mother's day 2022

The Best Food Gifts for Every Type of Mom

Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photos: Retailers

Making brunch is a go-to move on Mother’s Day — but if you can’t be with her (or if you’re an overachiever), a food gift is sure to be a hit. You can give her something that will last a while, like a bottle of beautiful olive oil. Or something superspecial to enjoy on a future occasion, like fancy tinned caviar. Or something she can and should eat right then and there, like chocolate babka from a New York City bakery (yes, whether or not you live in New York City). Basically, the options are endless, come in a myriad of price points, and are sure to please your mom (or any momlike figure in your life). Below, we’ve rounded up some Strategist-favorite foods she’ll be thrilled to consume.

For the mom who enjoys a mocktail

Beloved by Strategist staffers Dominique Pariso and Stephanie Downes, this bitter-tasting aperitif is a fantastic base for a refreshing mocktail. “Even though there’s no alcohol, it still feels like a special cocktail,” says Downes. She likes to make a spritz with Ghia by adding sparkling water, a big rock of ice, and an orange twist.

For the mom who’s fussy about her olive oil

Brightland is on our list of the very best olive oils because it’s made in small batches from cold-pressed single-origin heirloom olives grown in California. It’s delicious, of course, but also particularly pretty. Each glass bottle (the design of which was inspired by Matisse cutouts) is UV-powder-coated to protect the contents and marked with a harvest date. You can choose from Awake, which is better for cooking, or Alive, which is better for finishing applications (or splurge and get her both).

For the mom who makes ace salad dressing

No shade to Bragg’s (really), but apple cider vinegar can sometimes lean a bit yeasty and musty. Not so with Little Apple Treats ACV, which actually tastes like bright, ripe fruit. She can use it all sorts of ways, including taking a shot for gut health, but it would play particularly well with other acids and citrus in salad dressings.

For the mom who lives on pasta

Sfoglini pasta is 100 percent organic and made in Brooklyn. With a seasonal pasta subscription (shipped every three or six months), the mom in your life gets a monthly box of the brand’s signature pasta as well as a box of one of its seasonal varieties like fennel, ramp, or chile-pepper pasta. Each shipment comes with recipe cards to help inspire delicious meals.

For the mom who daydreams about a garden

Yes, it’s actually possible for her to grow a citrus tree indoors — and one that produces fruit, no less. Like a houseplant, but better, it’s the perfect gift if she loves to garden (or even just daydreams about having one). Via Citrus sells multiple varieties: Meyer lemon, key lime, Buddha’s Hand, and more. It also offers the supplies she’ll need to take care of her tree, and can answer any questions she might have.