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The Best Watch Winders on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Whether you rotate between several automatic watches or only wear one on special occasions, a watch winder will keep your timepiece accurate while you aren’t wearing it, saving you precious resetting time on your way out the door. To help you make the right choice for your collection, we’ve rounded up the best watch winders as determined by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. And if you need some new watches to keep on those winders, we’ve rounded up the best watches under $500 for women and men according to watch experts.

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Best-rated (and least expensive) watch winder

Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

“Simple, straightforward, and it just plain works,” writes one of the more than 1,500 five-star reviewers of this Versa watch winder. They say it’s “much quieter” than pricier winders they’ve tried, and its blue-light feature is a “nice easy ‘reference’ that the winder is doing its job.” In fact, nearly 20 percent of reviewers note how quiet this winder is, including one who describes it as “totally silent … I have no issues with it being used on my bedside table when I am sleeping.” Reviewers appreciate that it looks nice on those end tables. “It looks good in any room, matches everything, and most importantly, functions great,” one reviewer says. “I have wound a watch every night for 8–12 hours, and it is still as quiet and functional as when I bought it.”

Most durable watch winder

Triple Tree Watch Winder With Flexible Plush Pillow

A reviewer of this watch winder describes balking at the price of a different watch winder a jeweler had recommended to them: “I wasn’t going to invest more money in a winder than I did on the watch … I decided to check on Amazon and WOW! Good reviews and reasonably priced. I got it and tried it straightaway. It works like a charm!” Other purchasers note the “excellent quality for the price.” Another watch wearer writes, “So far, nothing but impressed. I have a Citizen that I rarely wear, and once I got it running, this winder keeps it going. So glad I spent the money, very well priced for what you get. I have it set to spin for three hours and rest for nine, continuous cycle, and it’s right on.” Another adds, “High-quality winder. Very nice looking and built like a tank. Four settings to wind your watch! EXCELLENT price, too!” And even though it’s less expensive than some other options out there, many seem to trust it with their luxury watches: “Beautifully made! As a matter of fact, the cushion that holds my Rolex in place is fit for a queen! Love it!”

Best double watch winder

Watch Winder Smith Bamboo Watch Winder

This Watch Winder Smith model comes with two winders that can operate separately on one of five modes, so it’s excellent for those with different types of watches. One reviewer who has owned several other watch winders writes, “None of these were of the quality, detail, and finish of this first-class device. You have to see it to believe it. It is smooth and silent with multiple modes for my various watches.” Another reviewer uses it for their vintage Omega Seamaster and IWC Mark XVIII and appreciates both the multiple settings and the sleek design: “I love how it looks, but more importantly appreciate that this watch winder works at the same level of quality as the watches it winds every day.” Plus it “has a small footprint for a two watch winder,” adds another reviewer.

Best (less-expensive) dual watch winder

JQueen Double Watch Winder

Over 1,400 five-star reviewers think this JQueen dual watch winder is a great option if you’re looking to stay at or below $100. Despite its lower price point, the unit is “well made and looks great,” a reviewer writes. (They also appreciate its “nice, large display window to make sure the unit is working, because there’s very little noise when it is.”) The model — which comes in eight colors — can be powered by batteries or the included wall outlet. And while one owner notes that a drawback is the lack of a “TPD (turns per day) setting on the winder,” the unit still has five different modes to ensure watches aren’t overwound.

Best quiet watch winder

Wolf Heritage Single Watch Winder With Cover

One-quarter of all five-star reviewers call this watch winder “quiet,” including one collector who writes, “You can’t even tell it’s on, super-quiet and so far working flawlessly.” Another agrees that it’s “so quiet you’ll sleep right through, and it looks like a real display on my dresser.” This isn’t the first Wolf watch winder for most five-star reviewers. One customer says he owns three and “definitely recommends” this winder because it’s “nice ’n’ quiet and keeps automatic watches wound.” He also notes that this winder has a 12-hour rest feature that “prevents you from overwinding your watch.” Many scoff at the price since there are cheaper options available, but one customer says, “If you have a really costly watch, this winder will save you money on maintenance in the long run, reducing wear on the mainspring and stem.”

Best quad watch winder

JQueen Watch Winder

“I’ve never had a watch winder that worked well until this one,” says one reviewer. “It’s quiet, dependable, and looks good. The price is far less than most of the competition with the same capabilities. What more could you want?” And while hundreds of five-star reviewers agree that this JQueen is an all-around great watch winder, plenty say its standout feature is it can wind four watches at once. One reviewer upgraded her husband’s two watch winder to this one as her “husband’s watch collection has grown” “The winder is beautiful and is so quiet!” she writes. “It totally suits my husband’s expensive taste and the price was reasonable.” And though “other products allow the timepieces to move and can ‘collide’ among them,” one reviewer writes, “this winder is well built and keeps the watches in place. It is very quiet and it looks great as a display for your watches.”

Best watch winder with storage


This JQueen watch winder is similar to the last model since it can wind four watches at once, but it also comes with storage space for nine additional watches. That makes it “highly recommended for those who are starting out their watch collection and need a good overall case,” according to one five-star reviewer who says this holds all their larger watches easily. While it is one of the more expensive models on the list, plenty of reviewers say it’s a great value for what you’re getting, like one who says it “far exceeded my expectations and is much nicer than the price would lead you to believe.” And another who loves the extra storage for “extra watches and trinkets” says it “looks like a $1,000 box but it only cost $150. Motor noise is very light, like a very subtle hum while I’m working on my desk … Must have for any men to organize their jewelry stuff.”

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The Best Watch Winders on Amazon, According to Reviewers