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The 19 Very Best Drawer Organizers

Your silverware deserves better.

Photo: Marcus McDonald
Photo: Marcus McDonald

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Now that I’ve been on the home-organization beat for a while, I can say with confidence that dealing with out-of-control drawers is one of the tasks that most of us look forward to the least. Clutter takes over when you’re not looking — and suddenly you’re staring down a gaggle of kitchen gadgets you hardly ever use, a snarl of mismatched socks, or a weird mix of batteries, buttons, and other bits and bobs. Getting a drawer organizer is an easy fix, whether you already have a system in mind or are reluctant to throw out years-old receipts. As Jamie Hord, founder of Horderly Professional Organizing, explains, “Drawer organizers help create containment and give everything a proper home.” Nicole Abramovici of Genius Organizing adds that they “allow you to refine a category even further in one easily viewed space,” like separating thongs from bikinis and briefs. That way, there’s some method to the madness. To help you find the best options for your own space, I asked professional declutterers about the drawer organizers and dividers they rely on.

What we’re looking for


Before you buy any organizer or divider, measure the dimensions of your drawer to ensure you get one that’s suitable for the space and accommodates the items you’re looking to contain. As Hord says, “Be strategic when it comes to the proper measurements,” so allow yourself a couple of inches to make sure you can move an organizer around if need be. And take into account any oddly shaped items like a fish spatula or granny panties that might not fit or fold neatly into one. Each organizer’s measurements are listed below (in length, width, and height), so you can compare them to your drawer’s.


“The feel and look of a drawer organizer for your kitchen will be very different from one for your dresser,” explains home organizer Caroline Solomon. “A dresser-drawer divider will be much larger and have greater depth than a kitchen drawer divider, for instance.” This list is organized by the different drawers you’d use each organizer in — starting with kitchen drawers and finishing with dresser and desk drawers. And we’ve made sure to mention notable design details like expandability or multiple compartments, as these features are what separate a tray that’s best for cooking utensils from one that’s jewelry-friendly. Founder of House of Prim Meredith Goforth also suggests that you “pull everything out and do an edit first” — because if you know exactly what is staying in a drawer, “you will be able to purchase smarter.”


Once you’ve decided on the drawer and its contents, consider the material the organizer is made from. Bamboo is a favorite for kitchens, as it’s durable for a “well-trod” space, according to Solomon. It has an aesthetic advantage too, according to Corinne Morahan, founder of Grid + Glam: Bamboo will look more like a built-in, as it matches the interior of most kitchen drawers. For dresser drawers, go for wood or linen depending on what you’re organizing. Like bamboo, wood blends in. But it can cause snagging, warns Lisa Ruff, chief brand officer at Neat Method, so it’s not ideal for rows of sweaters. For delicate items, you could lean on linen, which is “soft yet sturdy” for undergarments especially, Solomon says. (Think of your lacy little numbers.) And see-through acrylic makes everything easy to find in a bathroom “or any area that is more on display,” Goforth tells us.

Best overall drawer organizer

Measurements: 7 sizes, from 6” x 6” x 2” to 3” x 12” x 2” | Design: Stackable | Material: Bamboo

I heard about these do-it-all drawer organizers from three experts — and tested a few myself — and decided they deserved the best-in-class blue ribbon for their remarkable versatility. Since they are made from bamboo, they’re “neutral-looking enough” for almost anywhere, Solomon says. (In some drawers, they might even be mistaken for built-ins.) They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from a 6-inch square to many different rectangles, and you can even stack them to save space or to actually “take advantage of deeper drawers,” adds Lauren Saltman of Living. Simplified.

“It’s a bit like playing Tetris figuring out which size goes where,” Goforth explains. She suggests grouping similar items into “zones” because “if you keep like with like, it will always be easier to find.” (Example: whisks and wooden spoons in one spot, tongs in another.) Solomon likes to mix and match but generally orders one organizer that’s six inches by six inches by two inches “as a vessel for rubber bands and chip clips” and a couple of the smallest size (three inches by six inches by two inches) to serve as a sort of catchall. In bathroom drawers full of makeup and medicine, they make everything “so satisfyingly organized” that you’ll actually want to keep them that way, she promises. But her favorite place to put the organizers is inside a junk drawer to bring order to “a chaotic space that gets a bad rap.” Saltman feels similarly, along with mentioning these can work wonders in desks for paper clips and tangle-prone cords.

The Container Store sent me a selection of these organizers for review, and I agree with Soloman, Saltman, and Goforth’s praise. They are a simple, straightforward tool for making order out of disorder: I keep kitchen essentials in them with the sharpest tools in one (including scissors and knives) and often-lost-in-the-shuffle gadgets — a garlic chopper, a greens stripper — in another. Because they are stackable, I also like that I can place the most neat-looking and frequently used organizers on top and hide the messier ones beneath.

Best customizable drawer organizer

Measurements: 24” long, 2” or 4” high | Design: Stackable, snaps for the right size, self-adhesive mounts | Material: Plastic

This is the most DIY recommendation. The “custom” part of the design requires you to measure and cut the strips to the measurements of the drawer you’re planning on putting them in, and they come with self-adhesive mounts to keep them in place (you can stock up on replacements, which are sold in packages of eight). This is especially helpful if you’re someone with odd-shaped drawers that you can never find organizers for. Heidi Lee, founder of home-organization service Prune + Pare, says that additionally, the strips are stackable, so you can place them into deep-set drawers. But even in more shallower spaces (like a desk), they can corral things like rubber bands.

Best kitchen-drawer organizer

Homemaid Bamboo Drawer Dividers
From $21
From $21

Measurements: 0.59” x 17.5” to 22” x 2.15” | Design: Expandable, stackable | Material: Bamboo

Boxes and trays for kitchen drawers are a popular storage solution among our professional declutterers. But as Solomon points out, their very specific dimensions can sometimes be a problem. She recommends drawer dividers instead, which can usually adjust to fit both small and large drawers. (Of course, double-check your measurements to make sure.)

These Homemaid dividers have an almost magical ability to “transform even the messiest of kitchen drawers,” Solomon says. There are four of them in this set — use them front to back or side to side in a drawer or stack them if your drawer is especially deep (each divider measures a little more than two inches high). Their adjustability, like the aforementioned Container Store pick, is what makes them useful for all the rarely used gadgets and tried-and-true essentials you have tucked away. These dividers are water-resistant; to clean them, just wipe them with a cloth.

Best kitchen-drawer organizer for large utensils

Measurements: 18” x 12.75” to 22.25” x 2.625” | Design: Expandable, five compartments | Material: Bamboo 

If you’re set on the tray route, whether you prefer the look or just don’t want to deal with different dividers, consider this Morahan-approved organizer. Unlike many of the kitchen-drawer trays out there, it’s expandable — reaching a maximum of 22 inches wide. The organizer works well for all your basic utensils, but it’s big enough for larger utensils — think rolling pins — that might not fit into a traditional tray. Morahan likes that these are versatile and blend seamlessly into kitchen drawers, resulting in a made-for-you look without the made-for-you price tag. As Ruff points out, bamboo is ideal for kitchens, “because it’s a natural material that looks nice and wears well.”

Best kitchen-drawer organizer for flatware

Measurements: 18” x 13” to 21” x 2.5” | Design: Expandable, seven compartments | Material: Bamboo

One of Solomon’s favorite flatware organizers is this expandable tray that “allows you to spread out your utensils” more (her other favorite is a more stationary version). She adds: “I love that utensils like salad and dinner forks can live happily alongside one another instead of being so cramped.” That’s assuming your drawer allows you to use the expansion feature — the tray can stretch from 13 inches to 21 inches width-wise — letting spoons have a little breathing room. If you have a big silverware collection, it’s your best bet. (But those truly prized pieces — like half-a-century-old heirlooms — might be better off in something more airtight like this, Solomon suggests.) Definitely double-check your measurements before ordering: After requesting it from the Container Store to test out, I realized the tray couldn’t fit into any of my drawers. So I decided to keep it right on the counter. It expands easily enough, and the design looks intentional — sometimes when a thing is branded as “expandable,” the expandable part seems too tacked on. (A tip: Solomon recommends placing items into the organizer in the same order you use when laying out your table.)

Best compact kitchen-drawer organizer for flatware

Measurements: 4.33” x 15.6” x 2.25” | Design: Five angled compartments | Material: Plastic

If you’re really short on space and can’t even consider something that expands, Hannah Starke, former member of the Strategist social team, recommends this compact cutlery-drawer tray, which she uses in her 22-square-foot kitchen. Thanks to its stacked design, t’s super space-saving. Starke leaves it on one side of the sink, where the counter meets a wall and it has just enough space to hold all her flatware.

Best modular kitchen-drawer organizer

From $3

Measurements: 8 sizes, from 3” x 6” x 2” to 6” x 15” x 2” | Design: Modular, made for shallow drawers | Material: Plastic

Though multi-compartment trays are popular among the experts we talked to, especially for cutlery, you might be searching for something a little less structured. If so, consider professional organizer Britnee Tanner’s pick from iDesign. The modular functionality — mix and match between different-size containers — is what Tanner likes the most. You can choose which dimensions work best for what you have first, rather than the proportions of your drawer. Although these organizers are meant for toiletries, Tanner recommends using them to bring order back to your pile of utensils and grab-and-go snacks that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle. “They’re an all-around trusty product, and they won’t break the bank,” she says.

Best kitchen-drawer organizer for spices

Measurements: 3 sizes, from 10.25” x 16.5” x 1.5” to 16.5” x 26.5” x 1.5” | Design: 4-tier tray | Material: Steel

One scroll through Organizing TikTok (if you haven’t been, please visit) and you’ll see all sorts of solutions for what to do about your spices. Sure, you can have them out in the open in one of those neat spinners or splurge on a hidden pull-out cabinet. But this tray, another Solomon-approved pick, combines practicality with discretion. The in-drawer storage solution can hold up to 24 standard-size spice jars, so paprika and parsley will each have their own place. The heavy-duty steel is durable enough for heavier glass jars and gives the tray a more “official” feel than a plastic organizer. It almost disappears into a drawer, making finding the spice you need much easier. Pro tip: Solomon likes to store savory spices in a different spot from sweeter spices (especially baking staples) to keep their flavors separate.

Best kitchen-drawer organizer for bags

Measurements: 5 sizes, from 7.5” x 4” x 3” to 11.875 ” x 4” x 3”| Design: Modular, labeled gallon, quart, sandwich, snack, and accessories | Material: Bamboo

This is a hyperspecific option, meant for those who want an especially uniform look wherever they store their plastic bags. (If you’ve forsaken plastic, you could probably also store reusables like Bee’s Wrap wrappers inside.) “Boxes are bound to get crushed,” Saltman says. This set of organizers (five in total) is useful because each acts like a dispenser — you can reach for gallon-size bags in one and quart-size bags in another. The openings on each organizer are large enough to easily refill and remove bags, Saltman points out. And there’s a “bonus” organizer included for accessories like pens to mark bags on the outside (say, for someone who packs school lunches).

Best dresser-drawer organizer

Measurements: 12” to 18” long x 4” high | Design: Adjustable, optional mounting strips | Material: Plastic

These dresser-drawer dividers were the most raved-about organizers, name-checked by four of our experts — Hord, Morahan, Abramovici, and Natalie Schrier, founder of Cut the Clutter — mentioned them to us. The spring-loaded dividers “provide an exact fit for the entire depth of the drawer, leaving no space wasted, and they stay put,” Schrier explains. Hord loves how they instantly create categories among clothes, like folded-up favorite tees here and less frequently worn tees there. Morahan similarly says that if you’re short on space, these are a simple way to give yourself more room. For example, a drawer that was once just for undies now has sections for bras and shapewear. Abramovici installed these more than a decade ago and her underwear drawer “has been immaculate ever since.” You can use the included mounting strips (which are optional) to hold the dividers in place extra securely if needed.

Best-looking dresser-drawer organizer

Measurements: 11” to 17” x 0.8” x 3.5” | Design: Adjustable, curved corners, silicone stoppers on each end | Material: Wood

The Dream Drawers are our best overall pick for their affordability, but for a splurge that just might match your wooden dresser drawer perfectly, turn to these adjustable dividers from Open Spaces, which come recommended by both Solomon and Sharon Lowenheim, a.k.a. the Organizing Goddess. Lowenheim is particularly impressed that these dividers have a whitewashed finish that’s neither too dark (serious-looking) nor too light (which can come off as childish). (Although, if you have a drawer much darker or lighter, these might not be the best fit.) Solomon points out that the slightly curved corners add to their charm, as most dresser-drawer organizers have sharp edges. In addition to being adjustable, the dividers feature silicone stoppers at each end for a snug, secure fit.

Best dresser-drawer organizer boxes

Measurements: 2 sizes, from 14” x 4” to 7” x 14” x 4” | Design: 1 to 8-section compartment options | Material: Linen

A downside of drawer dividers is figuring out what to do about those small things like rolled-up ties and briefs. These boxes can be the answer for them, coming in “sections” — from one to eight — for storing bras in a row and pairs of socks individually. Prop stylist Cait Gury says the boxes have ended “the digging that often accompanied my sock and bra hunt” in the morning. Plus, they help her feel “a little fancy.” The linen means “you don’t have to worry about materials snagging” as you would with plastic, Ruff adds. I was surprised at the box’s sturdiness when I received one from the brand to try out for this story. It doesn’t flop to the side, staying upright even when full of bikini-cut undies and socks with their other half missing.

Best (less expensive) dresser-drawer organizer boxes

Measurements: 5.5” x 5.5” x 5,” 11” x 5.5” x 5,” and 11” x 11” x 5” (2 of each) | Design: Different-size boxes that can be folded flat | Material: Polyester

Compared to The Container Store’s linen boxes that start at $18 a pop, the Ikea Skubb boxes are a bargain at $7 for a six-pack. Although these are specially designed to fit into the brand’s own furniture, Tanner assures us that the boxes work just as well in non-Ikea drawers. The set can hold the most delicate of delicates. But Tanner’s tip is to use them in kids’ drawers, since the organizers can accommodate their smaller clothes. You can even put the small boxes inside the bigger ones, matryoshka-doll-style, to create sections. These can fold completely flat if you unzip their bottoms — in the event you ever need to store some of them after changing your organizational setup.

Best drawer organizer for underwear

Measurements: 18” x 13.5” x 2.75” | Design: 32 separate compartments | Material: Plastic

The linen organizers above would make for a smart drawer solution for delicates, but for something even more underwear-specific, Goforth recommends this Elfa organizer. The smooth plastic is designed to be snag-free, according to the brand, while each diamond-shaped divider can hold a pantie, pair of stockings, or other undergarment. Goforth describes it as “life changing for the drawer we all use every day” and suggests organizing contents by color and type (thongs together). This organizer has another distinct advantage: You can tailor it to any drawer by just cutting off any of the ends that don’t fit.

Best drawer organizer for jewelry

Measurements: 12” to 18.75”x 10.25” x 1.5” | Design: Expandable, 12 compartments, separate ring display space | Material: Velvet

A jewelry tray inside a drawer frees up your dresser top from bulky boxes and cluttered miniature curio cabinets. Not to mention that it keeps chains from tangling and stones in their place. This tray earned a coveted spot in our guide to the best jewelry organizers, and Stackers was the most-mentioned brand in that story. Ope Omojola, founder of Octave Jewelry, uses it in her desk drawer so that, instead of having her jewels sitting out, most of them are accessible enough “so that when I’m getting dressed, they’re right there.” She stacks the trays on top of one another, unstacking whenever she needs a particular piece. Because the organizer is expandable, it can grow alongside your collection. And a note from me, a jewelry collector (I own more than 200 pieces): Velvet is the perfect cushion for your treasures, as it won’t scuff off any polish or plating.

Best bathroom-drawer organizer

Measurements: Two of each: 3” x 3”, 6” x 3”, and 9” x 3”  | Design: Stackable, six-piece set | Material: Plastic 

Overwhelmingly, our organization experts recommended acrylic drawer organizers for the bathroom. That’s in part because, as Gury explains, acrylic options “wipe clean, dry fast, and allow you to tell easily when they’re in need of a wash.” Our experts recommended a variety of similar options. Naeemah Ford Goldson of Restore Order Professional Organizing uses mDesign’s in-drawer organizers in her own bathroom (especially as the gold edging has a glamorous effect). But I decided on these from Stori because the six-piece set comes in at a reasonable $15. There are different trays for makeup brushes, cotton swabs, bandages, and whatever else you need to store away, so instead of buying separate trays and putting them together, this set has done the work for you. They’ve earned Ruff’s stamp of approval, as the trays are stackable and ​​“the transparent material visually falls away to help tone down the business of the drawers.” (And if you’re dealing with an out-of-control under-sink, this Umbra caddy is a favorite of Strategist beauty contributor Rio Viera-Newton. It’s especially useful as a hair-care-product hero, as the caddy was “designed specifically with oddly shaped blow-dryers in mind,” she says.)

Best desk-drawer organizer

Measurements: 15.06” x 11.5” x 3” | Design: 23 compartments, two-tiered trays | Material: Plastic

Madesmart’s no-muss, no-fuss organizers were name-checked twice. There are two versions of this organizer — the two-tiered one seen here and a one-tier option (which costs around $10 less). Schrier depends on the two-tiered one for everyday office supplies, with partitions for everything from paper clips to scissors and a compartment sized specifically for a roll of tape. The top tray can be removed and used separately in a different desk drawer, and since it doesn’t fully cover the bottom level, you don’t have to move it to find your favorite pens. Lisa Zaslow of Gotham Organizers recommends the one-tier, calling it “so useful, you may stop calling that drawer where you keep little items that you use often ‘the junk drawer.’” The range of sections makes it easy to follow the golden organizing rule: “A place for everything and everything in its place,” she adds. One of Zaslow’s clients even had the “genius” idea of putting toy parts in hers — so whenever her kids would be looking for a tiny Lego figure’s hat or a doll’s small shoe, she would know where to search.

Best-looking desk-drawer organizer

Measurements: 6 sizes, from 3” x 3” x 2” to 12” x 10” x 2” | Design: Stackable with shallow and deep options for each size | Material: Metal

For a desk-drawer organizer that’s more design-forward, consider these colorful ones that Daniel Loya, owner of Spaces Transformed, raved to us about before. They’ll brighten up a dull desk space. He suggests that the shades — which include sky blue and lime green — can help with color-coding supplies, along with giving you something cheerful to look at whenever you open your drawers. “There are endless ways you can arrange the compartments,” Loya explains. You also can choose between shallow and deep sizes for each color, depending on the space you’re working with.

Best junk-drawer organizer

Measurements: 2 sizes, 4.75” x 6.5” x 2.75” and 6.375” x 9.5” x 2.75” | Design: Stackable, three-piece set | Material: Plastic

If there’s a junk drawer you’re too afraid to open, let this starter kit save you. The semitransparent organizers create “accountability — nothing to hide here — and are stackable for additional storage space,” Gury says. The kit comes with three mini-trays — one medium and two small — that you can configure to fit your needs. And you can edit the kit to include more or less of each size for your drawers.

Some more drawer organizers we like

Our experts

• Nicole Abramovici, owner of Genius Organizing
• Meredith Goforth, founder of House of Prim
• Naeemah Ford Goldson, owner of Restore Order Professional Organizing
Cait Gury, interior and prop stylist
• Jamie Hord, founder of Horderly Professional Organizing
• Heidi Lee, founder of home-organization service Prune + Pare
• Sharon Lowenheim, a.k.a. the Organizing Goddess
• Daniel Loya, owner of Spaces Transformed
• Corinne Morahan, founder of Grid + Glam
• Ope Omojola, founder of Octave Jewelry
• Lisa Ruff, chief brand officer at Neat Method
• Lauren Saltman, owner of Living. Simplified.
• Natalie Schrier, founder of Cut the Clutter
Caroline Solomon, home organizer
• Hannah Starke, former member of the Strategist social team
Britnee Tanner, professional organizer
Rio Viera-Newton, Strategist beauty contributor
• Lisa Zaslow, owner of Gotham Organizers

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The 19 Very Best Drawer Organizers