craftsmanship Rubis represents.” And Lowitt, who prefers the brand’s Pro Grip tweezers for ingrowns, says, “The higher price point is just completely warranted in terms of durability and longevity of sharpness.”

Best (less-expensive) tweezers for ingrown hairs


Point | Stainless Steel | Sharpening Service

Taylor and Shapiro highly advise people with ingrowns to see a professional, but if someone needs to do it at home, they recommend cleansing and exfoliating your skin first. Taylor explains it’s important to “hold the skin very taut” when you’re dealing with ingrowns. “What you don’t want to do is dig into your skin. You want to try to allow the hair to release in some way so that you can just grab the tip of it and pull it out,” she says. Both of them recommend Tweezerman’s Point Tweezers because they’re stainless steel and provide a nice grip. When I tested tweezers myself, I actually preferred Tweezerman’s Point Tip Tweezers because they have all of the mentioned qualities as the Point Tweezers but with a slightly wider body. That extra width gives you more control as you pluck, which I imagine would come handy when dealing with ingrowns. Since these aren’t coated, you can also send them to Tweezerman for their lifetime sharpening service.

Best tweezers for coarse hair

Flat | Stainless Steel | 14 Day Warranty
If you’re dealing with more stubborn hairs, both Lowitt and Garcia recommend Rubis’s Crab Universal Tweezers. “There’s something about the angle of the crab claw that allows for even grip for coarser, more stubborn body hairs,” says Lowitt who also notes that there’s less breakage with these. Another benefit to the shape of the crab tweezers is that it “provides you with the ability to remove hair in difficult to see or hard to reach areas such as underneath the chin,” says Garcia.

Best safety tweezers

Round | Stainless Steel | 14 Day Warranty

“Round-tip tweezers are a good option for people with a lack of mobility, with a tremor, and for beginners,” says Garcia. These Rubis round-tip tweezers provide an element of safety since they’re not sharp enough to hurt yourself. While they’re not as precise as slant or point tweezers, Garcia reassures that they still have the excellent grip and calibrated tension that Rubis is known for.

Bonus: Best coil hair remover

I’m someone who likes getting their whole face threaded, but doesn’t like shelling out $30 or more for every visit. I’ve tried learning how to thread myself with no success, so I was happy to find this coil hair remover. It’s extremely easy to use, and plucks out peach fuzz and baby hair fast. Kaiser is also a fan of this “little springy device” for getting rid of facial hair. It’s not technically a tweezer, but, as Kaiser explains, “this is sort of like at-home threading. Hurts, but does the job much more quickly than tweezing. It’s not to be used on the brows because it’s not precise. You just twist the handles until you’re smooth.”

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Our experts

• Tammy Fisher, founder and CEO of Browtiste
• Jimena Garcia, Chanel eyebrow artist
• Rebecca Hoffman, owner of Bespoke Brows NYC
• Lara Kaiser, aesthetician at Shen Beauty
• Tina Lowitt, esthetician and owner of The Wild Kind Beauty
• Alix Shapiro, co-host of True Beauty Brooklyn Podcast and esthetician at True Beauty Brooklyn
• Ania Siemieniaka, manager and owner of Freckle
• Elizabeth Taylor, co-host of True Beauty Brooklyn Podcast and owner of True Beauty Brooklyn

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The Very Best Tweezers for Hair Removal