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The Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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While we’ve written about lots of glasses before — including a very thin pair of reading glasses, a new reading-glasses brand, and our editors’ favorite sunglasses — here, we’ve rounded up the best blue-light-blocking glasses, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

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Best-rated blue-light-blocking glasses

Dozens of reviewers call these blue-light-blocking glasses “life-changing” or a “life saver,” including one humblebragger with 20/15 vision. (“Better than perfect,” he helpfully points out.) Even with such superhero eyesight, he “was having headaches every day chronically by 3:00 PM” from staring at a screen. After purchasing these, the headaches were gone. “My eyes don’t come close to the soreness level I used to experience.” Another reviewer thinks that any millennial who has “been staring at screens since a young age” is completely “screwed.” She bought these to try and prevent further damage. “They are comfortable, and the nose piece lays flat. It’s unnoticeable to me,” she says. “Also, I know I have a slightly larger than average head for a lady based on my prescription frames size, and they fit great.” Another woman saw nearly instant results: “Lets face it, more and more people are using multiple monitors for their work days. Prior to wearing these, I could ‘feel’ the pressure in my eyes from looking at my screens. I put these on, and I can ‘feel’ less pressure and less strain on my eyes almost immediately.”

Best-rated (less-expensive) blue-light-blocking glasses

“These feel cheap, but that’s because they literally are cheap. But they get the job done,” writes one honest reviewer. “They filter out blue lights, which is very relieving on your eyes.” Others love that even though these glasses are so well priced, they still do the trick. “I had noticeably less eye strain after a day of use, and I will definitely continue using them for work,” one writes, while a TV editor and an avid video-game player says, “I’m not constantly rubbing my eyes or feeling like I can’t play for too much longer.” Not only do these work for daytime use, they’re great for bedtime because they’re so comfortable. One reviewer is “happy to report I’m not tossing and turning as much before the Sandman comes.” And though one user notes the glasses do take some getting used to, they add that “your eyes adjust after a couple of minutes.”

Best blue-light-blocking glasses with magnification


If you use reading glasses, most non-prescription blue-light-blockers won’t help you (unless you’re willing to wear both). But these Prospek glasses come in a magnification levels from zero to +3.00. One woman who uses reading glasses found them to be “comfortable and only slightly change the colors on the screen. I can already tell a difference in eye fatigue at the end of the day (7 to 9 hours of screen time).” Another reviewer bought these for herself and her husband. “I would get horrible headaches and my eyes would blur a lot,” she says. Now, however, “I pop them on and wow, biiiiiig difference! Great product and the case is awesome, I can take them anywhere.” An even more enthusiastic reviewer who experienced fatigue and headaches shared her reaction to Prospek glasses: “holy freaking cow. AMAZING EYEBALLS. I am still in awe of the difference it has made and I have only worn them 3 hours into my 12 hour shift.”

Most comfortable blue-light-blocking glasses

A majority of reviewers agree that these are the most comfortable pair of blue-light blockers out there. “Wow. I can barely feel them on,” says one. “They’re flexible, clear, and nice to wear.” And they work: “My prescription was slight, and I did not need a specific magnification for these at all right off the bat,” says one reviewer. He says he noticed a “significant change” in his eyes since wearing these. Another felt the same change: “My eyes haven’t been in pain since I got them, and seriously, I forgot to wear them for about 20 minutes the other day, and my eyes were right back to feeling how they had.”

Best lightweight blue-light-blocking glasses


About 10 percent of reviewers are impressed with the light weight of these glasses, which makes them popular among reviewers with big heads (their words, not ours). “If you have a large head, as I do, they actually have a little wiggle room to bend outwards to fit without putting a ton of pressure on the sides of your head,” one writes. Another says, “The lenses are big enough that they block a substantial amount of light. I also do not have headaches at work anymore.” Hundreds of reviewers have had a similarly positive experience with the glasses’ performance. “They arrived today, and let me tell you THEY WORK,” one attests. “I had a lazy day and pretty much stayed on my computer all day in bed (about seven hours). Didn’t notice any headaches or dizziness in vision like I usually do being on the computer that long.” If just a feeling isn’t enough for you, these glasses “even come with a blue light and test strip so you can see for yourself how effective they are in blocking the blue light.”

Best blue-light-blocking glasses for night

Blue light is known to squash melatonin levels, which can affect your sleep. Reviewers purchased these to use right before bed because the more severe yellow tint works better at night, because the amber-tint is reported to block the most blue-light. One reviewer, who uses these glasses for “about two hours before going to sleep,” wears them way more often than he expected. And he likes the look of them enough to wear them out. “These glasses look great and when I am in restaurants or at parties people who don’t know about biohacking and the harmful effects of blue light just assume I wear prescription glasses with a fashionable orange tint.” Others find them stylish as well, with what one reviewer calls “sort of a 70s vibe.” More important, he says, they actually work. He suffers from severe migraines, and while he admits these glasses don’t stop all of his headaches, “it makes a big difference.”

Best amber-tinted blue-light-blocking glasses for night

Blue Blocking Amber Glasses for Sleep

“I bought three different pairs before these. The first ones had yellow lenses and only blocked a small amount of blue light (a total waste of time & money). The next pair were the UVEX safety glasses, which block almost all blue light, so they’re great for wearing at home but, since they look so stupid, you don’t really want to wear them when you’re out at night (like at the gym, for example) … these are by far the best,” writes one reviewer of these blue-light-blocking glasses with orange lenses. “They block as much or more blue light than the UVEX’s, but they don’t look stupid/silly … they actually look really good, and I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear them out in public at night at all.” Another praises the fit, saying, “No pain behind the ears, filters out the blue but still light enough to wear outside at night, and I’m told they kind of make me look like Bono so that’s a win.” Another insomniac says, “I put them on 1 to 1.5 hours before bed, and I find that the number of days I have to take sleeping pills is reduced.” One admits, “It was a little jarring at first going from regular light to ORANGE, but I got used to it pretty quick.” But they add, “they cover enough of my vision and are tinted enough for me to physically feel my eyeballs relaxing when I put them on, in relief.”