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The Best Headboards on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have ​People’s Choice​, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item ​here​.) 

And while we’ve written about lots of things to sleep on — including the best platform beds, the best metal bed frames, and the best adjustable bed bases — here, we’ve rounded up the best headboards, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. To even the playing field a bit, we focused on queen-size headboards, but most of these headboards are available in other sizes as well. 

Best-rated headboard

About 75 percent of reviewers gave this headboard five stars, and most noted that it’s much nicer than they expected it to be. One reviewer describes it as “a step up from something from Ikea.” Reviewers are equally as impressed with how easy it was to set-up. “It was only 3 pieces to assemble, so super quick and easy,” one writes, adding that all the hardware to attach the legs to the headboard and to attach the headboard to the bed frame was included. One even says they “Went from in the box to set up in less than 30 minutes.” Reviewers also note that this works with a variety of bed frames from metal to wood, and even with platform beds: “I was a little worried that this headboard was going to be too tall for our platform style bed, but on the lowest notch it is perfect.” The same user adds that the headboard is sturdy enough that you don’t even need to attach it to the bed, writing, “We ended up just putting it behind the bed, scooting up the mattress, and it is secure without having to be installed at all.”

Best-rated (less expensive) headboard

Zinus Satish Upholstered Channel Stitched Headboard in Grey

“It is not only plain and simple, which is what I was looking for it also looks smart,” one reviewer says of this headboard from Zinus, adding that they were also “impressed that the legs are metal which makes it sturdier in my mind. I think for the money it was a home run.” Another says, “This headboard is beautiful, easy to assemble, looks expensive, my friends and family can’t believe I purchased this for under $150.” About a third of reviewers describe the assembly as easy and a few even note you can attach it to the wall. Another 10 percent use the word “sturdy” in their reviews and one even thinks it’s durable as they have found it’s easy to clean: “When my ex got salsa on it, it was easy to spot-treat, and the stain went away just like him.”

And now for some micro-picks of every type of headboard you might be looking for.

Best faux-leather headboard

A skeptic who says, “Come on… I’ve seen similar in stores around town selling for upwards of $250 with the same look, same fabric/vinyl, same adjustable feature,” wasn’t expecting much but says that they were, “very pleased” with this purchase. Others were also shocked by how much they liked the faux leather (which is actually vinyl). “It does not feel plasticky as I expected vinyl to,” one writes, while another says, “I don’t think you’d realize it wasn’t leather unless you climbed on the bed and touched it.” One even points out the fabric has some practical perks, writing, “If it gets dirty in any way I can just wipe it.” Reviewers also add that setup was simple. “I love the look in my room; it was just what I envisioned and took me (by myself) about 30 minutes to install,” one satisfied customer writes.

Best cushioned headboard

One customer —in a reviewer titled, “At last can read in bed!” — loves the “deep cushioning” on this headboard. And a dozen others describe how comfortable this headboard is, thanks to the padding. Another user who attached theirs to the wall says, “The headboard is very plush and comfy to lean against.” And another couple who “Needed (okay, wanted) a headboard to make our master bedroom look more ‘adult,’” settled on this one. In addition to being easy to assemble, they note, “I love the way it makes our room look and it’s quite comfy to prop some pillows against it and read in bed.”

Best headboard with nailhead trim

“The fabric is really good quality, with a linen texture, and the antique brass nailhead trim is nicely applied,” one reviewer explains. “Nailheads are slightly larger than ones I have seen on antique upholstered furniture, so the headboard feels clean and modern.” Not only are they modern, but reviewers think they give the headboard that cheap, but expensive-looking feel. “If you are looking for an inexpensive, upholstered headboard, do yourself a favor and buy this one,” one happy customer urges. “It’s a bit on the thin side but the fabric and nailheads look SO much better than the price tag suggests.” The price however, has nothing to do with the quality according to one reviewer who says, “ It looks like it cost at least three times the price, and the ‘nailheads’ are on a strip rather than being individual so they should stay attached much better, and still look fantastic!”

Best storage headboard

For reviewers who can’t make use of a nightstand this storage headboard is a godsend. “We have a cat that likes to knock everything off of our nightstands and walk back and forth across our heads all night,” one says. “Enter this life saver! It went together easily enough & attached to the bed frame just fine. Now our cat leaves our nightstands alone and just hangs out on the shelf at night.” Reviewers also appreciate that the shelves are removable and that there are cable holes. One explains, “The cubbies are nicely sized and I really love that I can customize the shelves on either side, and there are pre-cut, but not punched out, cord holes in the back of the shelves.” One reviewer does leave a very specific warning when it comes to this headboard-slash-bookcase: “I didn’t think about how everything on it will come to life and start attacking you and whoever you are ‘jumping on the bed’ with if you bolt the bed frame to the headboard. The salt stone lamp damn near killed her. So I just detached the frame from the headboard, and it’s mostly fine now lol.”

Best metal and upholstered headboard

That this upholstered headboard is made with metal is a selling point for many reviewers. “I really like the fact that it’s all metal and none of that cheap wood that I’ve seen too many times,” one writes, adding, “Also, the cushion on the headboard is very soft.” Another who says the upholstered part is “softly padded” also describes the metal part as “rock solid.” “The rectangular metal tubing locks together with nice hefty hex bolts that are no joke,” they write. “It will not wiggle; no matter how I try to rack it.” One hacker even found, “The upholstered part can be removed for easy re-covering in fabric of choice,” which they see as a bonus. One who did it notes, “For the queen size it [took] 2 yards of fabric.”

Best diamond tufted headboard

Over 200 people gave this headboard a positive review, and many note the “diamond” upholstery as a selling point. “The details are wonderful and I love the crystals in the [tufts],” one reviewer writes. “This is a very classy and elegant item that will definitely be the focal point in your bedroom.” Lots of customers note that this design works wonderfully in their daughters’ rooms, like one who reports, “Bought this for my 13-year old daughter and she LOVES it. I love it too! It is so much prettier in person… very classy and ‘glam.’ Fabric is very soft, and the rhinestone buttons make the perfect accent.” Another even adds that the studs “feel pretty intact in between the tufts.”

Best headboard for wall mounting

While most headboards on this list can be mounted to the wall, few come with the tools to do it. This one from Lucid, however, does, and about one-fifth of reviewers give this headboard top marks because of that small detail. “I love how the legs and hardware are stored inside the headboard and that there is an option to hang the headboard from the wall rather than secure it to the bed frame,” one writes. This option is particularly popular among users with adjustable bed frames. As one reviewer explains, “We have an adjustable base bed which doesn’t allow us to attach the headboard, so it was great to have a wall mount option.” Moreover, reviewers say wall mounting is easy. One even writes, “I’m an old broad (65+), but I was able to assemble and install this all by myself.”

Best wingback headboard

This headboard’s wingback design is a standout feature that’s mentioned by many reviewers. “The side wings on the headboard make this look richer and elegant,” and whether they name this feature specifically or not, people are impressed by its look. “Great styling and quality on this headboard,” one writes, while an interior designer who bought this for a client says, “It totally transformed the look of the bedroom.” A few note that the wings can be a tricky part of the assembly and many urge future customers to “[put] the side/wings on first, then the legs.” Overall, however, the consensus is setup is simple: “I was able to unbox, assemble and install it all on my own. Nice little victory for an AARP card carrying Grandma.”

Best headboard for in front of a window

A number of reviewers comment similarly to this customer who says, “Love this headboard — the only thing is that it’s lower than I thought it would be,” but for a few, a low-profile headboard is exactly what they were looking for. “Fits perfectly under my window in the guest bedroom,” one writes. Another who bought a larger version says, “I needed a king headboard that would fit under my bedroom windows and this was perfect at just 40 inches high.” If this farmhouse style is what you are going for, which many reviewers note they were, but need something standard height, you can take a page from this savvy users book who “put some risers underneath to get the look I was going for.” They add, “Overall it’s a great piece for the price and took less than 10 minutes to put together.”

Best solid wood headboard

Atlantic Furniture Richmond Headboard

One pleasantly surprised reviewer says, “I expected the construction to be manmade wood substitutes….The headboard was solid wood and nicely finished.” About 10 percent of reviewers praise this headboard for being made from solid wood, and nearly a quarter of reviews describe this sturdy and solid. “Light yet solid construction, great looking and very easy to assemble,” one reviewer says. A few also give credit to the manufacturer for including extra pieces. “Over the years, I’ve put together a lot of flat-pack furniture and one thing always seems to impress me as a thoughtful addition: the inclusion of ‘extra’ screws or washers or nuts, or whatever small easily-lost parts may be needed for the thing you’re assembling,” one customer explains. “The hardware packet for this headboard included one extra piece of every different nut/bolt/washer needed. It’s the little extra touches that impress.”

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The Best Headboards on Amazon, According to Reviewers