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The Best Baby-Shower Gifts According to the Founders of Maisonette

Best Baby Shower Gifts

Sylvana Ward Durrett and Luisana Mendoza Roccia, two Vogue alums, are the entrepreneurs/moms behind Maisonette, a newly launched one-stop e-shop for meticulously curated, decidedly non-hokey kids’ and baby clothes, accessories, furniture, and toys. Given our recent interest in baby-shower gifts, they were kind enough to offer up their own go-tos.

Sylvana: “As moms, we love anything hands-free. New moms may be caught with a sleeping child lying on top of them, or a screaming child in their arms, at any given moment. The Echo Dot allows you to play a soothing baby lullaby amid the chaos, as well as turn on or off your TV or lights. Someone that actually does what you ask them to do! Amazing.”

Miracle Blanket

Luisana: “This is the unglamorous, but oh-so-necessary gift for a new mom, in one chic toiletry bag. This is not the gift that gets the oohs and aahs at the shower; this is the gift that gets you a “THANK YOU!!!” text message at 3 a.m., two weeks after the baby is born. I like to include a Miracle Blanket, for swaddling — I found this one easy to use, and loved the fact that it has no Velcros or zippers that would make a sound when I put it on and needed to adjust. The Itzbeen timer is a great way to keep track of feedings, naps, and diaper changes. Then there’s Gripe Water, your first line of defense against whatever it is that might be keeping your baby from sleeping — gas, hiccups, general discomfort. It’s safe, made with organic ginger and fennel, and needs no refrigeration after opening. And then there’s the Baby Shusher, a noise machine for babies.”