The Best Gifts for Peloton Obsessives, According to Frequent Riders (and Instructors)

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If it seems like more and more people are talking about Peloton these days — swapping leaderboard names, showing off their century shirts, and gossiping about Ally Love’s wedding — you’re not wrong. Already popular pre-pandemic, the brand’s indoor cycling bike (and treadmill) surged in demand when gyms shut their doors during quarantine, leading to months-long shipping delays in new orders. Chances are, at least one person you know has become a Peloton devotee in the past year, and perhaps you’d like to get them a gift to show you support their new passion.

To help you find some actually useful presents for your Peloton-obsessed mom or best friend, we spoke with seven Peloton riders, some of whom have clocked hundreds or thousands of rides, and three Peloton instructors. With their guidance, we’ve surfaced everything from sweat-absorbing towels (very necessary for those who really push it in Tabata sprints) to a tablet holder that allows for working from home while working out. Most of these gifts are compatible for anyone who has a Peloton dupe bike, too.

For the extra-sweaty Peloton obsessive

From $30

One Peloton rider told me this mini fan — that’s actually meant for strollers — is often recommended in online groups because it’s just the right size to attach to the bike’s handlebars for catching a breeze during a class. The wireless fan charges via USB and has a few speed settings so you can turn it up as your ride’s intensity builds.

Soft, absorbent towels came up a lot when talking to Peloton riders, and this set was recommended by name because it includes both a hand towel and a terry-cloth cover for the bike’s handlebars to keep sweaty hands from slipping and sliding all over the place during tough rides. An elastic loop on the hand towel keeps it from falling off the bike.

For the multitasking Peloton obsessive

A few riders mentioned putting the bike in “Just Ride” mode (meaning there’s no instructor leading a class) to get in a ride while tackling other tasks. This adjustable tray fits a laptop so they can work from home as they work out.

Adir Treadmill Tablet Holder

Another rider told me she uses her Kindle while riding and would love to receive a tablet holder like this one that attaches to the bike’s screen for easy reading.

For the Peloton obsessive who likes to be comfy

Riding with a sore butt isn’t fun, so some riders like to add a gel-padded cushioned seat cover to make their rides more comfortable. This one is popular because it fits the Peloton bike seat and adds just enough cushioning to ensure you won’t be too sore to ride the next day.

For the Peloton obsessive with a roommate

It can be tough to get in the zone for a ride if a roommate is loudly watching TV or talking on the phone. One rider who lives with her fiancé in a one-bedroom apartment says these noise-canceling headphones have been a lifesaver, as she can really tune into her class without any distractions.

For the Peloton obsessive with hardwood floors

They might not have thought to buy a mat when they ordered their bike, but one rider we spoke to said it’s an important accessory if you want to protect your surfaces. The bike can scratch up floors, and the constantly dripping sweat isn’t great for them either. This mat is designed to fit perfectly under their bike and even reduces noise, which apartment-dwellers will appreciate.

For the stylish Peloton obsessive

In May, Peloton released a limited-edition apparel collection in celebration of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month that sold out within minutes. One rider mentioned it’s the one thing she wishes she could still get her hands on, and there are occasionally pieces floating around on eBay — like this floral-printed bra — but sizes and styles are going to be limited.

For the Peloton obsessive who takes it off the bike

Peloton offers non-cycling workouts, too, including yoga, strength training, and boot-camp classes. For your pal who wants to make the most of the more relaxing classes, Peloton yoga and meditation instructor Anna Greenberg recommends this bolster. “It’s the perfect shape and size, and it will greatly support their practice,” she says. “I especially love gifting a bolster for the holidays because it promotes self-care and relaxation, which we all need around that time of year.”

The Peloton Bike+ features a swivel screen that lets you easily view classes off the bike. For those who bought the original bike before the new model became available (or didn’t want to shell out the extra money), this affordable attachment allows them to pivot their screen 360 degrees, all the better for watching Emma Lovewell’s “Crush Your Core” mat-based body-weight workouts.

Since cycling shoes aren’t the most comfortable (or the safest) for burpees and jump squats, a pair of sneakers for cardio and strength classes is a good gift idea. Peloton instructor Tunde Oyeneyin told us she like the Under Armour HOVR Rise style, which she wears during the strength-training portion of her Bike Bootcamp classes. “Flat shoes allow me to train more efficiently by aligning my body in proper form,” she says.

For the Peloton obsessive who likes to be challenged

Peloton offers hand weights in one-, two-, and three-pound sets, but if that’s starting to feel too easy for the rider in your life, you can help them up their resistance training with a set of heavier dumbbells. Or just upgrade their dumbbells regardless of the weight: Moxie cycling instructor Nicole Murray likes CAP’s neoprene dumbbells (available in weights up to 12 pounds) because they’re easy to grip even when you’re sweaty, and they fit in the bike’s weight holders.

For even more resistance, Peloton strength instructor Rad Lopez uses these weighted gloves while lifting and doing boxing moves off the bike. “These have allowed me to go from shadow boxing with a small amount of resistance to picking up a pair of heavy dumbbells seamlessly,” he says. “They allow me to cross train and weight lift while also keeping my boxing skills sharp.”

For the Peloton obsessive who likes to share

Two Peloton riders I spoke with mentioned that they swapped out the bike’s clip-in pedals for a pair that also has toe cages so that friends and relatives without cycling shoes can enjoy the bike, too. These Schwinn pedals are compatible with Peloton shoes — along with any other Delta or SPD clip cycling shoes — and the toe cages make it safe to ride hard even in regular sneakers.

For the Peloton obsessive who likes to share (on social media)

One of the highest honors a Peloton rider can receive is a shout-out from an instructor in a live workout commemorating a milestone, like their 100th or 5,000th ride. Even if they don’t get that public acknowledgment from Cody Rigsby, you can give them the chance to celebrate their accomplishments with these bike stickers, where they can show off how many rides they’ve conquered. Plus, they look great on Instagram.

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The Best Gifts for Peloton Obsessives