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What Halle Berry Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked Halle Berry, whose wellness site rē•spin just launched the second installment of its Sweaty Betty collaboration, about the canned wine, time-saving pan, and hair oil for curls she can’t live without.

A friend of mine told me about this pan, and she said, “Your life will be changed with this Always pan.” And I was like, “I don’t think a pan can change my life, but okay, let me try it.” And you know what? It changed my life. I’m obsessed with it. I don’t think I should tell you this, but I got a lot of people this pan for Christmas this year. It revolutionizes the time it takes in the kitchen. I’m one of those people who eats to live, I don’t live to eat. So I’m really only eating when I’m hungry, and when I’m hungry, I want to make something fast. This really keeps things moving. The cleanup is amazing. You can fry bacon in it. You can cook burgers in it. You can cook anything in it, and almost every time, I can just clean it out with paper towels. I don’t have to scrub it or soak it. It doesn’t get those char marks when you cook something for a long time on the stove. It doesn’t get discolored. It is just so easy. And it comes in amazing colors that make the cooking experience feel fun. I have the pot, too.

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There are some bodywashes that I’ve used where it makes my skin feel clean, but at the same time, I feel completely depleted of any oils on my skin. And if I don’t apply lotion right after, I turn into a crocodile. The Esker bodywash makes me feel clean, but I don’t feel super-dry and my skin doesn’t feel stripped when I get out of the shower. As a woman of color, body cream has been my best friend, always. Whether I need it or not, I just like the feel of applying a really good body cream because I like giving my skin a nice drink. I feel better when I feel hydrated. But with this cleanser, I actually don’t have to use a cream afterwards, which is great because sometimes I’m sort of running around, and need to just get clean and get out the door. I don’t have a lot of time to do a whole routine, so when I have to cut out a step in my routine, I love that this cleanser lets me without any consequences.

I think wine in a can is the future. No matter where I’m going, I can still have a glass of wine. And it tastes good — canned drinks have really come a long way. I love Bev because it’s sugar-free. I can drink it and not worry about my blood sugar levels because I am a diabetic. It allows me to enjoy a good-tasting glass of wine. The rosé is my favorite out of all their flavors.

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I started using Jot about eight or nine months ago. It changed everything for me. It became really hard for me to get a really good cup of coffee while I was on set. Not to pooh-pooh on movie-set coffee, but it’s not always the best and sometimes it sits around for a long time, so it’s not fresh either. I got hip to Jot, and it was perfect for my lifestyle. It was easy to access and move from my set to the apartment where I was living. I can have a really good cup of coffee whenever I want. I drink both hot and iced coffee. I’m learning to drink it black, and Jot is probably the first coffee that I’ve actually thought, “Well, you know what, I actually enjoy this black,” but otherwise I like to put a little bit of creamer or almond milk if it’s at my disposal.

These towels do feel heavenly. They’re fluffy, soft, luxurious, and super-absorbent. I don’t like to use a new towel every time I take a shower. I hang my towels up and let them dry, so I can use it again at night or the next morning. Some towels don’t dry thoroughly, but these dry as if I never used them at all. I hate those towels where you have to dry and dry and dry your body and even after all that, you still don’t feel like you’re dry. I dry off very quickly with these. I also love that they’re antibacterial, since we’ve all become a little more fastidious about germs and bacteria after this pandemic.

My daughter introduced me to this product, actually. I naturally have curly hair. I used to use a lot of different creams, but I wanted to try this oil, and now I think I actually prefer the oil. It’s very light, so it doesn’t weigh my hair down like some creams can with naturally curly hair. It has a nice shine and smell to it, too. I love what it has done for my texture — I’m really impressed with it.

Beast Blender

This blender is super-powerful. It crushes ice at a record speed. And it’s also so easy to clean. It’s pretty remarkable. We make a lot of smoothies at home, and a lot of blenders are such a pain to clean. There are so many pieces that you have to take apart, then you have to figure out how to put all these parts back together. Even though it looks really nice, I don’t keep it on my counter because I’m obsessed with having nothing on my counter. But I pull it out every day. I start my day with a smoothie or protein shake.

My first collection with Sweaty Betty launched earlier this year, and we didn’t plan on doing a second collection, but the first one resonated so well with people that we wanted to do another. Because this is a fall collection, I wanted warm and cozy clothes — think: coats, leggings, sweaters, and a cashmere beanie, which is my personal signature. It’s really made for people who have that active lifestyle but still want to be comfy around the house. Rē•spin is all about finding a new way of doing things, so that served as the inspiration. We used reflective fabric on pants, so when you look at it, they appear black, but they’re reflective when a light shines on it. I see a lot of people jogging at dusk, and I always think, “Wow, they could get hit,” because you can’t see them. The beanie, though, is my absolute favorite. I live in beanies, so I thought this fall line wouldn’t be reflective of me if we didn’t make a beanie. It’s soft and comfortable and just easy to wear.

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What Halle Berry Can’t Live Without