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18 Highly Giftable, High-Design Ashtrays

Yes, we agree: Smoking is a filthy habit. But ashtrays don’t have to be strictly for smokers. And while we’re aware of what the calendar says (we know: Thursday), any time of the year is actually a great time for a decorative ashtray, especially when you can find ones that complement your aesthetic or general sense of whimsy — they make great hostess gifts, too. Below, the 20 best (and most giftable) ashtrays on the internet.

A shallow porcelain ashtray from Italian brand Fornasetti would be perfect for housing even just mail or jewelry.

A vintage-looking tray that’s very Gucci-esque.

Florals for spring have never looked so groundbreaking.

Always do as the ashtray says.

This porcelain tray isn’t cheap, but it looks much more expensive than it is.

Useful for catching ashes, butts, or aloe plants.

These lips just look so much better when “propped” with a decorative cigarette.

The last in our series of body-centric ashtrays, a pair of kneeling legs that would make a great planter.

A discreet ashtray that hides the evidence with the simple push of a pin.

This is no longer available, but here’s another stainless steel ashtray in the same push pin style.

It even has a nice, little resting spot for your unfinished cig.

This ashtray is sold out, but here is another nearly identical version.

A classic that belongs as much at the MoMA as it does on your coffee table.

There are only a few of these left, but here are a few more in stainless steel and here is another chic style by Alessi.

Danish architect Tom Stepp created this decidedly un-hygge ashtray for Normann Copenhagen.

Miyazaki probably never imagined his fuzzy creation quite like this.

In profile, it looks like a standard crown ashtray — from the top, it reads, “The Guilty Parties.”

This is sold out in red, but available here in white.

A Moroccan-inspired, handmade ceramic ashtray.

This is sold out in black, but available here in white and here in hammered aluminum.