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This Eye Shadow Will Take You From Au Natural to David Bowie in 30 Seconds Flat

Glam-rock eyelids made easy. Photo: Rio Viera Newton

I love experimenting with fun eye shadows, and am fairly bold in terms of what I’ll wear out: a bronze smoky eye with a copper accent, or a brightly colored glossy lid. The problem with both is that, since I’m not a professional makeup artist, they tend to take me a lot of time to get right — about 20 minutes each. I first apply a primer, then put a base shade down to make sure the the colors don’t get washed out, and then blend and buff with multiple brushes to make sure the colors all seamlessly blend in. While I usually don’t mind carving out the time to get glam, a “can you be ready in 10?” text can quickly dash any plans for a fun makeup look. Because of this, I’d long yearned for an eye product that was fast and easy to apply. When Glossier released Lid Star I thought I’d found it. But it’s a bit subtle for the dramatic, colorful lid I tend to favor.

Last week, I went out looking for a silver eye shadow to match my newly platinum hair, and stumbled upon Milk Makeup’s at Sephora. Their silver color Rager looked like it might be just the thing. I decided to give it a whirl.

A little bit goes a long way with this product; a pea-size amount is more than enough to make your eyes bright and bold. This makes the $24 price tag feel really worth it. Even better, the application is speedy: dab it onto your lid, spread it around, and within seconds you’ll have gone from entirely au natural to glam without using a primer, brush, or blender. What’s also nice is that the pigment goes on wet but dries matte, which means it won’t budge from your lids all night long. When you get home, hold some Bioderma on the lid for a few seconds to allow the product to dissolve, swipe, and it’s off.

Rio also likes this “affordable, and fun single-color eye-shadow from NYX,” especially in the yellow STFU shade.

And this bronzy shade from Anastasia Beverly Hills. “When I’m wearing bronzer,” she says, “having a similar shade on my eyes makes my whole look really nice and cohesive.”

For a more glam look, Rio tends to go with this Chanel cream eye shadow in Verderame. “Sometimes I use it along my lash line as a subtle accent liner,” she says.

This Eye Shadow Will Glam Your Look Up in Seconds