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The Best Bath Towels on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Best bath towels on Amazon 2019
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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of towels before — including the best beach towels, the best hair towels, and the best bath towels, according to decorators — here, we’ve rounded up the best bath towels, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated bath towels

Pinzon 6-Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set

Over 1,000 reviewers describe this Egyptian cotton towel set as “soft.” One loves that these towels are not only “soft to the touch,” but they also “look great and are very absorbent.” Though another notes that they “aren’t so thick that they take forever to dry in the dryer.” The quality of these towels comes up in many reviews. “I just received these, but I did wash them first and they held up better than my towels I got as a wedding gift from Bed Bath & Beyond,” writes on reviewer, adding, “They are so much better in quality then the ones I had.” A few complain that these towels give off a lot of fuzz, especially in the dryer, but one concludes, “It doesn’t give off any more fuzz than other new towels I’ve bought. All towels lose a lot of fuzz the first few times you dry them. They are good sized, soft, and pretty.”

Best-rated (less expensive) bath towels

Utopia Extra Large Towels

Many claim these extra-large bath towels strike a nice balance between plush, hotel-like towels and thin, quick-drying towels. “I don’t like thin flimsy towels nor do I like them incredibly thick. These are perfect,” explains one. Another says that the thinness of these towels is actually a perk, explaining that they’re “not the annoying super thick overly plush kind, but the kind that absorb water and stay wrapped around you easily.” One reviewer agrees, noting, “It would be heavy and hard to wash and dry if it were super plush.” Many fawn over the extra-large size, as well. “If you want a lighter weight quick drying towel that is extra extra large with bright colors and a very inexpensive price, this is the towel for you,” raves one.

Best luxury bath towels

Superior 900 GSM Luxury Bathroom Towels, Set of 2
$37 for 2

“Want a little luxury in your life? These towels are just that: luxurious,” praises one reviwer of these bath towels that he calls “a little bit of heaven,” continuing, “I have stayed in high-dollar hotels (back in the ‘good old days’) that didn’t have towels anywhere as nice as these.” At least one other reviewer has a quasi-religious experience with these towels, writing, “Honest to God, these are right up there with a luxury auto or prestige Champagne. Probably the best value to pamper yourself for a year or two I can think of. Comparable to a single malt scotch, a dry-aged steak or a Cuban cigar, these towels are one of life’s great pleasures.” Another reviewer says “these are the thickest towels I’ve ever encountered,” describing them as “Waldorf Hotel-level” towels, while another compares them to “Ritz Carlton hotel towels.” Plus, they’re “very absorbent and have stayed soft for several months,” another reviewer notes.

Best plush bath towels

Luxury White Circlet Egyptian Cotton Hotel Spa Collection Bathroom Towel
$40 for 4

Dozens of reviewers describe these towels as “fluffy,” like one who says they’re, “So soft and thick, like drying off in a warm fluffy cloud. No comparison to other towels. I will never use anything else than these towels.” Another reviewer describes them as “luxury five-star hotel type towels,” adding that “they are the softest and most water absorbent towels I’ve ever owned in my nearly half a century worth of living.” Some grumble that their dryers were filled with lint after washing, but one sets the record straight: “The lint trapper gets filled with lint, but my old towels that were anything but fluffy did the same thing. They don’t shed at all, or fall apart, and after one wash, I felt that they were ready to use.”

Best bath towel for travel

Cacala Turkish Bath Towels

Nearly 80% of reviewers gave this Turkish bath towel a five-star rating, and frequent travelers especially seemed to value it. One loves that “it packs down very small,” while others appreciate how versatile it can be. This reviewer remarks, “I used it as a blanket in the hostel, towel at the beach, and a scarf for cold days.” One calls it “the best thing to happen to my travel bag” because it’s “amazing quick-drying, super light towel on the trail, a great blanket on the plane, fantastic beach blanket and then scarf in the city.” Many just appreciate that when traveling for long periods of time, this towel doesn’t start to smell. “Our traditional towels, no matter how new, always ended up with the musty, mildew scent after steady use. What I love about these the most is that the nasty smell doesn’t become an issue—probably due to the thin fabric,” writes one. Another agrees, noting that “it doesn’t get stinky as fast as a thick towel,” but overall, she loves that “it was absorbent, and it is nice and large, so I can dry myself quickly.”

Best bath towels for an Airbnb

SALBAKOS Organic Turkish Cotton Hotel Bath Towels, Pack of 4
$43 for 4

In addition to these towels receiving top marks from reviewers for being large and absorbent, a hand full also note they are a great buy for a vacation rental. “We’ve used a set for personal use and a set for our Airbnb unit, and we get great feedback from our guests regarding the quality of our bath gear,” one writes. Another who uses them in their Airbnb says they also hold up multiple washings. They say, “They wash fantastic, dry well with no wrinkling and they are ultra soft, thick and thirsty. “ In general, dozens of reviewers say these are great for guests. One who agrees adds, “they really ‘suck up’ the water without being too heavy, and are soooo soft.”

Best bamboo bath towels

Ariv Collection Premium Bamboo Cotton Bath Towels
$26 for 4

“I had never used bamboo/cotton blend before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Wow — these bath towels are fabulous,” writes one reviewer. “They are soft on my skin and very absorbent,” they add, and nearly a quarter of reviewers agree about the texture. Another writes, “They are large and very absorbent, do not just smear the water all over you leaving you feeling cold,” though they do add, “They aren’t super thick and plush, but that is ok because they get the job done.” The bamboo cotton also means, “They do not get a stinky smell at all like some towels do,” according to one reviewer. And even though they might not be lint-free out of the box, “There was absolutely no lint after that initial laundering,” according to one reviewer. They add, “The towels have remained soft after laundering, are super absorbent, aren’t stiff and cumbersome when drying off.”

Best microfiber bath towels