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The 8 Very Best Makeup Organizers, According to Cool People

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Don’t rummage through a mishmash of products dumped into your bag when there are much better ways to manage your beauty stash. “Owning a proper makeup organizer will keep your items sorted so that you know exactly where to find something when you need it. This will save you time, money, and frustration by preventing you from losing makeup. You’ll always know what you have,” says Jamie Hord, founder, and CEO of Horderly, a home organization service. Another plus: no more damaged goods. “Makeup organizers can help protect your products from breaking and guard your luggage against leaks or spills. I’ve learned this the hard way,” says Priyanka Ganjoo, founder, and CEO of Kulfi Beauty.

Before you choose a makeup organizer, Hord suggests doing a bit of editing first. “Corral all your makeup together and get rid of anything old or that you no longer use. Next, decide where you’d like to store your makeup and take measurements of this space,” she says. These steps will provide a good pre-shopping starting point for organizers designed to stay in your home. Whether you want a large organizer to put on display or a sleeker solution that you can keep outta sight, our list of standout picks from makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts, industry insiders, and decluttering experts will help steer you in the right direction.

Best makeup organizer with adjustable dividers

According to Trae Bodge, a shopping expert, and former makeup artist, “The best organizers are flexible enough to suit my specific needs and those of my readers. I also appreciate it when makeup organizers are easy to clean in case a product spills or if pencil shavings accumulate inside.” Not only does this one feature eight adjustable partitions that you can move around however you want (horizontally, diagonally, vertically) but you can also toss it in the dishwasher. The versatile size and shape are also appealing. “It’s low profile enough to sit inside most drawers, but it also comes with a lid so I can put it on a vanity or take it with me when I’m headed off to an in-studio TV segment,” Bodge says.

Best countertop makeup organizer

For those who like storage containers that blend seamlessly into home décor, this stylish option fits the bill. Astrologer Adama Sesay recently purchased it when she moved into a new apartment. “That’s when I realized what a disorganized mess my massive makeup collection was. I picked this because I love the natural material of the bamboo, and it matches the wooden chest that it sits on top of,” she says. With multiple shelves and mini drawers, this makeup organizer has space to house a healthy collection of tools and products in one place. “It allows me to see everything I have in order to easily create my beauty looks for videos and the content that I produce each day,” says Sesay.

Best makeup organizer for travel

This simple yet chic zippered case helps to ease packing angst, which is why it keeps coming up as a favorite among top makeup pros. “The small size is perfect for carry-on luggage–it holds plenty without taking up too much space. The organizer has a section with room for a few travel-size brushes and my pencils. The body of the case fits my eyeshadow quads, compacts, and basically anything that’s not a liquid or gel,” says makeup artist Leah Elliston. If only it could help with airline drama, too.

Best stackable makeup organizer

“We’ve been using this system for clients since we started Horderly in 2015,” says Hord, of this durable, hand-crafted organizer. The modular design adapts to the size and scope of any makeup collection. There are stackable trays for lipsticks and glosses, a palette divider, a brush and tool holder, and drawers with various dimensions — simply pick them and stack them as you please. Hord also points out that the system is easy on the eyes. “It has a beautiful aesthetic and it’s also acrylic so you can see what’s in it right away.”

Best large makeup case

Relavel Largee Makeup Case

Ganjoo discovered this roomy case five years ago and now everyone around her has one. “It’s a Kulfi team favorite. Our whole staff feels the most organized while using this case because of the numerous slots it offers,” she says. In addition to the moveable compartments, the water-resistant case also boasts a trio of zippered pockets, a large mesh bag, and 12 slots for a variety of brushes. A protective plastic cover keeps it all safe. Ashley Morales, a makeup-loving gamer, also swears by this easy-to-carry organizer for storing compacts and palettes. “It’s where I keep all my blushes, highlighters, and bronzers,” she says. It’ll make you feel like you have it together even if you don’t.”

Best makeup organizer for minimalists

“I like to be able to reduce the weight and size of my makeup inventory as much as possible and this allows me to do exactly that,” says Sebastien Tardif, celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of Veil Cosmetics. If you too are a less-is-more type, you’ll appreciate the freedom this lightweight, streamlined case provides. It features ten slots for your most-used lip colors and cream cosmetics–perfect for tightly curated makeup stashes and small spaces. Tardif gives it bonus points for efficiency. As he explains: “It’s much faster to spot the product and color needed as opposed to opening up a bunch of lipstick tubes or blush sticks — everything is in the tiny palette.”

Best makeup organizer for maximalists

For an organizer that has room for multiple makeup hauls, look no further than this pick from StyleSeat expert Manuel Espinoza. Available in timeless black or white, he says this “chic” rolling chest of drawers is “a staple in almost every makeup guru’s home.” Leave the casters on if you want the option to move the storage unit to different rooms or closer to natural light. Espinoza keeps his exactly where you’d expect: “In my glam room.”

Best hanging makeup organizer

In a tiny bathroom with no below-the-sink cabinets, this hanging bag is great for keeping things neat and out of the way. Hord loves that it’s also easy to travel with. Stuff the mesh inner pockets with your slimmer items like glosses, liners, and mascaras. Use the larger sections for bulkier items like liquid bronzers, loose powders, and setting sprays. Wanna pack some supplies like cotton rounds, sponges, or Q-tips? The organizer comes with a handy, clear removable bag.

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The 8 Very Best Makeup Organizers, According to Cool People