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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms for Less Than $100

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14, and if there’s one thing pretty much any new mom could use, it’s a break. But because you can’t wrap that up and put a bow on it, we’ve rounded up more than 30 gifts that are sure to delight the new mom(s) in your life — whether this is their first Mother’s Day or they’ve recently given birth to baby No. 3. Below, you’ll find ideas for new moms of all stripes — from foolproof sheer nail polish (for the mom who hasn’t had time to hit the nail salon) to play kits that will help her entertain the baby and cozy slippers to keep her feet comfy during long days at home.

Most of the gifts on this list are available on Amazon, but we found a few items elsewhere for those who like to shop around. And to help you stick to your budget, everything is organized by price. Finally, if you’re shopping for more than one mother or mother figure, we’ve got tons of other gift ideas here.

Under $25

For the new mom who isn’t the “baby book” type

It’s hard to commit to journaling every day while taking care of a new baby. This low-effort memory book gives new moms space to jot down a sentence or two each day. In a few years, it will be a beautiful keepsake paying tribute to the hard times and good times alike.

For the new mom who multitasks even while she sleeps

Silk pillowcases reduce frizzy hair and absorb less bacteria than standard cotton pillowcases, so they’re great for your skin, too. They’re perfect for the mom who suddenly has less time for a full beauty routine.

For the new mom who hasn’t given birth yet

Photo: Retailer

Some pregnant people experience restless leg syndrome. Sadie Stein, a writer and Strategist contributor who dealt with RLS during her pregnancy, found that “giving my legs a vigorous brush with a stiff-bristle body brush was the only thing that alleviated the feeling.” She recommends pairing the brush with a nice dry oil for any mom-to-be.

For the new mom who doesn’t have time to do her hair

Our beauty writer Tembe Denton-Hurst loves this bonnet-beanie combo for protecting her hair at night (and for looking good on Zoom calls).

For the new mom who is sick of freezer meals

From $1

We’ve rounded up a lot of gift cards for a lot of different moms, but for new moms in particular who’ve run through their freezer-meal stash, we recommend bringing family-size portioned meals from their favorite restaurants.

For the new mom who needs support

If they’re breastfeeding, this two pack of lactation-consultant-recommended nursing bras will make feeding the baby easier. And they’re not, the bras will offer comfort to tender postpartum breasts. Strategist contributor Tamara MC has worn these for 27 years through two rounds of breastfeeding, a breast reduction, and perimenopausal changes — and she swears by them.

For the new mom who wants a hammam scrub

Enhance a new mom’s already quick showers by swapping their regular washcloth for this exfoliating towel that Strategist junior writer Kitty Guo says makes her skin smoother than a dolphin’s.

For the new mom who is getting a lot of screen time

$18 for 2

If they’re spending lots of time browsing Facebook groups or reading parenting books on an iPad, these top-rated, blue-light-blocking glasses should reduce some of the strain on their eyes.

For the new #cannamom

If they like to smoke, they’ll get a lot out of this multi-tool that is part screwdriver, part ruler, and part pipe.

Under $50

For the new mom who misses the sound of silence

Loop Quiet Earbuds

These reusable silicone earbuds will drown out ambient noise and help a new mom achieve the next level of sleep. I use them to mute my husband’s aggressive snoring; they are comfortable to wear, stay in place all night long, and help me get the best sleep possible.

For the new mom who is going back to work

This miniature Bluetooth-enabled keyboard comes recommended by Strategist writer Katherine Gillespie, who uses it while traveling. At a third of the size of a standard keyboard, it will make it a breeze to get ahead of emails on the go.

For the new mom who needs help drifting off

This little sound machine will help both mom and the baby catch some Z’s.

For the new mom who needs a new hobby

If they haven’t had much time for hobbies lately, they’ll appreciate the creative outlet of building this hands-on Lego bouquet. The 15-stem arrangement of roses, snapdragons, asters, and daisies will last forever and can be assembled during nap time.

For the new mom who’s extra-tense

Breastfeeding or carrying a baby can do a number on a new mom’s neck and shoulders. This S-shaped massage tool has a variety of knobs and nubs that “dig into trigger points, including ones you didn’t know you had,” according to Strategist writer Kitty Guo, who uses it to unknot her achy back.

For the new mom who misses getting regular manicures

Strategist writer Emma Wartzman writes that this pink-hued sheer polish gives her nails a “healthy-looking glow,” lasts a couple of weeks, and is barely noticeable when it starts to peel off — perfect for a simple at-home manicure when it’s tough to get to the salon.

Order by May 11 with expedited shipping to ensure arrival by Mother’s Day.

For the new mom who wants to put on a good face

$22 for 6

These gold under-eye patches will at least make it look like their newborn is sleeping through the night.

For the new mom who still has pregnancy cravings

If they’ve been craving spicy food for the last nine months, and still are, this Sichuan trio of spices and sauce will pair well with all their postpartum meals.

For the new mom who isn’t drinking yet

This nonalcoholic spirit will be a welcome change from all the cups of coffee they’re likely downing.

For the new mom who’s building a bedtime routine

Rabeka Monaghan Forrest, mom of a 7-month-old, says the Slumberkins lovey and board-book combos are not only sweet but encourage early social and emotional development. Her favorite is Dragon, whose book is about creativity, but there are more than a dozen other characters and themes to choose from — including Ibex (emotional courage) and Yeti (mindfulness).

For the new mom whose hair needs a bit of frizz control

Rio Viera-Newton swears by this deeply conditioning hair mask — and if you watch the baby while their mom leaves it in for 20 minutes (or more), her shower will feel extra luxurious.

For the new mom whose hair is falling out

Nothing will prevent postpartum hair loss, but new mom Gena Kaufman told us this does make the new growth feel nice and soft.

For the new mom who needs to rest their eyes

For the new mom who has given up on sleep

Nothing is more satisfying (or easier to use) than a twist-up makeup pen, and this one will help them mask any lingering under-eye circles (might we add that it has rave reviews on Amazon and is less than half the price of a Clé de Peau stick?).

For the new mom whose stitches are still healing

Seasoned moms love telling new moms about the restorative, healing power of sitz baths for recovering after childbirth.

For the new mom who needs a little boost

Lesley Arfin is a fan of this energizing grapefruit scent from Jonathan Adler (which she considers “the best candle that ever lived”).

For the new mom who is always parched

In the earliest days, any shortcut is appreciated, which is why this large-capacity Hydro Flask water bottle with a built-in straw would make a great gift for a thirsty mom who can’t be bothered to twist something open every time they want a sip.

Under $75

For the new mom who still carries a photo wallet

If they love to show off their photos the old-school way, they can easily print wallet-size photos from a smartphone with this mini-printer.

For the new mom who’s traveling with the baby for the first time

Food stylist Judy Kim told us about this doodad that lets her watch in-flight entertainment systems with her AirPods. It eliminates the need to pack an extra pair of corded headphones — one less thing for a new mom to think about.

For the new mom obsessed with #GardenTok

This tabletop citrus plant can give her green thumb some practice and arrives bloomed with ready-to-eat fruit — so she’ll have a good head start.

For the new mom who has picked up power-walking

From $55

Give her midday stroller walk extra oomph with a set of one-pound or two-pound weights that can be worn around ankles or wrists.

For the new mom who’s power-pumping

Strategist contributor Elyse Moody learned about this Hydroflask-esque cooling thermos from fellow moms on Facebook and was impressed by its ability to chill warm liquids like breastmilk. It has a two-chamber design that the new mom in your life can fill with ice to cool the milk and keep it at a safe temperature for more than 20 hours. It can connect to pump parts so they can express milk directly into it. Crucially, Moody says, it is pretty much spillproof.

For the new mom whose feet are always cold

You can’t go wrong with a pair of slippers, and these feel like you’re walking on a cloud thanks to their memory-foam insole.

Under $100

For the new mom who’s a minimalist

If toting around a full-size diaper bag doesn’t align with he aesthetic, this compact fanny pack has just enough space to fit the essentials.

For the new mom whose mental load is at capacity

Apple AirTag, 4 Pack

Ease the task of keeping track of stuff with a four-pack of Apple AirTags, which will help locate a diaper bag, wallet, or car keys in minutes.

For the new mom with a mounting TBR list

This glare-free e-reader can hold a whole shelf’s worth of books without taking up too much room on an already crowded nightstand.

For the new mom who indulges in everything showers

Elizabeth Taylor, owner of True Beauty Brooklyn, says that for people who prefer razors, this matte gold (or silver) one from Oui the People is “the next best thing to getting a wax.”

This gift will arrive by Mother’s Day with expedited shipping.

For the new mom dealing with new challenges

Dentist Dr. Marie Jackson told us that pregnant people sometimes experience pregnancy gingivitis, and she typically recommends a water flosser. This compact version won’t take up too much room in a bathroom now overflowing with rubber ducks and toys.

For the new mom who’s tired of peekaboo

From $80

These age-based play kits are a Strategist favorite with options for babies as young as a few weeks old. We’ve heard from Jessica Stevenson, mom and co-founder of “eco-optimist” beauty company Everist, that “there is always a hidden gem in there — like the weird and priceless soft book that has given us a few precious minutes to sit down for dinner on countless occasions.”

This gift will arrive after Mother’s Day.

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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts Under $100 for New Moms