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This Multi-tool Has a Bit for Tightening Screws and a Pipe for Loosening Me Up

Photo: Aleta Burchyski

I got my first multi-tool at 8 years old. My parents bought it for me — a Swiss Army knife just like my dad’s. I spent hours in the backyard laboring to cut sticks with the tiny saw and then scraping them with the blunt little blade in an attempt at whittling. That passion only grew as I got older, and once I hit adulthood, as a homeowner and an avid outdoorsperson, I started amassing multi-tools in earnest. First, I got a practical Gerber Center-Drive for tackling repairs, followed by a svelte Leatherman Skeletool for fishing. From there, I was drawn to ones that are less like pocketknives and more like whimsical gadgets. My favorite is the CRKT Eat’N Tool, a carabiner-mounted spork I keep in my purse, always at the ready for food-truck and beer-opening emergencies. But even with a dozen multi-tools in my possession, there was one activity that no multi-tool could help with: my occasional weed consumption. (Unless I wanted to carve an apple pipe, which I do not.) So when my friend told me about the Geekey, I got one immediately.

The Geekey is a chunky little tool with a hexagonal bowl and pipe stem surreptitiously built into its body. As a multi-tool, it’s dead useful: The sharp tip and serrated edge break down boxes better than a house key, the screwdriver makes quick work of opening battery compartments, and the one-inch and three-centimeter rulers come in handy at the hardware store. As a pipe, it’s a solid option for discrete enjoyment. The hexagonal bowl blends right in next to the hex-wrench cutouts, so you can add the multi-tool to your key chain or clip it to a zipper and no one has to know.

At just 2.75 inches long, the Geekey is, unsurprisingly, a toasty smoke; you’re going to get some heat from the lighter. You’ll also want to put it on a split ring or, better yet, a mini-carabiner, so you have something to hold on to. Still, compared with a one-hitter — perhaps the most famous camouflaged-pipe option — the Geekey wins out with its more generous, easier-to-pack bowl. And since it’s made of stainless steel instead of glass, not only is it really tough to break, it wipes clean easily. And a quick soap-and-water bath eliminates any remaining tar and odor. Now that it’s hiking season, I can’t wait to take the Geekey on the trail for a quick hit of a CBD-rich strain when my feet start to drag.

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This Multi-tool Has a Screwdriver, Wrench, and Built-in Pipe