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Three ‘Everlaneologists’ on What to Buy, What They Want (and What to Skip)

From left, Everlane’s Air Cami, Japanese GoWeave Long Slip Dress, and Clean Silk Short-Sleeve Square Shirt are among our seasoned shoppers’ favorite pieces. Photo: Courtesy Retailer

At the Strategist, we often turn to experts about the best things — or the things they buy — in any given category. Say, mixologists on the best ice-making gear, psychologists on the best toys for kids, or meteorologists on their favorite cold-weather and rain stuff. A lot of these experts are obvious, but some are less so, like the people who’ve been loyal to a specific brand for so long that they’ve developed an intimate knowledge of the items worth buying. Here, three “Everlaneologists” — who each have been shopping at Everlane for at least three years (and sometimes many more), and won’t go more than a month or two without buying something new — tell us about the products they love and the stuff that leaves them wanting more.

What was the first Everlane thing you bought?

Robin Reetz, writer


I first read about Everlane on the blog Cup of Jo. This was not long after the brand launched, around 2011 or 2012, when you needed an account to see anything. My first purchase was one of its basic tees; the Box-Cut Tee is probably the closest current iteration of what I bought. I don’t have it anymore, but that’s because I basically wore it to death.

Mia Leimkuhler, associate editor for audience engagement, Strategist

Everlane Modern Loafer

The first time I heard about Everlane was about four years ago, when I read about its Modern Loafer. I had just started a new job and it looked like a good work shoe so I bought it in burgundy [Editor’s note: Everlane no longer makes the loafer in burgundy]. I still have my pair (I think Everlane generally nails the loafer shape), though I now prefer to wear them with thin socks to prevent blisters and recommend using some sort of leather-stretching spray to speed up the breaking-in process.

Elizabeth DuBois, strategic account manager, Justworks

My first order was back in July 2016; I bought two muscle tanks, the Clean Silk Short-Sleeve Square Shirt, and the Tunic Sweatshirt — all of which I still have and wear [Editor’s note: Everlane no longer sells the Tunic Sweatshirt]. The silk shirt has held up great. I usually only wear the muscle tanks to bed as I wasn’t such a fan of wearing them out and about. I like to French tuck my tees and tanks, and I found the muscle tanks are too long — when I tuck the front in, the back hangs down over my butt and looks weird.

What are your favorite Everlane things?