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What Courteney Cox Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. For this installment, we spoke with Courteney Cox, actress and founder of the lifestyle range Homecourt, which restocked this week after a wildly popular launch. Below, she shares her favorite seasoning for grilling steak, the perfect white T-shirt for wearing under blazers, and the travel pillow she sleeps on every night.

I’m kind of known for my love for Hidden Valley Ranch. I dip rice chips and vegetable sticks in it. I use it for a turkey roll-up basically every day. I always have it in my house. I buy the packets, not the bottle. The ranch from the bottle is good, but it’s just not quite the same. I like to mix it with mayonnaise and milk myself. Buttermilk, too, takes it to a whole new level. If I go to a restaurant and ask, “Do you have ranch?” And they say, “Oh, yeah. We make it fresh here,” I go, “Wrong answer.” I need to know it’s Hidden Valley. Nothing else compares.

Two things I can’t sleep without: earplugs and my night guard. I am a freak about hearing stuff when I sleep. I’ve tried a lot of earplugs before — I’ve been using them for at least ten years — and I can hear through most of them. I can hear my dogs barking downstairs. I can hear a door closing. But these Mack’s ones really work. I use these every single night. They give you foam ones on airplanes, which I hate, so I wanted something different. With these, you don’t have to squeeze them, put them in, and hope they properly expand; these mold around my ear and completely block out sound.

I have a bedtime ritual: wash my face, apply skin care, brush my teeth, put in my night guard, put in my earplugs, then I’m done — I can sleep. When battery-operated electric toothbrushes came out, I joined the club. But then I got Sonicare, which is a game changer. My dentist recommended it to me. It’s so strong, it’s kind of excessive. I feel like my teeth are clean before the timer actually beeps. It has all these different settings. I always go with the strongest one.

I use this for my steaks. I let the steak sit on the counter until it’s room temperature. I drizzle it with olive oil, then I shake Santa Maria all over both sides. I stop before it gets too salty, but I would say it’s a generous amount. This seasoning allows me to make the greatest grilled steaks. I’ll give you my favorite steak-grilling tips, too: You have to turn the grill up really hot. I sear the steak for about four minutes on both sides; the first four minutes for each side is what really matters. I close the top to let the steak cook, then once it’s time, I flip it and close the top for another four minutes. I like my steak to look like it’s been on the grill. It has to have those lines. And when it’s properly grilled with this seasoning, it is the best.

I have straight eyelashes. I use Latisse, so they’re very long, but they’re so straight. I just bought this Tweezerman curler one day. It opens really wide, so I can fit all my eyelashes in there at once. If I had to walk out of the house having done just one thing, I would make sure my eyelashes were curled. It changes the whole look of my eyes.

I actually met Augustinus once. I was really impressed with the science behind it. I put it on every single day. It feels wonderful, and my skin feels moisturized. I use the body cream too. My skin is so dehydrated all the time, so I need as much help as I can get. The face cream has a little bit of retinol in it, which we all know is very magical for the skin. The Augustinus Bader products don’t have a strong scent either, which makes me happy because I really hate that for my skin. The only exception I make is for Biologique Recherche P50, which smells horrible. My partner hates it, but I say “Johnny, it works. Not everything can smell like roses!”

Because this is technically a travel pillow, it’s kind of small. I take it whenever I go see my partner, Johnny, or stay in a hotel. I never use the pillows they give you. But I also sleep with it every night. I just don’t enjoy a big pillow. I have two on my bed and two for travel. I only travel with one at a time, but I like to have a backup. I really like the feel of goose-down pillows. Latex or foam just doesn’t feel the same.

I really love this T-shirt. The neckline is pretty thin, so it lays delicately and looks very pretty. It’s a classic T-shirt but it looks really feminine, too. I would say it’s medium-weight. It’s 100 percent cotton, but it doesn’t have a jersey feeling, yet it’s not too thick. It’s an upscale T-shirt for sure. I love to wear a blazer with it. There’s something so good and sophisticated about putting a really good blazer — my favorites are YSL and Celine — over a good T-shirt and jeans or, honestly, even sweatpants. This look just never goes out of style.

My makeup artist Elaine Offers told me about these drops. I’ve never seen anything work so well. You put one drop in and your eye is completely clear. A lot of people use those blue drops from France, but those actually burn. They work, but it’s not pleasant to use. These Lumify drops are so much better. I’ve turned so many people on to them. I use them every single day. I wake up with bloodshot eyes, and my eyes get tired from looking at my phone all the time, so this makes a huge difference for me.

If I leave the house before realizing I didn’t put on my earrings, I feel weird. I even sleep in these sometimes. I own all three sizes, but the small ones are my favorites for a daily basis. They don’t weigh too much. I hate when earrings pull my ears down, because nothing needs to be pulled down at this point in my life. The hammered texture adds a little more style than just plain gold hoops. I own so many pieces from Jennifer Meyer. She makes the best stuff.

This all started because I wanted to create a candle. I love to layer scents, and I wanted a candle that was very sophisticated with a beautiful vessel. But during lockdown, cleaning products made sense for me to do too. Not that I’m being typecast, but I am pretty clean and organized — playing Monica [Geller on Friends], who was notoriously obsessive about cleaning, was not far-fetched for me at all. But aside from creating a product that really worked, I wanted one that was safe and good for the environment and smelled the way I would want to smell. I love all my products, of course, but if I had to choose one, I would pick the counter spray. I hate handprints on my counter, so I use this very often. The aroma just carries through the whole room, and it works on everything. Cece is my favorite scent; it’s my own concoction. I actually wear this scent — I mix it myself, and I wanted to put that in one of my products. I believe it is also our most popular one right now, too. But all our scents smell amazing. We used the best perfumeries and top-quality everything. I like to say it’s beauty products for the home. Monica would be impressed.

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What Courteney Cox Can’t Live Without