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What Olivia Wilde Brings in Her Carry-on

Summer getaway season is here, which means that you are going to need to bring some things with you. In a bag. To help us decide what to pack (and what to pack it in), we’ve enlisted some celebrities to tell us what they’re lugging. Today, the travel essentials of Olivia Wilde, who stars in 1984 on Broadway. Welcome to My Carry-on.

Full disclosure: I’m chief brand activist of this line, but I truly believe in it. This face oil is rare because it actually penetrates the skin, as opposed to just hanging out right on top of it. The ingredients are 100 percent nontoxic, which a lot of companies claim, but almost no one actually is. True Botanicals is a pretty revolutionary company in terms of EFFECTIVE, nontoxic skin care. It actually beat La Mer in a blind clinical trial. I have one in my bathroom, dressing room, and travel bag, and would probably have a heart attack if I ran out. The hydrating mist is perfect for on the plane, recovering from jet lag, or hangovers, too.

The real point of getting away is getting AWAY from your phone. So it’s going to take a GREAT book to get me off my 24-hour news cycle, and please god make that happen because I’m about to lose my effing angry-liberal-snowflake mind. I love both thoughtful, well-researched nonfiction and balls-out-bonkers sci-fi. Recently, I really enjoyed The Examined Life as a fast, mind-blowing jaunt through the world of psychotherapy. Dr. Grosz is brilliant and essentially boils down a collection of his “ah ha” moments into a few pages each. It’s enlightening, and highly satisfying. Now I’m reading Giant of the Senate and loving it because Al Franken is the man, and I’m starting Columbine because every smart person I know has already read it, and I’m sick of pretending to get the references. It’s riveting. I also just got Heroes of the Frontier and can’t wait to read it. I love Dave Eggers. The Circle was so intensely enjoyable.

Because come on, we can’t keep rolling on the chemicals and wonder why we get cancer. Oh, and also it works. [Editor’s note: We’ve raved about this before.] I wore it to SoulCycle back when I was pregnant and didn’t smell like death after. Also, that’s the last time I went to SoulCycle, oops.

Mara Hoffman’s company is as sustainable as can be, and I love the way she approaches business in a non-evil way. [Editor’s note: We found some on sale, too.] I also love every single one of her bathing suits and dresses and everything else she makes. The woman LOVES color. It’s bliss.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Call me old-fashioned, but these sunglasses are the best for my giant face. They also make me feel like Bob Dylan, and nothing else in my life particularly does. But, hey, whatever works.

I don’t care how warm your summer destination is supposed to be, there will be too much air conditioning at some point, and it will piss you off. I always have a sweatshirt ready to go, and this is my new No. 1 favorite, probably because my honey gave it to me, and he is my favorite grown-up person.

This company makes everything from the very best materials, and its cuts are perfect. It’s also founded by three young, badass female entrepreneurs. You could honestly just shop there and stock your entire closet. I spend way too many nights in sweats and holey, old tees, but when I’m my best self, I’ll take a bath, slather on lots of body balm, and slip into these pj’s.

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What Olivia Wilde Brings in Her Carry-on