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The Cheapest, Nicest-Looking Watches for Women (on Amazon)

Photo: Courtesy of retailers.

Wearing a watch in 2019 is definitely more about style than telling the time — even if it does help you look at your phone less. Like earrings or bags, women’s watches range from minimal designs you can wear with anything to more colorful statement pieces that add flair to any outfit. But even women who swear by uniform dressing own more than one pair of earrings and more than one bag. So why not own a couple (or more than a couple) watches? A big reason is likely because building a watch wardrobe, no matter how limited, can quickly get expensive. So we set out on a mission to find the cheapest, nicest-looking watches for women on Amazon, with a price limit of $100 (though many of our picks will run you less than $50). Most important, all of the watches we found will look really good on your wrist. Below, the 25 most stylish and surprisingly affordable timepieces we found.

Under $50