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35 Things to Buy on Prime Day That Would Make Actually Great Holiday Gifts

Photo: Courtesy of the retailers

We know it’s hard to think about holiday shopping when you’ve got the AC on full blast and are busy planning your next beach trip, but hear us out. A lot of the stuff on sale for Prime Day would actually make for great holiday gifts. Shopping this far in advance might seem a little over the top, sure, but imagine how good it would feel to be months ahead of schedule for once.

Because it’s early, we’re sticking with perennial Strategist favorites — the ones that show up on Christmas lists year after year, including toys that will probably sell out this year, kitchen appliances we’ve written about before, dependable luggage, and even a DNA kit in case you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. But if you feel strange buying a bunch of gifts in July just to leave them in a closet until December, why not pick up a gift for yourself right now instead? And since a lot of these deals are selling out, we’ll be updating frequently.

Stocking stuffers

Kitchen and home