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What Annie Murphy Can’t Live Without

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked actress Annie Murphy — who recently teamed up with BIC to introduce its new anti-clogging razor — about her comfort television show, natural deodorant that actually works, and go-to sweet snack.

I don’t wanna brag, but I genuinely think I have the most chapped lips of anyone I’ve ever met. Living and working in cold climates doesn’t help. While I was on set in Boston where the winters are super harsh, my friend Nikki was doing my makeup and was like, “Enough is enough. I’m buying you like three of these and I need you to use them.” This is an overnight lip treatment, but I use it day and night. It’s really, really moisturizing without being sticky. You forget it’s on, but you can tell it’s working.

I’m 36 now. After I turned 35, I was like, Oh, my face is looking different than I’m used to. It’s not that I’m against aging — I think everyone is very lucky to age. It means you’re alive, which is a wonderful thing. But, I’m not opposed to my under eyes looking slightly younger than 36 years old. I recently discovered Caudalie’s eye cream, and it is particularly great at doing that. I’ve noticed much fewer fine lines and less dark under my eyes since using it. It is pricey, but it lasts a really long time.

This is like a little nano current device with different programs that last two to 15 minutes. After using it on your face, you look in the mirror and your face is fully lifted and just gorgeous. It’s a bit of a time commitment if you wanna do the whole face every day, but it works. I got it a couple of years ago and I’ve been using it once or twice a week since. My skin’s texture has changed, too, like smaller pores and that kind of thing.

I’ve always stayed away from antiperspirants for health reasons. But let’s be honest, natural deodorants are usually useless. They make you smell worse but different. My mom actually introduced me to No Pong. I have not smelled like B.O. ever since I started using it. Not once. It comes in a tin and is a cream, so that might be a bit off-putting to some people, but I swear by it. I bought it for a bunch of my girlfriends just because I wanted them to stop using antiperspirant. I’ve converted probably 15 people. Everybody who I’ve recommended it to has been truly blown away by how good it is — both men and women.

I always get panicky when people ask my favorite book, because I say it and immediately feel bad for the other books. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a lush-slash–struggling artist in Paris in the 1920s, A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway will bring you there.

Columbo stars Peter Falk, who was an amazing actor around the ’60s to ’80s. It was one of the first procedurals where you find out who the murderer is at the very beginning of the episode and then Columbo solves the crime. It’s a comfort watch for me. I turn it on and everything’s fine because Columbo’s on the case. I think I started watching it when I was in high school. My dad got me the entire series set from Costco for Christmas one year, and I still go back.

I wish there was a perfume of this candle. I found it at a store in Toronto — I think Scout. Any time someone comes into my apartment, their pupils dilate, and they’re like, “What is that?” Then they sniff their way around my apartment until they find the candle.

I don’t love taking melatonin a ton, and I don’t like sleeping pills. I can get groggy from it, so I love a good cup of tea before bed. This is a sleepy-time tea, but then there’s something else in it. It’s the mysterious “extra” in the title. I don’t know what it is, but it really doubles down on the sleepy.


I discovered that if you leave these out for days and days at a time and make them extremely stale, the texture gets even better. Chewing them becomes a feat of athleticism. What I usually do is I’ll get two bags, immediately open them up, dump them into a bowl and then just let them breathe.

From $11

This is either one for the people of Ottawa or people who wanna travel from afar to Ottawa. I remember going to this restaurant back when they still had a smoking and non-smoking section. It’s an old school, family-run pizza restaurant where they serve you the pizza on the elevated platter. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, and it’s still my very favorite pizza. The ratios have been nailed. The sauce isn’t too sweet, the cheese goes all the way out to the crust. It’s the first meal I have when I come home to Ottawa. We always get the same order: My dad and I get a large pepperoni bacon with mushroom on half for him. (He’s one of those weird mushroom-loving people.) And my mom gets her own little personal pizza with healthier toppings.

If you’re genetically blessed at growing hair out of your body like I am, it usually means that you spend a very long time trying to unclog and bang the hair out of your razor in the shower. This razor is made with more space between the blades, so water can rinse out any shaved hair much easier. It’s a real time-saver for me. And, since using it, I’ve noticed that my skin is a lot less irritated.

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What Annie Murphy Can’t Live Without