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44 Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom

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Most of us fall back on the classics when it comes time to buy Mother’s Day gifts: flowers, fancy tea, a card, or a framed piece of kid art. But if you really want to show off this year, you might want to dig a little deeper. That’s why we created this helpful list of Mother’s Day gifts for every kind of mom, from artsy moms to fitness moms to moms who love to cook, curated from things we’ve tried and loved ourselves, as well as recommendations from cool people and celebs (many of whom are moms themselves). Heck, we’ve even found something for the mom who (maybe) loves her dog more than her kids.

Under $25

For the mom who is always running a bath

These bath powders will make her feel like she’s in a Japanese onsen.

For the mom who talks to her plants

This handsome mister will help her keep her flora fresh.

For the mom who keeps the fridge stocked

This preserved-lemon paste is great in everything from marinades to cocktails.

For the indoorsy mom who wants to get outside more

This solid perfume might help: It smells like white sage, a woodsy aroma that may inspire Mom to finally take that hike through the actual woods.

For the mom who plans movie nights

$15 for 2

According to author Jenny Han, “This is the secret to movie-theater popcorn at home.” All Mom needs to do is add a three-quarter teaspoon of the flavored salt to her popcorn of choice. “You’ll swear that you’re at the movies,” Han promises.

For the mom who plans hiking trips


If she’s been hitting the trail without one, Mom will surely appreciate having a LifeStraw in her kit, especially on longer treks. The lightweight doodad filters waterborne bacteria, parasites, dirt, and other contaminants from any water source, making it a must for outdoor adventures.

For the mom who likes her tea hot

A tea-sommelier-approved tumbler that will keep her favorite blend piping hot for hours and is made a hair cooler by its foliage pattern. Needless to say, it’s just as good for the coffee-drinking mom, too.

For the mom who likes her tea with (tapioca) bubbles

According to one Strategist staffer who has been drinking bubble tea since she was in elementary school, these tapioca pearls are the best for making bubble tea at home. “The pearls by themselves aren’t sweet, but you can soak them in a brown-sugar mixture or simple syrup to get the desired sweetness,” she explains. “Or, if you’re feeling lazy (as I often am), just add sugar to your milk tea and your taste buds will be none the wiser.”

For the mom who prefers the taste of coffee (but quit caffeine)

This herbal dandelion-root blend, which counts barley among its handful of natural ingredients, helped Strategist senior writer Liza Corsillo cut coffee out of her diet completely. “The texture and taste are surprisingly similar to coffee, but without the acidity or bitterness that would often mess with my stomach,” she says.

For the mom who wears a (very old) bonnet

Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade? Strategist beauty writer Tembe Denton-Hurst swears by sleeping in this “unassuming, comfy,” charmeuse satin–lined Slap Cap from Grace Eleyae, which she says is stylish enough to wear on Zoom calls, too. “Being a Grace Eleyae fan is sort of like being part of a stylish bonnet-wearing sisterhood, and I always know I’m in good company whenever I see its familiar black tab: the woman at Dig Inn who wears hers in place of a hair net, my sister’s mother, Viola Davis on set,” says Denton-Hurst.

For the mom you’re trying to wean off potpourri

Introduce her to the joys of French incense papers, which she can either fold, accordion style, and light in this burner, or stow in her underwear drawer.

For the mom who could use a different kind of burning paper

Fifty pink prewrapped cones that she’ll know just what to stuff with.

For the mom who journals

This stylish fountain pen will make even her pettiest thoughts look like poetry.

For the mom who colors

Filled with iconic scenes and characters from Real Housewives of New York, this coloring book will de-stress her in no time.

For the mom who watches The Last of Us

This kit will let her grow her own mushrooms indoors.

For the mom who blathers on about never drinking enough water

For the mom experimenting with fermentation

Strategist writer Lauren Ro says a container like this, from one of her favorite kitchen brands sold at Korean supermarkets, can help. As she notes, the containers have “an inner vacuum lid to prevent air from getting in,” which is helpful for making kimchee, sauerkraut, and pickles, according to the brand.

For the expecting mom


A dermatologist-approved oil that is good for preventing stretch marks.

For the new mom with sore nipples

These pillows can be warmed up or tossed in the freezer to act as hot or cold compresses for breastfeeding moms. Doree Shafrir, author of Thanks for Waiting: The Joy (and Weirdness) of Being a Late Bloomer, who “got clogged my entire seven-month breastfeeding journey and was alway sore,” says these gave her sweet, sweet relief.

For the mom who buys the good ’chovies


Anna Hezel’s new cookbook is “for tin-thusiasts and a-fish-ionados.”

For the mom who is always redecorating

The tiny book is full of color combinations made by artist Sanzo Wada.

Under $50

For the mom who never misses a blowout appointment

This viral hair gadget combines a hair dryer and a round brush into one simple, easy-to-use tool (and costs a fraction of the price).

For the outdoorsy mom with bunions

These dressy-yet-comfortable sandals are a favorite of both Mary-Kate Olsen and The Strategist’s Simone Kitchens. “There’s something almost delicate about the skinny straps, something vaguely Emme Parsons–ish, but they’re just as sturdy as my Hurricanes and, honestly, way more comfortable,” says Kitchens.

For the mom who prefers mocktails

For the mom who always has cut fruit in the fridge

“Every so often, a gadget enters your life and leaves you wondering how you managed beforehand,” says Strategist contributor Fanny Singer of this Italian orange peeler. “Designed to puncture and then score an orange longitudinally so that releasing its peel from its flesh is a breeze, this teardrop-shaped thing is a small revelation each time I use it.”

For the mom who hates wire hangers even more than Joan Crawford did

$30 for 60

These nonslip velvet hangers will keep her sweaters pristine.

For the mom who calls her cat her baby

She’ll appreciate something to carry that precious cargo. A staffer at our sister website Vulture tested this backpack out with her cat, the Captain, after she saw Taylor Swift carrying it. According to her, the backpack is “as life-changing as it looks,” and when she’s not using it to carry her kitty, she “will leave the bag out since the cat enjoys getting into it and glaring at me through the bubble window.”

For the mom who calls her dog her baby

A gift for her pup is a gift she will cherish, and this doughnut-shaped dog bed will look nice in her home as well.

For the mom with a sweet tooth

Sure, you could always pick her up a box of chocolates. Or you could bring Mom a box of sweet Medjool dates from Joolies, which New York Magazine features editor Katy Schneider, a self-described “date fiend,” has been eating like candy since discovering them in quarantine. For the price, Mom will get two boxes. So if you’re lucky, she might share.

For the mom who is dripping in gold

This jewelry cleaner will keep her jewels sparkling. It also works for keeping eyeglasses smudge free, says Strategist senior editor Jen Trolio. “A drop of blue Dawn mixed into some lukewarm water leaves them practically sparkling after a three-minute cycle,” she says.

For the mom who prefers liquid gold

This grassy Italian olive oil is great for everything from ice cream to salad dressings.

For the mom with the best bundts

These pans are “so well made,” says cookbook author Vallery Lomas. “They distribute heat really well so that you get an even bake throughout, no matter how intricate the pattern is.”

Under $100

For the mom who still prints out photos

“I love sending my family prints of things I’ve taken photos of,” says writer, artist, and mom Leanne Shapton. If your mom, like Shapton, would rather look at her pictures the old-fashioned way, this compact printer will let her easily print them from her iPhone.

For the mom who hoards airline miles

Jet-setting food stylist Judy Kim uses the AirFly Pro to watch in-flight movies with her AirPods.

For the mom who never misses a root touch-up

This magic hair mask will keep her hair healthy no matter how many times she goes platinum.

For the mom who’s reconnecting with her inner teenager

These Docs are sleek enough to match a more grown-up wardrobe. And as Avril Lavigne reminds us: “They’re just cool.”

Under $200

For the mom with sore feet


Give the gift of on-demand (and heated!) foot massage and you’ll forever be on her good side.

For the mom who hoards paper products

An easy-to-install bidet is the life-changing household gadget she doesn’t even know she needs.

For the mom who never misses a workout

This foam roller will not only help her stretch out her muscles but massage them, as it is equipped with Hyperice’s powerful percussive technology.

For the mom who takes photos with her iPad

She can upload those snaps of her kids — or grandkids — directly from her favorite device to this sleek digital frame, which Strategist senior editor Jen Trolio has gifted to six different family members.

Under $400

For the mom who never misses a Botox touch-up

Photo: Retailer

A luxe at-home microcurrent device she can use in between appointments.

For the mom who’s reconnecting with her inner child

A pair of Moxi Lollys will ensure she can hit the rink (or the street) in style.

For the Le Creuset-head mom

Since she probably already has a Dutch oven, consider this saucepan in the brand’s new shade Shallot.

For the mom who never got into the air-fryer craze

“It does everything a normal toaster oven does but also reheats pizza perfectly as well as any flaky pastry or even fried food,” say restaurateur Annie Shi. “The key is that it allows you to drop in a tiny amount of water to provide the perfect steam, so you get a really crusty, crunchy exterior and then a really soft and moist interior. We use it daily.”

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom