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The Best 2021 Wall Calendars for Every Type of Person

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There’s something cathartic — life-changing, even — about a new wall calendar. Even though your current schedule is perhaps less lively than years past, it’s still very useful to see your agenda at a glance (and, if nothing else, it’s nice to look at). To help you find the ideal wall calendar for you, we sought out options for every type of person, including the recent California transplant, the cool teen doing school from home, and the mom always on very important business calls.

For the plant-lover

For the plant-lover who can’t actually keep them alive

For the person mesmerized by astronomy

For the person looking for a more sustainable option

For the person who got HBO Max just to watch Friends

For the person just using a calendar for decoration

For the person still honing in on the millennial aesthetic

For the dog-obsessed person

For the (self-identified) horse girl

For the cat person

For the art-loving person

For the person who just moved to L.A.

For the person looking for an individual touch

For the person hoping to travel again in 2021

For the person who spends a lot of time on Pinterest

For the person who’s always hungry

For the person who’s very into horoscopes

For the audiophile

For the person with bad vision

For the kid doing school from home

For the person with a lot of wall space to fill

For the person not looking for anything fancy

For the person majoring in art history

For the minimalist

For the person who loves to color coordinate everything

For the person just taking it one day at a time

For the activist

For the person who loves fun facts

For the hyperorganized parent

For the person who hates the cold

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The Best 2021 Wall Calendars for Every Type of Person