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What Bling Empire’s Chèrie Chan Put on Her Wedding Registry

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In Netflix’s Bling Empire, private jets to Paris and million-dollar birthday parties are typical for a cast that includes an heiress to arms dealers and a descendent of Chinese royalty. But one of the more down-to-earth cast members is Chèrie Chan, who shared some of her most intimate moments onscreen — from giving birth to her second child Jevon to proposing to her longtime partner Jessey Lee in the season’s finale. And Chan has had big ideas for her wedding registry “even before I got with Jessey,” with picks from luxury European brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Yves Saint Laurent.

But after being in self-isolation for the last year, Chan wanted to add “more stuff that I could use daily” for herself and Jessey, as well as her daughter Jadore and son Jevon. “A lot of my stuff is actually worn out now, or I ended up throwing it away, because of the amount that I was cooking in lockdown,” she told us. The result is a wedding registry that’s a mix of everyday essentials and special-occasion splurges, including a salad spinner, a soup tureen from Hermès, and a not-too-precious Japanese tea set for high tea with her kids.

I always thought when it comes to weddings and being a bride, Tiffany’s is just a must-have for registries. They have a lot of items besides jewelry, like home items, and I’ve always been into Tiffany wineglasses and champagne glasses. I have some clear ones somewhere, but I love Tiffany Blue, which is why I want these.

This is probably the item on my list that I’ve wanted the most. I wanted an air fryer all last year, since COVID started, and I’ve been cooking at home more. I don’t know why I haven’t bought it yet. We love fried food, and we fry food in my kitchen, and it’s just so unhealthy. Not only is it unhealthy, but it makes my house smell like oil. One of my friends recommended this and said it’s so easy to use and clean. I’d love to use it for sweet-potato fries, a salmon recipe my friend gave me, and wings. I think about it all the time.

This would be for balancing all the fried foods we eat. Just like the air fryer, this salad spinner has been in the back of my mind, too, and I don’t know why I haven’t bought it yet. I try to make salads once or twice a week for dinner, but when I make them, the salad never dries well and is all wet and soggy. It never tastes like it does at the restaurant. I’m hoping to use this and get that restaurant-quality salad at home.

Kane [Lim, from Bling Empire] got this for his birthday, and when I first saw it I thought it was a toy. It is just so cute, and I didn’t know Dolce & Gabbana made juicers. I don’t juice, but I would like this for a nice kitchen display. It’s just so pretty.

Jessey and I drink a lot of matcha. We try to have it every morning or every night. I feel like this is the only way to filter out any of the bad stuff we might eat. I like to whisk the matcha powder in a bowl, like this one, manually. I probably whisk it about 100 times and actually, it’s a pretty good workout. It’s pretty painful for my arms, but when you whisk it like that by hand, you can taste the difference. This bowl’s just so cute, and I could see us using it daily.

My kids and I started doing high tea at home a lot during quarantine — almost every day at the start of it last year. Jadore would dress up and put on her tiara and bring all her dolls for tea. And I make her a strawberry tea by crushing strawberries, pouring hot water over it, and letting it cool. She thinks it’s tea and loves it, because it’s pink, too. We have a couple of high tea sets from Tiffany and from Hermès, but I think those are kind of expensive for her to be holding, in case she breaks something. It would just break my heart. I think this one’s at a good price point for her to use.

This would be a decoration for our high teas. I think Jadore would go crazy over it because she just loves little bunnies. And I like that it’s pink and green with two bunnies on it. To me, they kind of represent Jadore and Jevon.

I love making bento boxes and I actually got gifted one of these from YSL. I was shocked, because I would never think that Saint Laurent would make bento boxes. I’ve been meaning to collect more because I’d like to have a bento-box party. It’d be a very small one for about four people, because when I make these bento boxes, I put in so much energy that I don’t think I could serve more than four people. It’s a lot of work and prepping and planning. I just need three more of these to complete the set.

I love making baby food for my babies. I made soups for Jadore using my Vitamix, and right now, I’m using a Beaba for Jevon’s food. He loves sweet potatoes, beets, and chicken, and it’s actually pretty good — I have to test out all the baby food before I give it to them. I think because I have baby fever right now, I feel like I need to prepare for another baby one day — maybe years from now — and I think this would be a great baby-food maker.

White and gold are my favorite colors, so when I saw this at Hermès awhile back I knew I needed it. Jessey thinks it’s crazy for the price, but I’d eventually like to collect the whole set. Our family drinks soup a lot, but I’d definitely only use this for special occasions.

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What Bling Empire’s Chèrie Chan Put on Her Wedding Registry