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If You Buy One Thing on Prime Day, Make It These (Not Noise-Canceling) Bose Bluetooth Headphones

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Okay, so I can’t write about these from experience because I literally just bought them, but I’m no stranger to Bose headphones, especially the non-noise-canceling, not-$350 variety. Over the past ten or so years I’ve owned three generations of the baseline model, but my current pair — a non-Bluetooth, wired version of the ones in this deal — has been criminally underused since I got a new (i.e. new headphone jack) iPhone and fell hard for the AirPods. Once you get accustomed to life without dangling headphone cables, it’s hard to go back.

Before I adapted, quite quickly, to this Bluetooth headphone life, things were simple. I used my Apple wired earbuds for whenever I was out and about, and I had my comfy wired Bose whenever I wanted to listen to podcasts and pace around my apartment while sort of cleaning. (This is one of my favorite activities, and I do it for about an hour every night.) Now I use the AirPods for everything, and it’s not as fun. They work well, but I kind of associate them with “work mode” and power walking — the plush, oversize Bose helped me to slow down a little.

I’ve been wanting to buy a new pair for a long time, but I couldn’t justify spending the full price of $229 when the AirPods accomplished the same thing. But at $159, these have never been priced lower, so I went for it. I know there’s a lot of competition out there in the headphone category. Strategist tech expert David Pogue likes this pair from Sony, and I’m sure they’re great and maybe even technically superior, but I’m loyal to Bose. I’ve tried other brands, but in my opinion Bose headphones are always the lightest and most comfortable. They hold up well and they sound great. If you need noise-canceling in your headphones, these obviously won’t be for you. Personally, I don’t like noise-canceling. You know that trope of mob bosses insisting on sitting to face the entrance of a restaurant, so they can’t be caught off guard? That’s how I feel about noise-canceling headphones.

I’m excited for these to arrive in a day or so. They don’t have any special features like virtual assistants or gesture control, but I actually prefer the simplicity. Most of the Bluetooth headphones I see have all sorts of EQ settings and customizable options, and I’d rather not. For me, these headphones are about winding down. They’re the closest thing to my old wired pairs, and if they’re anything like the previous three generations, they’ll serve me well, even if I’m just in my apartment listening to NPR and slowly washing my dishes.

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If You Buy One Thing on Prime Day, Get These Bose Headphones