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The Best Hammock Chairs on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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While a full-size hammock is great for relaxing in the backyard or spreading out on a camping trip, a hammock chair is much more space-efficient and can be set up either outdoors or inside. So we rounded up the best hammock chairs, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. But if you’re looking for another way to relax, check out our guides to the best patio chairs, camping chairs, and even a (surprisingly stylish) full-size hammock.

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Best-rated hammock chair

Y-STOP Hammock-Chair Hanging Rope Swing

With nearly 4,000 five-star ratings, this Y-Stop hammock chair is described by many as comfortable, sturdy, and easy to install. “Something about this chair puts you into REM sleep almost immediately because of how amazing it feels,” says one reviewer. “One friend described it like being hugged by a cloud.” Another says that it was “super-easy to install” and found that it’s strong, too. “My 230-pound boyfriend practically dove into it to make sure that it would hold, and it held,” they write, adding that they also “LOVE the side pocket and the pillows.” And plenty of other reviewers say that it’s kid-approved, like one who calls it “literally the best purchase of 2020!” After buying this for their 7-year-old son, it “turned into the place where our son sits (and climbs and twists!) anytime he is inside. It has become his jungle gym, his comfort, and has truly helped us through the quarantine.”

Best-rated (less expensive) hammock chair

Chihee Hammock Chair
Photo: retailer

“Where do I start, as I float in this cloud of comfort relaxing, listening to the sounds of nature around me?” asks one reviewer, one of many who find themselves melting into the comfort of this hammock chair. “I spend a little bit of time in it most evenings; it is a comfortable and relaxing spot to sit and enjoy the garden after a day at work,” one writes, and plenty of others are also pleased with the quality, despite the low price. “The hardware is sturdy enough to withstand the kids actually swinging on it,” but it holds up adults, too. One explains, “I am near the top end of weight limit on the swing, and there have been no issues.” This is also suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, which is especially nice when you can’t leave the house. “It gave us the opportunity of being on vacation on our own apartment,” one reviewer says. However, if you are using it outdoors, one reviewer suggests that “you keep it hung on a carabiner for easy takedown for when it rains. I bring mine in every time though, just to make sure it will last as long as possible.”

Best large hammock chair

Chihee XXL Hammock Chair

“I’m five-foot-ten and almost 200 pounds, and I’m sooo comfortable in this bad boy. I can lay all the way down, and it covers my head and all the way to my ankles if I stay mummylike,” writes one reviewer, who calls it a “dream” for napping. And many other reviewers who have trouble fitting into standard-size hammock chairs, or who simply prefer a little more room, like this extra-extra-large option from Chihee. One six-foot-two reviewer says, “Finally a chair big enough for a whole lot of woman! I can snuggle up like a baby and fall asleep.” Another reviewer bought this for their six-foot-three husband because he typically “looks hysterical and is wildly uncomfortable” in regular hammocks. They write, “He loves them. Comfortable and sturdy. And he can lay all the way down.”

Best easy-hang hammock chair

Hammaka Hammock Net Chair, Rope Chair

If you’re looking for a hammock chair that’s easy to hang, many reviewers recommend this chair from Hammaka Hammock. “It was super easy to hang by myself,” writes one purchaser. “I used an eye screw and a piece of rope so I was easily able to adjust it to the height I wanted.” Another says they were able to install it securely in 20 minutes. “It’s mounted through the ceiling into a stud. It’s not going anywhere. Feels completely sturdy and it’s perfect for curling up or stretching your legs out.”

Best macramé hammock chair


Because of this Ohuhu hammock’s bohemian macramé look, lots of five-star reviewers thought it was nice enough to hang indoors. In fact, one customer bought this specifically to match their granddaughter’s beach-themed room and calls it “a beautifully unique piece. She uses it constantly! It’s like a hammock for one. She uses it as a chair while on her laptop, yet it’s roomy enough for her to bend her legs and curl up in it.” Another opted for this hammock chair instead of a rocking chair and calls it a “perfect addition to our nursery.” Her husband “quickly installed it (the hardest part for us was finding the stud). He sat in it first to test out the sturdiness, and he even mentioned how comfy it was. So in love with it!” And one happy customer liked it so much they ended up buying a second. “Everyone in our family is always on one of these chairs,” they write. “They are so comfortable, and my daughter can swing and snuggle on my lap with no problem. Definitely makes the room look better, too!”

Best cushioned hammock chair


Unlike the other hammock chairs, which are made of rope or canvas, this Algoma one features a hanging cushion, which makes it far more plush. “I sat in a string chair once and found it awfully uncomfortable — this has all the characteristics that the string chair lacked,” writes one reviewer who also likes that it’s “flexible enough to sit comfortably without squashing your legs together,” and “wide enough that shoulders aren’t cramped, and deep enough to sit back and relax.” Another reviewer replaced their rope hammock with this one because it’s “strong, well made and comfortable,” and unlike a rope hammock, this one “dries quickly and can be easily sprayed off with a garden hose and/or spot-cleaned.” And this comfortable hammock chair “resists climate change and atomic squirrels,” according to one reviewer. They write, “Mine have survived a decade of almost bizarre extremes in weather. Even the giant squirrels have given up trying to chew them up for nests. The colors have barely faded, and they blend in nicely with the yard.”

Best hammock chair for kids

Vivere Brazilian Hammock Chair
Photo: retailer

About 30 percent of reviewers say this is the ideal hammock for kids of all ages. “My 15-year-old daughter loves this chair — and so does everyone who visits her,” one parent writes. “It’s comfortable, easy to put up, and it looks great in her room.” Another says “I bought it for my 3-year-old who enjoys reading in it — perfect indoor and outdoor.” One grandparent bought it for their grandson, and says that because it’s so big, he “loves to share it when his cousins or friends come over.” Reviewers also think that the hammock is well made. “The material it’s made from is soft, and it feels more comfortable than a rope hammock,” one reviewer writes. Or, as one customer explains, “Guests fight for this seat when they come over.” This hammock chair does not come with the necessary tools to hang it, so you will have to buy those separately, but one reviewer warns, “Do not buy the hook recommended by Amazon as the ‘additional purchase,’ it is too small and doesn’t fit the hammock.”

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The Best Hammock Chairs on Amazon, According to Reviewers