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21 Masks That Make Great Halloween Costumes

Photo: getty/netflix/retailer

The scariest thing about this year’s Halloween just may be the prospect of some trick-or-treaters not wearing face masks. If you do celebrate the holiday (and that celebration includes more than just the members of your pod), please cover up. Not only does a mask protect the people around you, this year there’s an added bonus: The right mask can be the perfect complement to your costume. And if you don’t have something planned yet, many masks work as costumes on their own (or with one or two small additions). Just look for something bright, patterned, or covered in fur, and let your imagination take it from there. Here are 21 fabric face masks and costume ideas to help get your creativity started.

Disco ball

Photo-Illustration: Getty/retailer

Combined with all-black clothing, this sequined mask will transform your head into a disco ball.

René Magritte’s ‘The False Mirror’

Photo-Illustration: moma/retailer

This will take some craftsmanship but only a very little bit. Use a Sharpie to add a black dot in the center of this mask to become Magritte’s iconic painting.

The Mona Lisa

Photo-Illustration: Lourve/retailer

Wear her slight smirk instead of your own. A flowy gown is optional.

Emily in Paris

Photo: retailer

Snap a selfie wearing this mask, an Eiffel Tower blouse, and heels too high for cobblestones, and you’ll be America’s most ringarde sweetheart.

Orville Peck

Photo-Illustration: Getty/retailer

Dress like Canadian country musician Orville Peck in a mask with colorful fringe. Add a cowboy hat or Western shirt for a more complete look.

Nurse Ratched

$6 for 50
Photo-Illustration: Netflix/retailer

If you have a surgical mask, you have the most important part of a Nurse Ratched costume. Just sweep back your hair, put on all white, and top it off with a folded paper hat.

Pete Davidson, Post Malone, or any other celebrity who went a little wild with the tattoos

Photo-Illustration: getty/retailer

If you’re really feeling it, add some temporary tattoos. (Although this mask is already sold out, we found a similar one based on Harry Styles’s tattoos that you can find at the link below.)

A purse