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The Best Cyber Monday Mattress Deals

Photo-Illustration: Leesa

Cyber Monday is your last chance to snag some major discounts on mattresses — as well as bedding, pillows, and mattress covers — from Strategist-approved brands. While shopping these sales, we suggest checking out our list of the best mattresses (all of which have been tested by the Strategist team) to see which brand is the best fit for you and the way you sleep. To make comparing deals a little easier, all prices below are for queen-size mattresses — but every discount is available on other sizes, too.


This Cyber Monday — but with code BLACKFRIDAY — Allswell is offering 25 percent off everything on its site, including the Strategist-approved Luxe Hybrid Mattress and the basic Allswell Mattress. Former Strategist editor Margaret Rhodes calls the Luxe “a stellar firm mattress: You’re being good to your spine, but the feel is still comfortable.”


To kick off the holiday season, Aviya is taking $200 off their signature mattress with code “STRAT200”. Former Strategist writer Lori Keong tested the Luxury Firm version of this hybrid and was immediately taken by how plush and bouncy it was. “The innersprings are a big plus, but they’re buried far beneath the layers of foam,” Keong says. “I was amazed at just how propped-up and aligned my body felt while supine, yet how comfortably I slept thanks to the padding of the quilted foam top.”


Avocado, which uses organic and recycled materials to make what we’ve dubbed the best ecoconscious mattress, is giving customers $125 off its medium-firm Avocado Green Mattress with the code SAVEBIG. It’s also offering $300 off the softer Organic Luxury Plush Mattress — which has up to 21 layers of organic natural fibers — with code BFBLISS.


Photo: Courtesy of the vendor

With code CM25, shoppers will get 25 percent off any of Bear’s three mattresses. Strategist senior writer Karen Iorio Adelson says the ten-inch-thick, all-foam Bear Mattress above is a great pick for athletes. For even more support, you could try the Bear Pro mattress, which is also all-foam but 12 inches thick. According to Strategist contributor Steven John, the brand’s top-of-the-line Bear Hybrid — a foam-and-spring mattress — makes him “fall asleep faster than I have on just about any other mattress I’ve ever tried.” Bear is also throwing in two of its down-alternative Cloud pillows and a sheet set for free with every mattress purchase.

Birch by Helix

Using the code CMSALE400, Birch is offering $400 off any of its mattresses, which are made with ecofriendly materials. Our deputy editor Maxine described it as “supportive yet plush it is — a dream for a stomach sleeper like me, who tosses and turns throughout the night.” Birch is also throwing in two free Eco-Rest pillows with any mattress purchase.


Casper sells several (Strategist-vetted) mattresses, all of which are up to 30 percent off for Cyber Monday. Several members of our staff have tested the brand’s all-foam original mattress, and all say it’s great for just about everyone (except hot sleepers). We’ve called the luxurious Wave Hybrid mattress “a souped-up, premium version of the original Casper,” thanks to its contoured foam and dome-shaped gel pods, which are designed to provide targeted ergonomic support. Casper’s latest offering, the Nova Hybrid mattress, swaps those gel pods for a layer of so-called puff fabric for a softer feel; we slept on it and found it to be a truly “plush mattress that still delivers a decent amount of support.” Casper is also offering customers up to 50 percent off everything else, including pet beds, pillows, bed frames, and bedding.

Cocoon by Sealy

Sealy is offering 35 percent off sitewide, including its Cocoon Chill mattress that former Strategist senior editor Simone Kitchens says banished her “usual roll-out-of-bed lower-back creakiness.” You’ll also get two free pillows and a sheet set with mattress purchase.

Eight Sleep


Set your preferred sleep temperature and this smart mattress from Eight Sleep will warm or cool itself throughout the night to keep you comfortable. It also comes with sleep tracking via its phone app. As part of the brand’s Cyber Monday sale, you can take up to $500 off the price of the mattress, no code required. Plus, you can take $200 off the Pod Pro Cover, which transforms any mattress into a smart mattress.


You can also save big on the Emma mattress this holiday season. With code “STRAT50,” you get 50 percent off the brand’s signature model. It’s all foam and has a cooling layer on top, which Strategist associate editor Louis Cheslaw says is a “a solid choice for side-sleepers who get hot easily and like an all-foam mattress that skews soft.”


Helix Midnight

How much you spend at Helix this month will determine how much you save. If you spend $600 and use code “STRAT100,” you get $100 off. If you spend $1,250 or more and use code “STRAT150,” you get $150 off. And if you spend $1,750 or more and use “STRAT 200,” you get $200 off. No matter which tier of savings your purchase falls under, you’ll get two free pillows too.

$999 at Helix
with code: STRAT100

Layla Sleep

Layla is offering $150 off any mattress purchase and $200 off any hybrid-mattress purchase with no codes required — and it’ll throw in two free memory-foam pillows with any mattress order. The brand is also taking $60 off its weighted blankets and over $75 off its bamboo sheets in any size. Strategist readers can get an additional $10 off their purchase with the code STRATEGIST.


Leesa’s Cyber Monday deals include hundreds of dollars off mattresses, and the inclusion of two free pillows with any mattress purchase. Note that you can get up to $200 off the brand’s Original mattress, a ten-inch-thick, all-foam model that deputy editor Maxine says “offers excellent pressure relief” and “should suit all kinds of sleepers.” You can also get up to $300 off the Leesa Hybrid (foam with one layer of springs); and up to $600 off the Leesa Legend (foam with two layers of springs).