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The Best Beyoncé Gifts, According to Die-hard Fans

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That Beyoncé is a force, powered by her Hive, isn’t news to anyone. But selling out merch sight unseen — as she did this past summer when she released a blind box of album-related goodies before she dropped a single tune from Renaissance — is a move that only she can pull off.

While I didn’t manage to personally get a merch box (later revealed to include the album on CD, a T-shirt, a poster, and a photo book), I was still in awe of Beyoncé’s far-reaching star power. And as a longtime fan myself, I started thinking about what else might be on the wish lists of fellow members of the Hive. So I talked to eight die-hard Beyoncé fans to unearth the coolest, most interesting, and slightly quirky gifts for fans that have been down with the queen since Writing’s on the Wall.

Beyoncé albums on vinyl

Homecoming: Live Album

“I love how Beyoncé is relentless; she sets the highest standards and shows her effort when she performs,” says Regina Colantonio, founder of the weekly newsletter Here Comes Gina. “She could easily rest on her laurels and coast. But she would never.” That endless drive is what led PR specialist Natalie Bickel to listen to the Homecoming live album “nonstop” when training for a half-marathon. Now the vinyl edition is at the top of Bickel’s wish list: “I’d like to listen to it when I’m full of caffeine, yet comfortable in my home in a refreshed, yet nostalgic way,” she says.

Renaissance Vinyl

Many of the other fans we talked to said they’d be excited to receive their most treasured Bey album on vinyl. We heard from singer and dancer Devonnie Rowe and from professional dancers Maycee Steele and Kaitlyn Hardy-Wiltshire, who created the viral TikTok dance to “Cuff It,” that they would love to have Renaissance on vinyl. “Beyoncé carries herself in an elegant, fierce, and intellectual way that gives me enough confidence to make people turn their heads and know who I am,” Rowe said, adding that Renaissance is worthy of hanging onto and passing down to the next generation.

Jessy Fofana, founder and CEO of LaRue PR and a self-professed Beyoncé superfan (who was lucky enough to nab a blind box), said she is endlessly inspired by Beyoncé’s fearlessness. “She is out there not only representing in media, mass media, pop culture, but she’s also representing strong,” Fofana says, adding that she appreciates the way the singer does this “without worrying about offending people, without worrying about the propriety or what’s politically correct for white people — and that’s how I want my kids to be.” Fofana ranks the vinyl edition of Beyoncé’s iconic storybook album, Lemonade, high on the list of the best gifts she’s ever received because she considers it one of the artist’s most impactful bodies of work. “Lemonade spoke to me. It was a few years ago, so I was in my 40s, but my younger, wronged-by-my-ex-boyfriend self heard it. All of her badassery was there,” she says.

Clothing from Beyoncé’s fashion line, IVY Park

Many fans told us they adore Beyoncé’s effortlessly put-together style. After closing her bedazzled first clothing line, House of Dereon, Beyoncé launched the sporty athleisure label Ivy Park in 2016, with later collections releasing in collaboration with Adidas. New drops frequently sell out in a blink — especially items that prominently say “Ivy Park” — and Rowe, as well as personal trainer Genny Dunnington, told us that apparel from the line would be a great gift. Rowe’s favorite pair of leggings are made by the brand and on heavy rotation because “they’re supersoft and they don’t stick to my skin like other leggings do, nor are they see-through.” Since Ivy Park drops are seemingly random, with long stretches of time between each one, the most in-demand pieces typically sell out almost as soon as they become available on the Adidas retail site. Your best bet for finding the brand is often on certified authentic resale sites like StockX and resale apps like Mercari and Depop — though SSense and Champs Sports currently have a few items in stock.

After a few weeks of bread-crumbing fans before Renaissance, Beyoncé dropped the opulent cover art — and Steele and Hardy-Wiltshire said they’d love to have the stunning image, which sees Beyoncé posing on the back of a luminous horse, on an oversize sweatshirt. This unisex crewneck features an embroidered version of the cover art.

All the fans we talked to highlighted how impressed and inspired they are by Beyoncé’s incredible work ethic. “Of course I love Beyoncé’s music, but I really like the mogul that she is,” says Hardy-Wiltshire. Colantonio, who owns this shirt, recommended it as an encouraging nod to that mogul status and all the effort it took to achieve. “While Beyoncé seems superhuman, she’s worked for years to get where she is. It gives me hope for my own dreams,” says Colantonio, adding that “I also wear it to reproductive-rights protests to remind women that our efforts will pay off one day.”

Aside from Beyoncé’s undeniable talent, fans are enamored by her “confidence and sass and her ability to make me feel that I can have that too,” says Dunnington. Fofana, who has decorated a conference-room wall in her office with Beyoncé fan art and quotes meant to inspire her team, suggests gifting an original artistic depiction of the star that captures her boldness. Inspired by Beyoncé’s look in the music video for “Sorry,” the deep, inky-black background combined with the vivid gold details of Beyoncé’s mean mug makes the piece simultaneously under- and overstated. Each order is custom-printed in one of four available sizes.

From $25

Strip lights and neon signs are trends in their own right, and tech publicist Nikki Stephens says combining them with Beyoncé lyrics is a no-brainer gift to “cement your Beyhive status.” This LED neon light can be customized with up to two lines of text, and there are 30 fonts to choose from. Stephens said she’d customize hers with one of the most well-known Beyoncé lines, “Who run the world?”

Fofana is the mom of two teen daughters who eagerly feed into her Beyoncé fandom, and she told us that after a particularly hard workweek, one of them ordered her this wooden pin that she’s held on to ever since. The pin features Beyoncé’s pose from her music video for “Formation” with the song’s standout slogan, “Slay.” It’s an easy (and empowering) way to spruce up a backpack, purse, or jacket.

Publicist and Beyoncé superfan Cameron Owen put us onto this vibrant, Beyoncé-centric coffee-table book that is filled with “awesome visuals and interesting facts” about the star. The book is brimming with rainbow-colored infographics and curious career highlights (like a map of her awards collection); Owen says he prominently displays his copy in his living room and it’s “always a conversation starter.”

Highly coveted and slightly elusive, Black-owned brand Telfar has a hive-like following of its own — but when Beyoncé was photographed sporting the medium white Shopping Bag, current and new fans alike couldn’t get their hands on one fast enough. Stephens, who says she has her Instagram notifications set to alert her to new Telfar drops, says that seeing Bey with it made her “try that much harder to grab one.”

Fofana likes to shop for noteworthy and quirky Beyoncé-inspired loot on Etsy, which is where she found a vintage silver-plated jelly spreader stamped with the lyrics to “Bootylicious.” This similar version is from the same seller, who collects vintage flatware and stamps them by hand, one letter at a time, so no two pieces are exactly the same.

While many of the fans we talked to want to collect their favorite albums on vinyl, Owen says he routinely listens to the CD version of Beyoncé’s first album, Dangerously in Love, while driving. Since CDs and dinosaur fossils are essentially one and the same these days, her first album in its original format — complete with the old-school liner notes — can make a special nostalgia-tinged gift. (Car with a CD player not included, of course.)

I’ve been a fan of Beyoncé since her early days with the original members of Destiny’s Child. My cousins and I used to practice dance routines to the songs on the band’s second (and arguably most influential) album, Writing’s on the Wall, to perform in front of the adults at family gatherings. A Destiny’s Child poster, like this one featuring the cover of Writing’s on the Wall, would be another fun nostalgia gift.

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The Best Beyoncé Gifts, According to Die-hard Fans