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The Best iPhone Cases on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed (that’s four-to-five-star reviews, and lots of ’em) products and single out the most convincing ones. While we’ve written before about the best portable power banks, a virtually indestructible iPhone charging cord, and the best iPhone Lightning cables, here we’ve rounded up the best-reviewed iPhone cases on Amazon. (Note that reviews have been edited for length and clarity.)

The best case for an iPhone XR

Mkeke Clear Anti-Scratch Shock Absorption Case

“Bought this as a temporary case but may end up using it long-term. The clear is super-clear and it has the slightly rubbery feel to it so you can get a good grip on your phone. I also like the raised edges on the four corners and around the camera for protection. Might be a keeper!”

The best case for an iPhone X

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone Case

“I always get these minimalist designs when it comes to cases for my iPhones. I’ve been using these Spigen Hybrid cases since the iPhone 6 and have never thought about getting a different case since. This is the only case that actually offers good drop protection while still preserving the minimalist design of the iPhone. I absolutely refuse to get huge, ugly Otter box cases that ruin the appearance of the phone, and this is the absolute best compromise I have ever found. Dropped phones many times with this case on, and it has never failed me.”

The best case for an iPhone 8

Zizo Bolt Series iPhone Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Holster

“I bought this case for my very picky 16-year-old son and he loves it. It’s not too bulky, which has been a problem in the past with other brands of phone cases. He really likes the design and the color and I like the fact that it appears to be heavy duty and will protect his phone. He also really likes using the lanyard. So far, so good. Based on what we’ve seen with this case so far, we would highly recommend it to others.”

OtterBox Commuter Series Case

“This is probably my fifth OtterBox purchase. I like the case construction, colors, and durability. This case has protected my phone from multiple falls. I also like that this case is thinner than the Defender version. My only complaint (with all my OtterBox cases) is, if you get a lighter-colored case, be prepared for it to get dirty-looking very quickly.”

JETech Case with Shock-Absorption Bumper Cover

“Excellent case. Had one for a good four–five months; after some pretty heavy use, it came apart at one side. Still protected the phone perfectly, but knew it could get worse over time. Contacted seller as the product’s got a lifetime warranty. The seller was very pleasant and shipped replacement to my door in about a week. I would definitely buy this case again for future models.”

The best case for an iPhone 8 Plus

OtterBox Defender Series Case

“Say you were at a high school football game. Say you were sitting on the top of the bleachers. Say some old lady kicked your purse and your phone was on top. Say your phone skated in slo-mo into the gap in between the seats and walkway. Say you watched it careen the 15 feet or so to the ground below, into the dirt, under the bleachers. Say you looked at her and you knew she knew and she didn’t even say sorry. Say you found a custodial guy eating a burger with a *LOT* of mustard. Say you complimented him on his hunk of keys and told him the tale. Say he unlocked a creepy gate under the bleachers and found your phone in THIS OTTERBOX and it was perfectly fine. This is what happened to me. Wish it were cuter? Say you put on a jungle PopSocket with pink flamingoes. I will NEVER get another case. Only me and the OTTERBOX.”

The best case for an iPhone 7

TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone Case

“Really love this case. You’ll have a hard time finding anything more low-profile that’s still going to protect your phone if dropped. I’ve never dropped a phone hard enough to shatter a screen, but I’ve dropped plenty that have dinged up corners or scratched the bezel, making the phone look like crap. This offers the protection I need and keeps the iPhone looking good the way it was intended to look. When I put my phone down on the conference room table, it looks noticeably thinner than everyone else’s. Also, it has a really nice satin-soft texture to it. You won’t be disappointed.”

Spigen Slim Armor iPhone Case with Card Slot Holder

“We have purchased three of these and really like being able to carry license, credit card, and one other card with the phone while having protection against drops, etc. How many times have you left the house without your phone or your license, credit card, etc.? Keeping the items together was a nice solution for me. Now I don’t have to grab a wallet and the phone. Case protects the phone well. I’ve had a few drops and no problems.”

YOUMAKER Case for iPhone with Built-in Screen Protector

“I love this case. For someone who has cracked my iPhone screen not once but TWICE in the last year … I needed something durable. I was debating between this and an OtterBox, and for the price I would highly recommend this one. There are two layers of protection around your phone to save it from drops, also there is a built-in screen protector that will help to keep the screen scratch-free.”

The best case for an iPhone 7 Plus

Matone iPhone 7 Plus Case

“So it may seem like a flimsy plastic case. But I am the most clumsy person in the world. I have dropped my 7 Plus more times than I can count in this case and it has zero cracks, zero scratches, no damage at all. For a pretty cheap plastic case, I’ll give this 800 stars! I love it and will buy more in other colors. It even holds my pop socket perfectly.”

The best case for an iPhone 6/6S

Crave iPhone 6/6S Case

“I love this case. It has a nice grip. It will not slip from my hands or slide off a table. It was easy to put on my phone. Fits like a glove. I have access to all my buttons and ports. The price was great. I would definitely purchase this again and recommend it to my friends.”

LUVVITT Shock Absorbing Case

“Being somewhat clumsy and frequently dumb, a phone case is a must for me. This case has held up for two years now with near daily drops, only coming out with a few scratches. Pretty much what you want from your case.

“However, the other day I went up in a scissor lift. Forty feet up, to be exact. Absentmindedly, I left my phone in my shirt pocket. When I reached the forty-foot height and leaned over the rail, I had the pleasure of watching my phone slide out of my pocket and tumble to the hard concrete below. Of course it landed facedown. On the ride down I was already planning on going to the Sprint store to get a new phone. Imagine my surprise when I picked the phone up and the screen was not cracked. This case helped my iPhone survive a 40-foot drop to hard concrete.”

The best case for an iPhone 6/6S Plus

OtterBox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for iPhone 6 Plus

“Great case! I went from the “bulky” 100% OtterBox cover to this. This does feel a bit more slippery in my hands and I cannot be as careless with my phone now, but I feel like I have a brand new phone again! I did have to order to protective screen as this leaves it exposed. Fits like a glove on my 6s Plus, but you do have to be more careful with your phone versus the full coverage series.”