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If You’re Going to Buy One Thing on Cyber Monday, Make It This Japanese Bidet

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Anyone who has ever bought something can probably relate to the feeling of being so excited about a purchase that you simply must tell the world about it. That’s exactly how writer Tara Cox told us she felt after buying her Toto bidet: She loves it so much she posts about it on Instagram. “I talk about it at cocktail parties over glasses of Champagne and canapés (at least I did back when it was still okay to go to cocktail parties),” she adds, “and I just can’t understand why so many Americans are so averse to it.” Tara very quickly convinced us that owning a bidet is not a luxury but a bona fide necessity (not least because she never needs to buy another roll of toilet paper — or worry about the possibility of a nationwide toilet-paper shortage — again).

Her bidet — the Toto C200 Washlet — is one of the best, with all the bells and whistles of a full-size, fancy Japanese toilet at a fraction of the price. “Don’t really feel like taking a shower one morning?” she says. “You can knock out the important parts and walk out of the house confidently. It also helps when you’ve had a long day and could use a quick refresh before being intimate with your partner. And you’ve never experienced true luxury until coming home during a polar vortex to sit on a toasty seat and have warm air directed at your bits.”

But, of course, the Toto C200 does the basics well, too. As Tara eloquently puts it, “If your hand accidentally brushed the contents of your baby’s diaper while changing it, would you rather smear it around with a dry napkin or get yourself to a sink with running water before eating a sandwich? Suddenly the idea of pushing paper into your rear seems downright silly. And if you’ve ever experienced bathroom distress, I don’t care how angel-soft your toilet paper claims to be: It can feel like the Devil himself has shown up and traded you a roll of sandpaper.”

Today, for Cyber Monday, this Toto bidet is 40 percent off on Amazon. (Considering that people were panic-buying bidets back in March, we have a feeling this deal won’t last long.)

If you’re looking for an even less expensive option, the Toto C100 is also on sale on Amazon. It has many of the same features as the C200 — including an air dryer and a water-heating reservoir — but the cleaning spray only oscillates, while the spray on the C200 both oscillates and pulses.

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If You Buy One Thing Today, Make It This Japanese Bidet