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What Angus Cloud Can’t Live Without

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for The Red Sea International Film Festival

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked Euphoria actor Angus Cloud — who is also the face of Rockstar Energy Drinks and recently launched a capsule collection with Rockstar Energy and Billionaire Boys Club — about his favorite disposable cameras, his first Rolex, and which fast-food cheeseburgers he likes best.

I take pictures of everything. A lot of times I ask people in the street if I can take their pictures, so I’ve got a lot of pictures of people I don’t know, but they all look supercool. I’ve been doing it from before I was ever on TV. So I have a collection — but not in a weird way; I never looked at it like that. I like to use the color film because I like people’s different styles. I always took a lot of photos when I was living in New York. People dress crazy out there.


My first one, which I got not too long ago, is the Pepsi. It’s got a blue edge and a red edge on the top, so I think they call it like a Pepsi-Cola–type classic. It’s a little bit older. I don’t know what year it was officially produced. I got mine used at the Double RL store in New York — they sometimes sell watches from other companies and stuff. It’s a proper watch. I really like watches. I’ve been collecting G-Shocks for the longest time, but I kind of stepped my game up with that purchase in the watch world. I’m trying to collect a lot of watches. I like collecting a lot of different types of things.

The Cookies brand — that’s Big Berner. He’s a big homie from the Bay Area. He makes a lot of cool clothing and he’s got probably one of the most recognizable weed brands. I really respect him. I grew up listening to his music. He really made it from an illegal street hustler to a full-time businessman. He’s got a lot of different sweatsuits — I like having a nice sweatsuit top and bottom.

I like having a scratch sheet just for fun. I won’t spend more than five bucks — I probably buy $5 scratchers and maybe make $15 or $20 sometimes but probably break even all around.

Frosted Flakes are the classic that’s the base for everything. Just build up from there, you know? That’s the glazed donut. I like to put maple syrup on my Frosties.

I’m not an In-N-Out person, to be honest with you. It’s all right. I’d almost rather get a Big Mac depending on what McDonald’s is putting on the table. It’s an unpopular opinion. But Five Guys, they put two patties. When you just ask for a cheeseburger, you get a double burger and then unlimited toppings for free. It’s a little step up from a Quarter Pounder. Five Guys has the fresh meat, they got all the fresh fries, everything’s fresh.

I don’t exactly drive this in the city. It’s a little bit weird parking in L.A. with that big old truck. It’s got two gas tanks and it takes diesel, but, it’s really nice to mob around in the countryside with it, you know what I’m saying? Sitting up higher than everyone, it’s a good time. Mine is like a fire red — it almost looks like a fire truck and it’s got tow lights on the top. I could tow boats or RVs, it’s really got the kick to it. It’s an invincible-type car. I’d be scared to get in a crash — not for myself, but I’m like, I’m gonna hurt somebody if I crash. My friend just happened to have it, so [I could buy it used for cheap]. I just got my license, really. I took the test. I barely passed — by one point. I’ve had a permit, I’ve passed the written test like three times separately, but I never took the actual driver’s test until just last month or something.

I got some little mini Hello Kitty coolers from the Hello Kitty and Igloo collaboration, and so I just keep, you know, nice cool Rockstar in there. I feel like I’m a real trucker or something.

Slim Jim is a good meat stick. And with the Ford truck, it goes with the whole vibe. I’m sure they have a lot of flavors, but I like the original. It’s just like paprika and that’s it.

Eric Emanuel came out with a collaboration with Reebok and made Iversons that are like the cotton-candy colors — pink and baby blue. It’s like a glazed, shiny tip. It’s real nice. I don’t really keep them super in the box or anything. If I buy some shoes, I like to wear ’em, you know? But those ones I don’t want to trash. I only have that one pair. If I have a real nice shoe, I prefer to have two pairs, so one I can tear up and one I can keep a little more fresh, but I only have one pair of those. He sent them to me, so I gotta keep them fresh.

I’m sipping on some Rockstar Classic, the original, right now. I like this drink. You can’t really compare it to anything else. And we just came out with the capsule collection between me and Rockstar and the Billionaire Boys. All the proceeds from the capsule will be going to the arts back in Oakland, where I’m from.

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What Angus Cloud Can’t Live Without