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52 Valentine’s Day Gifts (Under $50) for Every Type of Person

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy of the retailers

With Valentine’s Day less than a week a way, you may be scouring the internet to find the right gift for your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or other loved one. To help you find a special something that won’t break the bank — or can be a component of a multipart gift — we’ve rounded up 52 gifts for all types of valentines, from ultra-competitive board gamers to longtime partners who would rather just have a beer under a warm blanket — all of which are under $50. While most of the stuff is available on Amazon, we’ve found some gifts elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around.

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Beauty and self-care

For the valentine at war with under-eye circles

“Dab it on before bed and some mornings to keep the dark circles and crow’s-feet at bay,” says Yowie founder Shannon Maldonado. “The applicator is so unique and, dare I say, fun.”

For the valentine who loves to draw a bath

A pinch of this “bath tea” will make their tub smell like a hinoki forest.

For the bearded valentine

To make sure their beard is always moisturized, get them this expert-recommended beard oil that’s formulated with jojoba and tea-tree oil.

For the valentine who already has a jade roller

These “teeny-tiny wands” have liquid-filled globes at one end; after popping them in the freezer and applying them to her cystic zits, our beauty writer Rio Viera-Newton found they visibly reduced the size of the pimples in minutes. She also said that the magic globes are great for de-puffing her face and eyes and for soothing headaches.

For the valentine who’d rather celebrate 420