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The Best Gifts for Cannabis Enthusiasts, According to Cannabis Enthusiasts

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Finding the right gift for a loved one who has a more … commercial hobby (cooking, crafting, reading) can be overwhelming enough. But if that loved one enjoys partaking in something more niche, like cannabis, and you do not, the task can be even more challenging. Still, the growing legalization movement has led to a rise in novel, delightful, and practical stuff for cannabis users. To find the best of the best cannabis-related gifts, I asked 23 other enthusiasts — including educators, influencers, and notable tokers — about their favorite gifts for folks like themselves and included some of my own favorite tried-and-true presents. Below are 30 gifts that range from smokable floral arrangements to an edibles-making machine and a display-worthy water pipe (all of which are available to ship nationwide).

But before we get to the gift ideas, Datrianna Meeks, founder of the newsletter Up in Smoke, reminds us of an important point: “We should be conscious cannabis consumers and actively work to undo the effects of the war on drugs.” As writer Kayla Levy notes in her guide to navigating the new regulations on recreational cannabis use in New Jersey (where it was recently legalized), it is important to remember that there are thousands of people — the majority of whom are Black, brown, or otherwise nonwhite — who are currently incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses. That’s why this list includes some gifts that give back (if such a gift sounds more your recipient’s speed, be sure to check out our list of places to donate in support of Black and brown lives, too).

Even though these fruit pipes from luxury cannabis brand Flower by Edie Parker look quite whimsical, they work like a classic pipe — and come in a variety of shapes like banana, grape, cherry, orange, and strawberry.

Laundry Day makes a range of blown-glass hand pipes in interesting shapes, like this (dare we say) sexy chrome option.

A bit more portable and discreet, this one-hitter has an anodized-aluminum body with a chic matte-black finish, and for $5 extra, you can customize your recipient’s new buddy with up to 30 characters.

If your giftee prefers water pipes, this sleek option from Elevate Jane is chic enough to display.

For something more high-tech to smoke with, the PAX vaporizer can be used for both bud and concentrates.

To spiff up their spliffs, these bright rolling papers are sure to be a hit.

Photo: retailer

You can’t go wrong with a coffee-table book, especially one like High on Design, which catalogues emerging cannabis culture for a new generation of smokers.

For the fanciest smoker you know: a handblown glass tamper and joint holder.

This twofer from Gossamer includes a set of nicely packaged pre-rolled joints with energizing CBD and a green vinyl of Plantasia, Mort Garson’s much-loved album of synthesizer music for plants.

This stunning stacked gold grinder is large so it’s great for your canna-friend who’s also your game-night friend.

If your giftee prefers accessories with a little less glitz, Stona’s handsome wood-and-glass grinder has two different stainless-steel plates to ensure the perfect grind every time.

This vintage-inspired tabletop lighter is a two-for-one gift since the top doubles as an ashtray.

And a far more portable option to light up: an egg-yolk-yellow stick lighter from Japanese brand Tsubota Pearl.

For the germaphobe smoker, this silicone mouthpiece from Moose Labs has a replaceable carbon filter that can fit over any bong, vape, joint, or dab rig and filters out tar residue.

This stylish accessory has everything they’ll need: a stainless-steel clip–slash–packing tool, matchbooks, two storage vials, hemp rolling papers, trimming scissors, a grease pencil for labeling, and a handsome leather case to store it all in.

If your recipient needs a more sophisticated place to stash their stash, gift them a selection of these little jars from Los Angeles–based Apothecarry.

For the buddy who always hosts the smoke sesh, this ashtray from Seth Rogan’s smoking-accessories line, Houseplant, has notches for three joints and includes a saucer that doubles as another ashtray for big parties.

For the friend whose pre-rolls are always getting crushed in their bag, this odorproof holder is an affordable game changer.

This minimal rolling tray will look great on your designy friend’s coffee table.

To up the ante on their spliffs, this herbal blend includes peppermint, white sage, lion’s tail, and raspberry leaf.

For concentrate consumers, the Peak Pro has all the bells and whistles: extended battery life, backward-compatible attachments, an improved heating system, and a light display. You can even choose the exact temperature from your phone.

Should your enthusiast prefer CBD to THC, this dried-hemp bouquet from women-owned and operated Lovepot is not only nice looking but smokable — so once they’ve displayed it for as long as they’d like, your recipient is free to light up the bouquet.

If your giftee is as into beauty as they are cannabis, try Frigg’s hair “potion,” a thoughtful gift for anyone looking to bring the purported calming effects of CBD to their scalp.

Or try this pack of CBD pre-rolls hidden in a nifty “sardine” tin.

For a giftee with a sweet tooth, try these Turkish-inspired delights from Rose Los Angeles.

Or try this CBD-packed lemongrass chocolate bar.


For the stoner with an at-home edibles operation, the Ardent FX is an all-in-one device that can decarb, infuse, and bake.

Magical Butter Machine

For something a little simpler (and more affordable), the Magical Butter Machine is great for infusing butter and oil for baked goods.

To complete the gift, throw in this book that’s chock-full of recipe ideas for budding bakers.

This holiday set from KushKards includes a card, wrap pack, and gift bag and is a thoughtful touch to surround a gift or be a gift.

A subscription to the cannabis-centric magazine Broccoli would certainly be appreciated by any enthusiast who wants to learn more about their hobby.

ROHTO Lycée Eye Drops

If your recipient tends to get a little rosy-eyed after a smoke sesh, try these sparkly (and Strategist-approved) Japanese eye drops.

If your smoking buddy already has every cool accessory on the market, consider making a donation in their name to the Last Prisoner Project, which works to free people incarcerated for cannabis offenses.

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The Best Gifts for Cannabis Fans, According to Cannabis Fans