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This Cult-Favorite Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Honey Butter Is Finally Available Online

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Last April, I went to a wedding in Oahu, Hawaii, and my best friend joined me as my plus-one. Being a vegan, she’d already done a lot of research on the island’s vegan offerings. That’s how we ended up at Banán, a chain of shops that sell rich, dairy-free soft serve made with bananas.

We went to Banán five out of the six days we were in Hawaii, and every single time I ordered the Chunkadelic: banana-soft-serve base, dark chocolate, granola, shaved coconut, honey, and the pièce de résistance — macadamia-nut honey butter.

Every component of the Chunkadelic was delicious, but that slightly sweet, toasted-nut butter brought an irresistible warmth to an otherwise frozen dessert. And almost every day since I left Hawaii, I’ve thought about it. So imagine my surprise when Banán announced last week that it’s now shipping its insanely addictive macadamia-nut honey butter to the 49 states not lucky enough to have a Banán outpost. I ordered some immediately.

At $20 — $13 for the nut butter plus $7 for shipping to New York — ordering a jar (or five) is an indulgence, but not an unreasonable one. Other macadamia-nut butters on the market cost about the same, and many are advertised as key sources of protein in keto or raw diets. Not Banán’s. It’s all about pleasure, pure and simple, and made with just two ingredients: macadamia nuts and honey, both sourced from the Hawaiian Islands.

Could I have made it at home? Well, sure, but I enjoy supporting a small business whenever I can. And while it’ll be a long time before I’m able to go back to Hawaii, you can bet I’ll be reproducing my own Chunkadelic when my jar arrives next week. And then adding it to every smoothie, bowl of yogurt, piece of toast — even just a spoon.

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An Ode to Banán’s Macadamia Nut Honey Butter