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What Are the Best Eyeglasses for Women?

Photo: Desiree Navarro/Getty Images

Few items can alter your look as easily as a pair of new eyeglasses. Some stately tortoiseshell specs might give you something of a literary air, whereas a pair of wire-rimmed frames will help you fit right in among the Ella Emhoff set. Clear or rimless frames can evoke architects’ and curators’ pared-down style, while a colorful, thick-framed pair might help you emulate the flair of a 60-something castanet teacher at the 92nd Street Y. Whatever your style, there are endless options — so to get the lay of the land, we reached out to some stylish and bespectacled women to hear about their favorite frames. And if you’re looking for the best eyeglasses for men, we’ve got those top picks, too.

Best eyeglasses with clear frames

Clear-framed eyeglasses have been popular for some time now — they’ve been spotted on everyone from Gigi Hadid to Robert Downey Jr.Photographer Mei Tao wears this acetate frame pair from Warby Parker: “I am loving the Chamberlain in low bridge fit for their fit and the easy rectangle shape,” she says. “The crystal color makes it easy to go with anything I am wearing — and, they’re not too overwhelming during a Zoom meeting.”

Photo: retailer

If you like a clear frame with a slight tint, celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich recommends these lavender-tinted clear frames from Silhouette, which she says are especially versatile. “These frames can totally be dressed up with a glamorous outfit and accessories, without looking overly styled, and are perfect for all-day wear, since they’re superlight,” she says.

Jewelry designer Pamela Love is a fan of tinted clear frames as well — specifically this subtly cat-eyed from Japanese brand Matsuda. “I have these in multiple colors,” she says. “They are the absolute best in quality and are the most flattering.” These frames are balanced with titanium stems plated in 22-karat gold, giving the glasses a bit more texture.

If you love the look of metal and acetate combined, but want to spend less, consider this pink-tinted, round cat-eyed pair from Warby Parker. They’re very similar to the (now sold out) pair that Strategist writer Dominique Pariso bought from the brand’s collaboration with Chloë Sevigny last year. As Pariso wrote, “As a person who’s worn glasses for 15 years, I can say with some certainty that finding a pair with this particular look that fits my wide face is a rare and precious thing. So when I saw that they were back in stock, I quickly scooped up a second pair for when (not if) I break my first one.” Though the exact pair is no longer available, the Warby Parker Faye frames also have a wide fit, and are available in a rosy finish, as well as a black and tortoise frame.