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Dropps Detergent Pods Have Saved Me $150 a Year in Soap Costs

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My wife and I have two kids. Thus, we do about eight or nine loads of laundry each week. We have long used Method laundry-detergent pods and love their formula that’s free of dyes, free of chlorine, safe for sensitive skin, and hypoallergenic.

But now we’re looking at an estimated $40 savings per year in annual detergent costs without a bit of quality loss because we’ve switched to a brand called Dropps. They have all the aforementioned features of a top-notch, eco-friendly detergent but, when bought in bulk, they sell for 17 cents each. They also come in a more intensive “Stain & Odor” pod for 19 cents, as well as small load pods for just 14 cents. A single pod can handle large loads of laundry, even one weighing up to 25 pounds. Our clothes, sheets, and towels (and stuffed animals, as needed) come out soft, fresh, and clean without fading or stiffness.

I could stop there, but Dropps also makes dishwasher pods, and we’ve converted to those, too. (Same happy story: No artificial colors or dyes or synthetic fragrances — just a pleasant citrus aroma if you went the lemon-scent route – and just 17 cents per pod. The dishes come out crystal clear as with the Seventh Generation we traditionally used. They have fabric softeners and scent-booster pods, also, but I’ve never used those.)

Now, to be clear, you do have to buy the Dropps in mass to get decent savings. The smallest box they offer is a 32-count option, but for that you pay much more than you would for Method. It’s not until you move up to the 160-count Dropps box that you are getting a truly great deal, which means a shoebox-size order that might cramp your storage space. Also, that’s a big commitment for a new brand, I know; so you might have to consider spending more on the initial purchase and getting the smaller package to test the brand. Or you can just trust me on this and dive in.

If there’s one thing I miss about Method, I’d say it’s the oddly appealing bright colors of the pods. Also, there’s a lack of choice when it comes to the Dropps scents. You have you citrus-based scent, or unscented. With Method there’s the option of five different aromas.

But add the numbers together, and I calculate that we’re down to under $150 in combined annual laundry and dishwashing soap expenses since we went the Dropps route. Plus, the pods come in 100% recyclable, biodegradable cardboard packaging.

If you’re ready for truly great savings — and a big laundry commitment — the pods come in a 160-count box, at 19 cents a load.

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Dropps Detergent Pods Have Saved Me $150 a Year on Soap