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The Reusable Beeswax That’s Replaced My Saran Wrap

I first encountered Bee’s Wrap a while ago when it was sent to me as part of a subscription box, and then I promptly never used it (which is one reason why I no longer subscribe to any subscription boxes). But one day, I needed some Saran Wrap to enclose a leftover banana-nut loaf and I was out. Isn’t everyone always out of Saran Wrap? And I pulled out that Bee’s Wrap and never went back.

Bee’s Wrap was started in 2012 by a Vermonter mom named Sarah Kaeck — she’s also a gardener, goatherd, and seamstress — who revived what she calls “a lost tradition” of using cloth and beeswax to store food. Her modern-day creation is a classy little reusable scrap of organic cotton covered in beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin that can be used as an alternative to plastic wrap, perfect for ecoconscious desk-sandwich-eaters and school-cafeteria-lunchers alike.

Just enclose your sandwich or cookies or half of an onion in the Bee’s Wrap (which, incidentally, smells like a beeswax candle, or a cozy slice of bread with honey), and warm the edges with your hands — that melts the wax a bit and it adheres to itself. Even though I’ve never had the wrap come undone once it’s securely warmed, as a second line of defense, I will occasionally add the little bit of twine that the wraps come with, if I plan on putting it in my bag and toting it around all day. The wraps also fit nicely over bowls of extra salad or leftover containers, and they’re fine in the fridge.

Once you’re finished using the wrap, just rinse it with cold water and some dish soap, and reuse it … for up to a year. (I keep a pile of used ones in the same drawer where I stow tote bags for grocery shopping and extra cloth napkins.) And then, once a wrap has run its course, you can compost it. They’re not good in the microwave or dishwasher or anything with heat or hot water, though, since the wax will melt and get damaged. They’re not good for raw-meat storage, either.

The wraps come in several sizes — I have the large and medium — as well as bread- and sandwich-specific wraps. I mostly use the wrap when bringing a handful of nuts or a muffin or a sandwich to work. I open and spread it out on my desk, and it serves as a little plate. And my office fills up with the smell of waxy honey.

For sandwiches.
And for other stuff.

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The Reusable Beeswax That’s Replaced My Saran Wrap