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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

Photo-Illustration: Courtesy of the retailer

One thing the new mom who’s celebrating her first Mother’s Day could definitely use: A break, because chances are she’s feeling grateful but also tired and more than a little bit harried. Beyond that, to make sure her special day feels extra special, a gift that shows just how much you appreciate her would go a long way. Below, we rounded up a slew of gift ideas that are sure to delight any new mom, from indulgent cashmere sweaters to comfy shoes to a bath soak that’ll give her some time to herself. While all of the things on this list are available on Amazon, we’ve found a few of them elsewhere, too, for those who like to shop around. (And if you’re shopping for more than one mother, we’ve got tons more gift ideas here.)

For the new mom whose neck and back are always achey


A kneading back-and-neck massager will soothe the tension from carrying around a heavy infant all day.

For the new mom whose feet are always achey

Some super-cute Crocs that are also super cushy. Plus, they’re easy to clean: Neither spit-up, nor flung food, nor drool will stand a chance.

For the new mom whose feet are always cold

You can’t go wrong with a pair of cozy Ugg slippers, especially a pair that topped our list of the best slippers as recommended by the most stylish among us.

For the new mom who’s always parched

In the earliest days, any short cut is appreciated, which is why this large-capacity Hydro Flask water bottle with a built-in straw would make a great gift for a thirsty mom who can’t be bothered to twist something open every time she wants a sip.

For the new mom who’s experimenting with pumping

Beloved by new moms, this manual silicone breast pump is a convenient alternative to an electric one. It suctions onto a breast and passively collects milk — hands-free.

For the new mom who experimented with pumping and considers it a necessary evil

Sure, you could get a solid electric pump for much less money, but these are wireless and discreet — you could theoretically wear them under your clothes and no one would bat an eye.

For the new mom who Zooms with her friends

Actress Abby Elliott compares this ice roller to “a cold face-lift” and promises it’s “the best thing in the world” for de-puffing, making it ideal for a quick touch-up before her next Mommy Happy Hour on Zoom.

For the new mom who hates getting dressed

Made from 100 percent sustainable cashmere, this luxurious cardigan would help a harried mom feel instantly pulled-together.

For the new mom who’s not getting enough sleep

For the new mom who’s really not getting enough sleep

Some new, soft, and cozy pajamas may be just the ticket to help her get the shuteye she needs. We’ve never met an Eberjey set we didn’t like, and this one is short-sleeved and cool enough for summer nights.

For the new mom who has given up on sleep

Nothing’s more satisfying (or easier to use) than a twist-up makeup pen, and this one will help her mask any lingering under-eye circles (might we add that it has rave reviews on Amazon and is less than half the price of a Clé de Peau stick?).

For the new mom who’s breastfeeding

The French know that this lanolin cream works wonders for soothing soreness post-breastfeeding, though it’s also been praised as a do-it-all moisturizer all over the body.

For the new mom who treasures the rare bath

Calming lavender soap that will act as aromatherapy when she’s in the bath.

For the new mom who treasures the rare bath (down there)

Seasoned moms love telling new moms about the restorative, healing power of sitz baths for down there.

For the new mom who treasures the rare shower

Hairstylists and salon owners say this is the best shampoo and works well for all hair textures. The new mom who can only wash her hair a couple times a week will love its moisturizing properties.

For the new mom whose hair needs a bit of frizz control

If she’s all set with shampoo, this is a deeply conditioning hair mask that Rio swears by. (For a truly thoughtful gift, give the shampoo and mask together.)

For the new mom who doesn’t have time to freshen up

She can use these subtly scented coconut-oil-and-lavender wipes to freshen up in between those rare showers.

For the new mom who doesn’t have time to read

Get her the audiobook version of Jessica Simpson’s memoir, which is chock-full of relatable stories about motherhood (and so much more).

For the new mom who doesn’t have time to read and needs new headphones

Apple AirPods Pro

More ergonomic than the original AirPods, the AirPod Pros also have a noise-canceling option that may come in handy when she’s trying to enjoy her favorite audiobook, Spotify playlist, or podcast.

For the new mom who works from home


Busy mom Helen Hou-Sandí tipped us off to the importance of a clean, crumb-free zone where your desk is, especially if you’re working from home with kids. This easy-to-clean desk mat will help her protect her desk from the odd spill and mess.

For the new mom who’s not crazy about her stretch marks

There isn’t really a great solution out there for getting rid of your stretch marks, but women on the internet swear by Bio Oil for fading discoloration and stretch marks over time (just read the reviews!).

For the new mom who’s still decorating the nursery

Should she need an additional accent for the baby room, this woven basket is big enough to hold plenty of clothes and towels, and comes in a soothing natural shade.

For the new mom with a fussy baby